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Radar/Ladar Processing and Applications
Editor(s): William J. Miceli

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Volume Number: 2562
Date Published: 18 August 1995

Table of Contents
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Aircraft identification from SAR/ISAR images
Author(s): August W. Rihaczek; Stephen J. Hershkowitz
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Radial motion compensation based on adaptive profile estimation
Author(s): Benjamin C. Flores; Ana Martinez; Chiouguey Joyce Chen
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Optimal frequencies and polarizations for radar detection of targets
Author(s): Yongjian Yu; Andrea Torre; Fang Xu; ShunJi Huang
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Three-dimensional SAR from practical apertures
Author(s): Kenneth Knaell
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Optoelectronic radar receiver for real-time radar imaging
Author(s): Peter A. Wasilousky; Dennis R. Pape; James A. Carter; Tim A. Sunderlin
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Optoelectronic ISAR processing
Author(s): Carl C. Aleksoff; Nikola S. Subotic
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Acousto-optic range Doppler processor performance
Author(s): Keith R. Frampton; Leslie H. Gesell; Patrick J. Roth; Terri P. Lillis; Russell J. Redman; William R. Franklin
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Signal separation and synthesis from modified superresolution short-time Fourier transforms
Author(s): Gabriel Thomas; Sergio D. Cabrera
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Superresolution signal processing and its applications
Author(s): Theagenis J. Abatzoglou
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Clutter suppression using wavelet shrinkage
Author(s): Victor C. Chen
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Enhanced range profiles for small system-based ATR
Author(s): Brett H. Borden
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Autoregressive modeling of wideband radar signals
Author(s): Rao M. Nuthalapati
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Motion compensation of ISAR imagery via the burst derivative measure
Author(s): Benjamin C. Flores; Jae Sok Son; Ana Martinez
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Measurement and processing of scattered ultrawideband/short-pulse signals
Author(s): Edward J. Rothwell; Kun Mu Chen; Dennis P. Nyquist; John Ross; Robert Bebermeyer
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Unification of detection, tracking, and recognition for millimeter wave and infrared sensors
Author(s): Aaron D. Lanterman; Michael I. Miller; Donald L. Snyder
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Detection of multiple airborne targets from multisensor data
Author(s): Mark A. Foltz; Anuj Srivastava; Michael I. Miller; Ulf Grenander
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Autonomous low-level model construction
Author(s): Leland C. Best; Michael Magee
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Laboratory validation of heterodyne laser radar signal-to-noise expressions for intensity projection generation and image reconstruction
Author(s): Charles L. Matson; James K. Boger
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Short pulselength heterodyne laser radar reflective tomography: projection generation and signal-to-noise ratios
Author(s): Charles L. Matson
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Staring target edge tracking
Author(s): Jian Wu; Lianhe He; Zhenghua Guan
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Neural network scheme for adaptive radar detection based on nonparametric statistics
Author(s): Farid Amoozegar; Ali Notash; Seyed Mohammad Reza Sadat Hosseini
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Effects of noise on the optimal processing of frequency-stepped cw radar data
Author(s): Shawkang M. Wu; Gary A. Ybarra; Winser E. Alexander
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Fiber optic relayed laser radar
Author(s): Michael M. Tilleman; David B. Oakes; Kannan Krishnaswami
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ISAR imaging via discrete multitone transmit and channelized narrowband receive processing
Author(s): Russell J. Iannuzzelli; Alexander Starr Hughes
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