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Neural, Morphological, and Stochastic Methods in Image and Signal Processing
Editor(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Francoise J. Preteux; Sylvia S. Shen

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Volume Number: 2568
Date Published: 11 August 1995

Table of Contents
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Hierarchical Markov random field models applied to image analysis: a review
Author(s): Christine Graffigne; Fabrice Heitz; Patrick Perez; Francoise J. Preteux; Marc Sigelle; Josiane B. Zerubia
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Noncausal predictive image coding
Author(s): Peifang Zhou
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Multiresolution Markov random field and multigrid algorithm for a discontinuity-preserving estimation of the optical flow
Author(s): Etienne Memin; Patrick Perez
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Hierarchical statistical models for the fusion of multiresolution image data
Author(s): Jean-Marc Laferte; Fabrice Heitz; Patrick Perez; Eric Fabre
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Hierarchical method for the detection of moving objects in a sequence of images
Author(s): Wei Xiong; Christine Graffigne
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Characterization of translation-invariant elementary operators for gray-level morphology
Author(s): Gerald Jean Franc Banon
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Computational representation of increasing lattice-valued image operators
Author(s): Divyendu Sinha; Edward R. Dougherty
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Tiling and demand-driven evaluation for picture processing
Author(s): Patrick J.-M. Horain; Victor Dogaru
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Valuation of image extrema using alternating filters by reconstruction
Author(s): Corinne Vachier
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Self-consistent mathematical morphological filter for removing cirrus noise from far-infrared astronomical images
Author(s): Lun X. He; John P. Basart; Philip N. Appleton; Jeffrey A. Pedelty
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New results on optimality and consistency of morphological openings and closings
Author(s): Nicholaos D. Sidiropoulos; John S. Baras; Carlos A. Berenstein
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Optimal morphological peak classification
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Yidong Chen
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Granulometric estimation of shape parameters
Author(s): Sinan Batman; Edward R. Dougherty
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Mathematical morphology tools for 3D image analysis of porous media
Author(s): Ulisses M. Braga-Neto; Roberto Alencar Lotufo
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Geometric Maxwell equations and the structure of diffusive scale spaces
Author(s): Nicolas F. Rougon; Francoise J. Preteux
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Simultaneous restoration and segmentation using cluster approximations to Markov random fields
Author(s): Chi-hsin Wu; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Reconstruction of viruses from solution x-ray scattering data
Author(s): Yibin Zheng; Peter C. Doerschuk; John E. Johnson
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VLSI implementable parallel stochastic learning algorithm
Author(s): Laura V. Ruiz; Abhijit S. Pandya
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Texture analysis using genetic algorithms and partially ordered Markov models
Author(s): Jennifer L. Davidson; Xia Hua; Dan Ashlock
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Convergence of unsupervised image segmentation algorithms
Author(s): Chee Sun Won
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Adaptive Markovian model for 3D x-ray vascular reconstruction
Author(s): Etienne P. Payot; Francoise J. Preteux; Regis Guillemaud; Yves L. Trousset
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Automatic programming of binary morphological machines by PAC learning
Author(s): Junior Barrera; Nina Sumiko Tomita; Flavio Soares Correa da Silva; Routo Terada
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Generalized method of moments for shape distribution in random images
Author(s): Francis M. Sand
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High-order neural networks for image recognition
Author(s): Okechukwu A. Uwechue; Abhijit S. Pandya; Peter Szabo
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Neural networks with cellular atrophy for geometric database classifications
Author(s): Dia L. Ali
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Neural network architecture for fault diagnosis of digital circuits
Author(s): Susamma Barua
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Fast analog associative memory
Author(s): Jason M. Kinser
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Mathematical morphology and higher-order neural networks
Author(s): Slawomir Skoneczny; Jaroslaw Szostakowski; Andrzej Stajniak; Witold Zydanowicz
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Nonlinear spectral extrapolation: new results and their application to spatial and medical imaging
Author(s): Bernard Rouge; Abdellatif Seghier
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