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Experimental and Numerical Methods for Solving Ill-Posed Inverse Problems: Medical and Nonmedical Applications
Editor(s): Randall Locke Barbour; Mark J. Carvlin; Michael A. Fiddy
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Volume Number: 2570
Date Published: 9 October 1995
Softcover: 38 papers (404) pages
ISBN: 9780819419293

Table of Contents
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Effects of adaptive refinement on the inverse EEG solution
Author(s): David M. Weinstein; Christopher R. Johnson; John A. Schmidt
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Detection of leukemia using electromagnetic waves
Author(s): David L. Colton; Peter Monk
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Imaging of strongly scattering objects using a nonlinear filtering technique
Author(s): John B. Morris; Drew A. Pommet; Michael A. Fiddy; Robert V. McGahan
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Imaging from limited-angle backscattered data from strongly scattering targets
Author(s): Drew A. Pommet; Michael A. Fiddy; Uve H.W. Lammers; Richard A. Marr; John B. Morris; Robert V. McGahan
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Explicit inverse radiative transfer algorithm for estimating embedded sources from external radiance measurements
Author(s): Lydia Katryn Sundman; Norman J. McCormick
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Fluorescence optical tomography
Author(s): Jenghwa Chang; Randall Locke Barbour; Harry L. Graber; Raphael Aronson
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Geometry and ill-posed inverse problems
Author(s): Pierre C. Sabatier
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Globally convergent numerical method in diffusion tomography
Author(s): Michael V. Klibanov
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Simultaneous reconstruction of absorption and scattering distributions in turbid media using a Born iterative method
Author(s): Yuqi Yao; Yao Wang; Yaling Pei; Wenwu Zhu; Randall Locke Barbour
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Estimation of smooth integral functionals in emission tomography
Author(s): Alvin Kuruc
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Trade-offs between measurement residual and reconstruction error in inverse problems with prior information
Author(s): Paul Hughett
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General solution to an inverse problem for the diffusion approximation of the radiative transfer equation
Author(s): Vladimir S. Ladyzhets
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Regularization technique for restoration of x-ray fluoroscopic images
Author(s): Robert A. Close; James Stuart Whiting
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Regularization of inverse problems of microwave tomography in medicine
Author(s): Vladimir P. Yakubov; Yurij K. Tarabrin; Maxim L. Masharuev
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2D deconvolution of SPECT images using morphological information
Author(s): Mario Bertero; Patrizia Boccacci; D. Brunengo; Monica Gambaro; Andrea Schenone
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Regularized method for the inverse problem of diffusion tomography
Author(s): Gennady N. Erokhin; Michael V. Klibanov; Leonid N. Pestov; Nikolay L. Podkolodny
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Singular value decomposition: a diagnostic tool for ill-posed inverse problems in optical computed tomography
Author(s): Theo A.W.M. Lanen; David W. Watt
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Multiresolution regularized least squares image reconstruction based on wavelet in optical tomography
Author(s): Wenwu Zhu; Yao Wang; Yining Deng; Yuqi Yao; Randall Locke Barbour
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Resolution studies in diffusion tomography
Author(s): Thomas R. Lucas; Michael V. Klibanov; Robert M. Frank
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Real inversion of a Laplace transform
Author(s): Luisa D'Amore; Almerico Murli
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Imaging of multiple targets in dense scattering media
Author(s): Harry L. Graber; Jenghwa Chang; Randall Locke Barbour
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Model for a novel holographic spectral pattern detector
Author(s): Ben Bakker; Val K. Bykovski
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Regularized cubic B-spline approximation for processing laser Doppler anemometry data
Author(s): Robert P. Bennell
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Frequency domain optical tomography in human tissue
Author(s): Yuqi Yao; Yao Wang; Yaling Pei; Wenwu Zhu; Jenhun Hu; Randall Locke Barbour
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Deconvolution of multiple images
Author(s): Michele Piana; Mario Bertero
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Phase retrieval for imaging symmetric particles
Author(s): Rick P. Millane; W. J. Stroud
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Wavelet transform and maximum entropy method
Author(s): Eric Pantin; Jean-Luc Starck
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Regularization of inverse problem by singular value filtration
Author(s): Vitalij N. Kurashov; Alexandr G. Chumakov; Andry V. Kovalenko
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Stable solution of photon-count statistics inverse problem by means of iterated operator eigenfunctions
Author(s): Vitalij N. Kurashov; Andrey V. Kurashov; Alexandr G. Chumakov
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Imaging of a stratified tissue using the Green function technique
Author(s): Jinpin Ying; Wei Sun
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Projection algorithm of processing experimental data
Author(s): Natalia Shcherbakova
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Diffraction and inverse diffraction for distorted lattices
Author(s): W. J. Stroud; Rick P. Millane
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Aspects of image reconstruction from nonuniform samples
Author(s): Rick P. Millane
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Semi-infinite positron emission tomography
Author(s): Bernard A. Mair; Murali Rao; J. M. M. Anderson
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Numerical fovea: an efficient solution to discrete inverse problems
Author(s): Gianfranco F. Dacquino; Rodolfo A. Fiorini; B. Cattaneo; A. Fabiani
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Inverse geophysical and potential scattering on a small body
Author(s): Alexander I. Katsevich; Alexander G. Ramm
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Phase-lead reconstruction of a photoelastic tactile sensor
Author(s): Ricardo E. Saad; A. Bonen; K. C. Smith; B. Benhabib
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Inversion formula for diffusion imaging in an absorbing medium
Author(s): John C. Schotland
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