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Photodetectors and Power Meters II
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Volume Number: 2550
Date Published: 26 September 1995
Softcover: 31 papers (306) pages
ISBN: 9780819419095

Table of Contents
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Negative electron affinity on GaAs(110) with Cs and NF3: a surface science study
Author(s): Renyu Cao; Huan Tang; Piero A. Pianetta
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Escape probability for negative electron affinity photocathodes: calculations compared to experiments
Author(s): German Vergara; Alberto Herrera-Gomez; William E. Spicer
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Photoelectron thermalization near the unpinned surface of GaAs(Cs,O) photocathode
Author(s): Alexander S. Terekhov; Dmitri A. Orlov
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New photodetector metal package photomultiplier tube
Author(s): Hisayuki Matsuura; Yutaka Hasegawa; Masuo Ito; Hiroyuki Kyushima
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Transferred electron photocathode with greater than 20% quantum efficiency beyond 1 micron
Author(s): Kenneth A. Costello; Verle W. Aebi; Gary A. Davis; Ross A. La Rue; Robert E. Weiss
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Negative electron affinity photocathodes as high-performance electron sources-Part 2: Energy spectrum measurements
Author(s): Aaron W. Baum; William E. Spicer; Roger Fabian W. Pease; Kenneth A. Costello; Verle W. Aebi
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Novel technique for the detection and recognition of lasers
Author(s): Timothy Hamish Holloway
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Development of compact cooled PMT
Author(s): Masayuki Matsumoto; Nobuharu Suzuki; Naohisa Tateishi
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Smart detectors: devices, integration, circuits, and systems
Author(s): Nan Marie Jokerst; Martin A. Brooke; Olivier Vendier; Myunghee Lee; Suzanne M. Fike; Brent Buchanan; D. Scott Wills
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Integrated optoelectronic waveguide detectors in SiGe for optical communications
Author(s): Armin O. Splett; Thomas Zinke; Berndt Schueppert; Klaus Petermann; Horst Kibbel; Hans-Joest Herzog; Hartmut Presting
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Adaptive microsystems with optical line sensors for measurement and quality control
Author(s): Ingo Martiny; Rolf-Rainer Grigat
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Comparison of hydrodynamic and drift diffusion models as applied to interdigitated metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors
Author(s): Ali F. Salem; Arlynn W. Smith; Kevin F. Brennan
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Long-wavelength metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors with transparent and opaque electrodes
Author(s): Walter A. Wohlmuth; Ilesanmi Adesida; Catherine Caneau
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High-gain APD array for photon detection
Author(s): Richard Farrell; Robert H. Redus; Jeffrey S. Gordon; Prakash Gothoskar
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Germanium quad-cell for single-photon detection in the near infrared
Author(s): Andrea L. Lacaita; Piergiorgio G. Lovati; Sergio D. Cova; Franco Zappa; Dragan P. Grubisic
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New avalanche device with the ability of analog few-photon pulse detection
Author(s): Vitaly E. Shubin; Dmitry A. Shushakov
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Photonic measurement at the dawn of the twenty-first century
Author(s): Janos Schanda
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Automated measurement of nonlinearity of optical fiber power meters
Author(s): Igor Vayshenker; Shao Yang; Xiaoyu Li; Thomas R. Scott
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Radiation detectors for occupational safety measurements
Author(s): Heinrich Kaase; Mai Chen; Knut Grothmann
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Color measurement of LEDs (diode emitters) with tristimulus colorimeter
Author(s): Kathleen Muray
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High-accuracy photometry using CCD technology
Author(s): Ian Lewin; K. Frank Lin; Henryk Zaleski
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Absolute response calibration of a transfer standard cryogenic bolometer
Author(s): George P. Eppeldauer; Alan L. Migdall; Thomas R. Gentile; Christopher L. Cromer
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Realization of photometric standards by ECARs and trap detectors: a comparison of different methods
Author(s): Stefania Castelletto; Maria Luisa Rastello
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Theoretical model for the heat diffusion in an electrically calibrated laser power meter
Author(s): Dan G. Sporea; Nicolae Miron; Gabriel Dumitru; Bogdan Timus
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Use of INM cryogenic radiometer to calibrate transfer standard detectors at 1550 nm
Author(s): Oualid Touayar; J. M. Coutin; M. Jean Bastie
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Anomalous performance of a QED-100 detector
Author(s): Joaquin Campos; Pedro Corredera Guillen; Alicia Aglio Pons; Antonio Corrons
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Calibration of angular motion of a scanning mirror mechanism using a lateral-effect position-sensitive photodetector
Author(s): T. Santhanakrishnan; Alkondan Ramalingam; P. K. Palanisamy; S. Paulpandian; S. K. Banerjee; Rajaram Nayak; Philip C. Thomas; P. P. Ouseph
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Design considerations in power coupling from LED to photodetector
Author(s): Biswajit Chakraborty
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Glassy spectral gas sensors based on the immobilized indicators
Author(s): Alexander F. Novikov; Vladimir I. Zemskii
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Evaluation of 8 x 8 reverse-etched avalanche photodiode arrays for oceanographic lidar systems
Author(s): David M. Allocca; V. Michael Contarino; Martin F. Squicciarini; R. I. Billmers
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Real-time electrical substitution in radiometry
Author(s): Mihai Simionescu; Felicia Ionescu
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