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Ultrahigh- and High-Speed Photography, Videography, and Photonics '95

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Volume Number: 2549
Date Published: 1 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Video sampling: a new low-cost method of capturing fast repetitive processes
Author(s): Michael Moeller; Hans-Juergen Bruns
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Processing of multiport CCD video signals at very high frame rates
Author(s): Bojan T. Turko; George J. Yates; Nicholas S. P. King
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New sensor architecture for the snapshot video
Author(s): Mourad Elloumi; Eric Fauvet; Christophe Dumont; Guy Cathebras; Michel Robert
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X-ray framing cameras for >5 keV imaging
Author(s): Otto L. Landen; Perry M. Bell; Robert L. Costa; Daniel H. Kalantar; David K. Bradley
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High-speed gateable image pipeline
Author(s): Jean-Paul Fabre; Sergei Vasilievic Golovkin; Alexandre Eugenevich Kushnirenko; Andrei Michailovi Medvedkov; Eugene Nikolaevic Kozarenko; Igor Eugenivich Kreslo; Arkadi G. Berkovski; Yuri Ivanovich Gubanov; Galina Nikolaevna Kislizkaya; Giacomo Chiodi; Annette Frenkel; Giuseppe Martellotti; Daniele Mazza; Gianni Penso
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Gated MCP framing camera with 60-ps exposure time
Author(s): Zenghu Chang; Bing Shan; Xiouqin Liu; Jinyuan Liu; Wenhua Zhu; Hongru Yang; Y. A. Ren; Maixia Gong
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Photoelectron throughput in streak tubes
Author(s): Paul A. Jaanimagi; Alain Mens; Jean-Claude Rebuffie
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100-ps gated x-ray spectrometer
Author(s): Peter J. Walsh; Richard L. Blake; Stephen E. Caldwell; Mary Hockaday; R. Chrien; Randall C. Smith
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Gated monochromatic x-ray imager
Author(s): John A. Oertel; Tom Archuleta; Larry Clark; Scott C. Evans; Allan A. Hauer; C. Glen Peterson; Tom Sedillo; Corky Thorn; Robert G. Watt; Frederic J. Marshall
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Impact of shock layer radiation on laser photography of ultrafast metal jets
Author(s): Charles L. Goldey; J. F. Cronin; Edmond Y. Lo; Hart H. Legner; Peter E. Nebolsine
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Flash vacuum-ultraviolet generator having a mercury-anode tube
Author(s): Michiaki Sagae; Eiichi Sato; Teiji Oizumi; Mariko Yamamoto; Akihito Takabe; Kimio Sakamaki; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Yoshiharu Tamakawa; Toru Yanagisawa
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High-speed dental radiography achieved with a kilohertz-range pulsed x-ray generator
Author(s): Akihito Takabe; Mariko Yamamoto; Kimio Sakamaki; Eiichi Sato; Kei Takahashi; Michiaki Sagae; Teiji Oizumi; Katsuaki Sasaki; Yoshiharu Tamakawa; Toru Yanagisawa
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Diffuse reflectivity measurement of tungsten target under shock compression
Author(s): ZeRen Li; Xianxiang Tan; Ruchao Ma
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Aerospace sector catastrophic testing
Author(s): Eugene N. Cupps
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Metrology applied to imaging systems
Author(s): Philippe Millier; Max Andre Darizcuren
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Charge transfer efficiency modeling/measurements as function of CCD pixel rate
Author(s): George J. Yates; Robert A. Gallegos; Claudine R. Pena; Paul A. Zagarino
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Studies on the interaction between the YAG laser and the MNOS-type CCD
Author(s): Xiao-Wu Ni; Jian Lu
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Plasma-flash radiography utilizing a molybdenum target in dentistry
Author(s): Mariko Yamamoto; Akihito Takabe; Kimio Sakamaki; Eiichi Sato; Kei Takahashi; Michiaki Sagae; Teiji Oizumi; Yasuomi Hayasi; Katsuaki Sasaki; Yoshiharu Tamakawa; Toru Yanagisawa
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Kilohertz-range harder pulsed x-ray generator utilizing a hot-cathode diode
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Michiaki Sagae; Teiji Oizumi; Mariko Yamamoto; Akihito Takabe; Kimio Sakamaki; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Yoshiharu Tamakawa; Toru Yanagisawa
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Replacing 16-mm film cameras with high-definition digital cameras
Author(s): Kris S. Balch
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Model DKF-250 high-speed wide-framing-rate camera
Author(s): Guoji Lai; Xianxiang Tan
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Confocal scanning microscopy under ultrashort pulse illumination
Author(s): Min Gu; T. Tannous; Colin J. R. Sheppard
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Three-dimensional measurement of moving objects using a multiple-camera vision system
Author(s): Dah-Jye Lee; Reddiar S. Anbalagan
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Three-channel diagnostical system for the time-space measurement of the magnetic fields in the laser-produced plasma
Author(s): Gennady S. Sarkisov; Yu. S. Kas'anov; Andrei S. Shikanov
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Optical investigation of fast processes with new pulsed monochrome light source
Author(s): A. N. Golchenko; Nikolai P. Mende; Igor M. Olichov; Yuri V. Petrushenko; Vladimir N. Ulasjuk
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Theoretical comparison between image intensifier tubes using EBCCD and phosphor readout
Author(s): Nathan Eric Howard
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Progressive scan CCD image sensor for high-speed photography
Author(s): Stephen J. Strunk; Rusty Winzenread
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