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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 2551

Photoelectronic Detectors, Cameras, and Systems
Editor(s): C. Bruce Johnson; Ervin J. Fenyves
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 2551
Date Published: 8 September 1995
Softcover: 32 papers (330) pages
ISBN: 9780819419101

Table of Contents
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Aging studies on stressed and unstressed scintillating, wave-shifting, and clear fibers
Author(s): Manho Chung; Seymour Margulies
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Development of a multichannel fiber-to-fiber connector for the D-Zero upgrade tracker
Author(s): Seymour Margulies; Manho Chung
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Latest results in fiber tracking from the DO upgrade
Author(s): Randy C. Ruchti
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CHORUS scintillating fiber tracker and optoelectronics readout system
Author(s): P. Annis; Shigeru Aoki; G. Brooijmans; J. Brunner; Maarten de Jong; Jean-Paul Fabre; R. Ferreira; Wilfred Flegel; D. Frekers; G. Gregoire; M. Gruwe; J. Herin; K. Hoepfner; M. Kobayashi; Joop Konijn; V. Lemaitre; P. Lendermann; D. Macina; R. Meijer Drees; H. Meinhard; L. Michel; Chantal Mommaert; Katsu Nakamura; Makoto Nakamura; T. Nakano; Kazuo Niwa; E. Niu; Jaap Panman; F. Riccardi; D. Rondeshagen; O. Sato; Giorgio Stefanini; M. Vander Donckt; P. Vilain; C. Weinheimer; Gaston Wilquet; K. Winter; Henry T. Wong
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Origins of homochirality: a simulation by electrical circuit
Author(s): Jun Park; C. W. Cheng; David B. Cline; Y. Liu; H. So; Huijuan Wang
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Charged-particle tracking with high spatial and temporal resolution using capillary arrays filled with liquid scintillator
Author(s): Giuseppe Martellotti; P. Annis; J. Brunner; S. Buontempo; Maarten de Jong; D. Depedis; A. Ereditato; Jean-Paul Fabre; D. Frekers; Annette Frenkel; F. Galeazzi; F. Garufi; Sergei Vasilievic Golovkin; Alexandre Miloslavov Gorin; G. Gregoire; M. Gruwe; K. Harrison; K. Hoepfner; Joop Konijn; Eugene Nikolaevic Kozarenko; Igor Eugenivich Kreslo; Andrei Michailovi Medvedkov; L. Michel; Chantal Mommaert; M. R. Mondardini; Jaap Panman; Gianni Penso; Yuri Petrovich Petukhov; F. Riccardi; W. P. Siegmund; Richard R. Strack; Valeri Erastovich Tyukov; Vladimir Georgievic Vasil'chenko; P. Vilain; Gaston Wilquet; K. Winter; Henry T. Wong; Konstatin Vyacheslav Zymin
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Multipoint radiation monitor using waveguide scintillators and optical fiber
Author(s): Tatsuyuki Maekawa; Masaki Yoda
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Monte-Carlo simulation of a coded aperture SPECT apparatus using uniformly redundant arrays
Author(s): Paul E. Gemmill; Roy C. Chaney; Ervin J. Fenyves
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Small animal PET imager built with plastic scintillating fibers
Author(s): Johann L. Fernando; R. Xiong; Ton Nguyen; Jim Anderson; G. Arbique; S. Challa; Anca Constantinescu; Ervin J. Fenyves; Padmakar V. Kulkarni; Amar Raheja; G. Thambi; Peter P. Antich
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Glass-fiber-based neutron detectors for high- and low-flux environments
Author(s): Mary Bliss; Ronald L. Brodzinski; Richard A. Craig; Bruce D. Geelhood; Michael A. Knopf; Harry S. Miley; Richard W. Perkins; Paul L. Reeder; Debra S. Sunberg; Ray A. Warner; Ned A. Wogman
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New tool for high-resolution multichannel readout: megapixel electron-bombarded CCD image zoom tube
Author(s): Sergei Vasilievic Golovkin; Andrei Michailovi Medvedkov; Ilia Nikolaevic Dalinenko; Vladimir G. Kossov; Leonid Yu. Lazovsky; Alexandre Victorovic Malyarov; Grigory I. Vishnevsky; Annette Frenkel; Giuseppe Martellotti; Gianni Penso; Vladimir Yurievich Fedorov; Nina Nikolaevna Kalashnikova; Jean-Paul Fabre; Eugene Nikolaevic Kozarenko; Igor Eugenivich Kreslo
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Extended blue GaAs image intensifiers
Author(s): Timothy W. Sinor; Joseph P. Estrera; David L. Phillips; M. K. Rector
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Development of extended red (1.0- to 1.3-um) image intensifiers
