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Nonimaging Optics: Maximum Efficiency Light Transfer III
Editor(s): Roland Winston
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Volume Number: 2538
Date Published: 21 August 1995
Softcover: 24 papers (252) pages
ISBN: 9780819418975

Table of Contents
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Caustic and its use in designing optimal absorber shapes for 2D concentrators
Author(s): Harald Ries; Wolfgang Spirkl
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Cone and trumpet concentrators in light of the general edge-ray theorem
Author(s): Harald Ries; Wolfgang Spirkl; Roland Winston
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Iterative algorithm for reflector design for nonisotropic sources
Author(s): Ari Rabl; Pang Teng Ong; Jeffrey M. Gordon; Wen Cai
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Nonimaging optics for nonuniform brightness distributions
Author(s): David G. Jenkins; Roland Winston
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Compact high-flux two-stage solar collectors based on tailored edge-ray concentrators
Author(s): Robert P. Friedman; Jeffrey M. Gordon; Harald Ries
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Nonimaging optics in direct view applications
Author(s): Robert M. Emmons; Benjamin A. Jacobson; Robert D. Gengelbach; Roland Winston
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Experimental measurements of RXI concentrators
Author(s): Juan-Carlos Gonzalez; Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Minano; Jose L. Alvarez; M. Rosario Ochoa
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Analysis of the image formation capability of RX concentrators
Author(s): Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Minano
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Application of Lorentz geometry to nonimaging optics: new 3D ideal concentrators
Author(s): Manuel Gutierrez; Juan Carlos Minano; Carlos Vega; Pablo Benitez
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TIR lenses for fluorescent lamps
Author(s): William A. Parkyn; David G. Pelka
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Combination of reflective and refractive collectors for use with high-power xenon flashlamps
Author(s): John D. Kuppenheimer; Robert I. Lawson
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Tailored edge-ray concentrator for a solar furnace at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria
Author(s): Manuel Collares-Pereira; Joao Farinha Mendes; Ari Rabl; Harald Ries
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Novel second-stage solar concentrator for parabolic troughs
Author(s): Manuel Collares-Pereira; Joao Farinha Mendes
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Redirecting concentrated radiation
Author(s): Manuel Collares-Pereira; Joao Farinha Mendes; Ari Rabl; Harald Ries
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Inverse engineering perspective on nonimaging optical design
Author(s): Narkis E. Shatz; John C. Bortz
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Optimal design of irradiance redistribution guides for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's high-flux solar furnace
Author(s): John C. Bortz; Narkis E. Shatz; Allan Lewandowski
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Optical design applications for enhanced illumination performance
Author(s): Carl Gilray; Ian Lewin
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High-efficiency TEM00 Nd:YVO4 laser longitudinally pumped by a high-power laser diode array
Author(s): Gilles Feugnet; Claude Bussac; Christian Larat; Muriel Schwarz; Jean-Paul Pocholle
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Quasi-geometrical approach in laser diode optics problems
Author(s): Jan Karol Jabczynski
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CO2 laser power delivery with an MIR optical fiber bundle
Author(s): Dawei Liang; Joao M. Coelho; M. Teixeira
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Controlled-in-time laser technique for fiber-end microlens fabrication
Author(s): Vadim P. Veiko; Vladimir A. Chuiko; V. P. Chulkov; Alexei K. Kromin; S. V. Kukhtin; Sergei A. Rodionov; M. P. Tokarev
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High-efficiency compact TEA nitrogen laser
Author(s): Dang Quoc Trung; Tran Phan Dat; Tran Thi Tam; Dang Duc Manh
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Calculation of the efficiency of coupling light from a stripe-geometry GaAs laser into optical fiber with two-layer spherical end
Author(s): Hong Ju Liu
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Factors affecting fluorescent backlight operation
Author(s): Chengping Jiang; George Csoknyai; R. Gaines Young
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