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Atmospheric Sensing and Modeling II
Editor(s): Richard P. Santer

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Volume Number: 2582
Date Published: 15 December 1995

Table of Contents
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Aerosol remote sensing using the POLDER instrument: results of a campaign over the Straits of Dover
Author(s): Malik Chami; Richard P. Santer; Jean Luc Deuze; Philippe Goloub
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Spectral and bidirectional measurements of the Stokes vector in the O2A band and their interpretation
Author(s): Rene Preusker; Ute Boettger; Juergen Fischer
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Remote sensing of aerosols optical depth in Saharan dust episodes for the Canary Islands
Author(s): F. J. Exposito; J. P. Diaz; M. Arbelo; Felix Herrera; Juan C. Perez; A. Diaz
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Polarization of clouds
Author(s): Philippe Goloub; Maurice Herman; Frederic Parol
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Influence of optical thickness variability of inhomogeneous clouds on their reflection and transmission properties
Author(s): Piet Stammes
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Clouds and radiation: contribution of the POLDER instrument
Author(s): Frederic Parol
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Mesoscale 2D/3D cloud-resolving models with explicit microphysics and radiation as a tool for analysis and interpretation of remote sensing and in-situ measurements
Author(s): Vitaly I. Khvorostyanov
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Stratospheric aerosol and gas experiment III
Author(s): Larry W. Thomason; Michael P. McCormick; Joseph M. Zawodny
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NOPE: a new inversion method for the total attenuation profile retrieval in atmospheric tomography from space-borne experiments
Author(s): Didier Fussen
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Monitoring atmospheric ozone from space limb scatter measurements
Author(s): Benjamin M. Herman; David E. Flittner; Richard D. McPeters; Pawan K. Bhartia
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Detection of aerosols from balloon limb observations
Author(s): Didier Ramon; Colette Brogniez; P. Lecomte; Jacqueline Lenoble; Christian Verwaerde; Paul C. Simon; C. Muller
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Ozone content determination and aerosol characteristics from spectral radiation measurements in Valladolid (Spain)
Author(s): Victoria E. Cachorro; Plinio Duran; Angel M. de Frutos Baraja; Pilar Utrillas; Jose A. Martinez-Lozano
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Measurement of aerosol optical depth in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): Alexander Smirnov; Oleg Yershov; Yuri Villevalde
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Comparison of Baltic with land aerosols
Author(s): Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec
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Line-by-line radiative parameters databases in atmosphere sensing and modeling applications
Author(s): Anatoly N. Trotsenko; A. N. Rublev; B. A. Fomin; Sergey V. Romanov; Alexander P. Trishchenko
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Sensitivity of the earth-atmosphere bidirectional reflectivity functions to variations in cloud parameters
Author(s): Pierre V. Villeneuve; J. Robert Mahan
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Derivation of cloud properties from biwavelength polarization measurements
Author(s): Willem Jan Knibbe; Johan F. de Haan; Joop W. Hovenier; Larry D. Travis
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Cloud reflectance as measured from POLDER during CLEOPATRA, ASTEX, and EUCREX
Author(s): Jacques Descloitres; Jean-Claude Buriez; Frederic Parol; Claudine Vanbauce
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Spatiotemporal variability of total column ozone derived from TOMS using rotated principal component analysis
Author(s): Sharon K. LeDuc; Brian K. Eder; Lawrence Truppi
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Satellite remote sensing physical and chemical condition of stratosphere
Author(s): V. V. Butov; Sergey V. Loginov
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Cloud optical thickness retrieval from AVHRR data
Author(s): Robert B. A. Koelemeijer; Piet Stammes; Arnout J. Feijt
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Optical remote sensing of ozone, clouds, and surface effects from the ER-2 platform during the NASA ASHOE/MAESA campaign
Author(s): Steven A. Lloyd; Robert DeMajistre; Donald E. Anderson Jr.; C. Thomas McElroy
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Measurements of Antarctic ozone by POAM II
Author(s): Eric P. Shettle; Richard Michael Bevilacqua; Thomas L. Ainsworth; J. D. Lumpe; K. W. Hoppel; S. S. Krigman; M. D. Fromm; John S. Hornstein
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HCl, CO, and NO vertical profiles from the Grille spectrometer on ATLAS-1
Author(s): Veronique Achard; Claude Camy-Peyret; Martine M. De Maziere
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Atmospheric water vapor estimate by a differential absorption technique with the POLDER instrument
Author(s): Sophie Bouffies; D. Tanre; Francois-Marie Breon; Ph. Dubuisson
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Influence of the multiple scattering radiation and aerosol component on the twilight atmosphere images from space
Author(s): Yury E. Belikov; Alexander V. Gurvich
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Model problems of optical tomography for remote sensing of the atmosphere and near earth space
Author(s): Oleg Vjacheslav Martynov; Viktor Vladimirov Alpatov; Yuri A. Romanovsky; Alexei Lichachev; Valery Vladimirov Pickalov
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Global positioning system as a passive integrated atmospheric water vapor sensing device
Author(s): Alan Dodson; Peter Shardlow
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Comparison of total water vapor content obtained from TOVS-NOAA with radiosoundings data in Canary Islands zone
Author(s): M. Arbelo; F. J. Exposito; Felix Herrera
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Comparison of two methods for inferring total columnar ozone amount and aerosol optical depth
Author(s): Jose A. Martinez-Lozano; M. P. Utrillas; Fernando Tena; Victoria E. Cachorro
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