Author(s): Joseph P. Estrera; Timothy W. Sinor; Keith T. Passmore; M. K. Rector
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Measured responsivities of generation II and hybrid image intensifiers
Author(s): George J. Yates; Nicholas S. P. King; Matthew C. Thomas
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Image enhancement using a range-gated microchannel-plate image intensifier (MCPII) video system with a 180-ps FWHM shutter
Author(s): Matthew C. Thomas; George J. Yates; Paul A. Zagarino
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Resolution and shutter profile measurements with point source inputs for a microchannel-plate image intensifier (MCPII) with a 160-ps FWHM whole-image shutter
Author(s): Matthew C. Thomas; George J. Yates; Paul A. Zagarino
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Experimental investigations of the electrical and photoelectrical characteristics of the two-channel bulk charge-coupled device
Author(s): Vladimir I. Khainovskii; Valerii V. Uzdovskii
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Design and fabrication technology of thinned backside-excited CCD imagers and the family of the intensified electron-bombarded CCD image tubes
Author(s): Ilia Nikolaevic Dalinenko; Alexandre Victorovic Malyarov; Grigory I. Vishnevsky; Michail G. Vydrevitch; Vladimir G. Kossov; Leonid Yu. Lazovsky; Sergei Vasilievic Golovkin
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Back-illuminated and electron-bombarded CCD low-light-level imaging system performance
Author(s): George M. Williams; Alice L. Reinheimer; C. Bruce Johnson; K. D. Wheeler; Norm D. Wodecki; Verle W. Aebi; Kenneth A. Costello
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Versatile high-resolution imaging detector system for use in x-ray, EUV, and visible wavelength regions
Author(s): Peter David Read; Martin K. Carter; Barry J. Kent; Bruce Miles Swinyard; B. E. Patchett; R. Michael Redfern; Andrew Shearer; Ian G. van Breda
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Gamma-ray pixellized scintillator imagers: high spatial resolution and sensitivity capabilities. Simulation by Monte-Carlo
Author(s): Jean-Louis Gerstenmayer; Jean-Francois Gigot; M. Izycki; Claude Hennion; L. Le Dain
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Space Telescope Imaging Spectrometer 1K by 1K MAMA detector charge amplifier and discriminator flight electronics performance
Author(s): Edward H. Cole; Larry G. Smeins; John M. Stechman; Georg Becker; George A. Lorman
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Performance results of the STIS flight MAMA detectors
Author(s): Charles L. Joseph; Vic S. Argabright; James Abraham; Dave Dieball; Steven Franka; Max Styonavich; Charles N. Van Houten; Anthony C. Danks; Bruce E. Woodgate
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STIS 1K x 1K photon counting array detector system
Author(s): Larry G. Smeins; Edward H. Cole; John M. Stechman; George A. Lorman; Georg Becker
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Thermal characterization of high strip current microchannel plate photomultipliers
Author(s): Andrea Sardella; Michele Bassan; Leonardo Giudicotti; Luca Lotto; Roberto Pasqualotto
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MeV radiography: storage phosphors imaging plate adaptations
Author(s): Jean-Louis Gerstenmayer; Rudolf Heindl; Pascal Franco
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Laser beam alignment and diagnostic system
Author(s): Oleg S. Chtchoupak; Boris N. Spilevoi; Aleksandr K. Jakuschev
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Thermal destruction mechanisms of PIN-junction optoelectronic diode by laser
Author(s): Xiao-Wu Ni; Jian Lu
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Dynamic uses of image intensifiers
Author(s): Leon A. Bosch
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Small-area fiber-coupled scintillation camera for imaging beta-ray distributions intraoperatively
Author(s): Lawrence R. MacDonald; Martin P. Tornai; Craig S. Levin; J. Park; Muzaffer Atac; David B. Cline; Eric G. Hoffman
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CTE model for estimating CCD image smear
Author(s): James S. Flores
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