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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing II
Editor(s): Jacky Desachy
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Volume Number: 2579
Date Published: 17 November 1995
Softcover: 42 papers (446) pages
ISBN: 9780819419439

Table of Contents
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Image fusion of microwave and optical remote sensing data for topographic map updating in the tropics
Author(s): Christine Pohl; John L. van Genderen
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Earth science and remote sensing disparity analysis and image registration of stereoscopic images using the wavelet transform
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Djamdji; Albert Bijaoui
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Neural approach for satellite image registration and pairing segmented areas
Author(s): P. Bourret; B. Cabon; Eliane Cubero-Castan; E. Schaeffer; J. Y. Rousselot
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Satellite image registration based on the geometrical arrangement of objects
Author(s): Renate Bartl; Werner Schneider
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Multisources classification: application to temporal refinement of forest cover using SPOT and ERS/SAR data
Author(s): Laurent Peytavin; F. Dansaert; C. Rhin
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Adaptive multivariate smoothing of satellite image data
Author(s): J. Vandeneede; Patrick Wambacq; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Active fusion for remote sensing image understanding
Author(s): Axel J. Pinz; Manfred Prantl
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Autoadaptive information fusion for satellite image classification
Author(s): Ludovic Roux
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Reduction of the topographic effects in SPOT imagery: an examination of the Minnaert model
Author(s): Carlos R. Costa-Posada; B. J. Devereux
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Three-dimensional surface reconstruction using emission polarization
Author(s): Mike Partridge; R. C. Saull
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Decomposition of mixed pixels
Author(s): Maurice S. Klein Gebbinck; Theo E. Schouten
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Radar imaging of earth surface through scattering atmosphere using regularization-based signal restoration methods
Author(s): Yuri V. Shkvarko; Alexey S. Netjukhailo
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Road network extraction by local context interpretation
Author(s): Renaud Ruskone; Sylvain Airault; Olivier Jamet
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Accurate and robust stereovision with a large number of aerial images
Author(s): D. Canu; Nicholas Ayache; J. A. Sirat
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Semiautomatic stereoscopic radar image analysis
Author(s): V. Ansan; Eric Thouvenot
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Multistage analysis of Meteosat images
Author(s): Steven Dewitte; E. Nyssen; Dominique A.H. Crommelynck; Jan P.H. Cornelis
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Binary division algorithm using a linear discriminant function for the cluster analysis of remotely sensed multispectral images
Author(s): Hiroshi Hanaizumi; Shinji Chino; Sadao Fujimura
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Detection of land cover changes by compound classification of multitemporal images
Author(s): Sebastiano Bruno Serpico; Fabio Roli; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Condensed version of the k-NN rule for remote sensing images classification
Author(s): Adam Jozwik; Sebastiano Bruno Serpico; Fabio Roli
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Classification of remote sensing imagery using genetic algorithms and neural networks
Author(s): Graham M. Herries; A. Murray; Sean Danaher; Thomas Selige
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Neural network for change detection of remotely sensed imagery
Author(s): C. F. Chen; Kun Shan Chen; J. S. Chang
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Incremental learning base forming in multispectral neural classification
Author(s): Raphael K. Koffi; Basel Solaiman; Marie-Catherine Mouchot
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Combined intensity and fractal information for neural classification of remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Kun Shan Chen; C. F. Chen; D. W. Tsay
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Region-growing algorithm to detect segments featuring low contrast in multispectral images
Author(s): Andrea Baraldi; Flavio Parmiggiani
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General theory for remote sensing image filtering and edge detection based on orthogonal function integration
Author(s): Jun Shen; Wei Shen; Dan-Fei Shen
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Autoadaptive monospectral cloud identification in Meteosat satellite images
Author(s): Piet Boekaerts; E. Nyssen; Jan P.H. Cornelis
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Solution to the correspondence problem in multiview imagery
Author(s): Luuk J. Spreeuwers; Klamer Schutte; Zweitze Houkes
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Tracking highly deformable structures: a surface model applied to vortex evolution within satellite oceanographic images
Author(s): Jean-Paul Berroir; Isabelle L. Herlin; Isaac Cohen
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Markov random fields and graphs for uncertainty management and symbolic data fusion in an urban scene interpretation
Author(s): Henri Moissinac; Henri Maitre; Isabelle Bloch
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Unsupervised learning of spatial regularities
Author(s): Alain Ketterlin; Denis Blamont; Jerzy J. Korczak
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Segmentation of multitemporal ERS-1 SAR imagery
Author(s): Ronald P.H.M. Shoenmakers; Guido G. Lemoine; Edmond Nezry
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Wavelet texture analysis for remote sensing
Author(s): N. Fatemi-Ghomi; Maria Petrou; P. L. Palmer
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Back-propagation networks for classification in remote sensing
Author(s): Gintautas Palubinskas
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Temporal encoding of multispectral satellite imagery for segmentation using pulsed coupled neural networks
Author(s): Gregory L. Tarr; Richard A. Carreras; Janet S. Fender; Xavier Clastres; Laurent Freyss; Manuel Samuelides
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Splined trajectory models for geometric correction and fusion
Author(s): Fergal P. Shevlin
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Posidonia oceanica recognition using context points
Author(s): Mostafa Hatimi; Marc Salotti; Vanina Pasqualini; Christine Pergent-Martini
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Cooperation of mathematical morphology and region growing for remote sensing image segmentation
Author(s): Benoit Ogor; Veronique Haese-Coat; Kidiyo Kpalma
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Detection of sea-surface thermal fronts by image analysis
Author(s): Kacem Chehdi; C. Cariou
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Toward an automated building detection system from satellite data
Author(s): Taejung Kim; Jan-Peter A. Muller
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Urban area extraction from a satellite image
Author(s): Philippe Marthon; Vincent Caron; Eliane Cubero-Castan
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Quality measures for image segmentation using generated images
Author(s): Theo E. Schouten; Maurice S. Klein Gebbinck
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Parametric simulation-based evaluation of 3-D mapping techniques on optical remote sensing images
Author(s): Nicolas Paparoditis; Laurent Polidori; Eric Savaria
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