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X-Ray and EUV/FUV Spectroscopy and Polarimetry
Editor(s): Silvano Fineschi
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Volume Number: 2517
Date Published: 16 October 1995
Softcover: 23 papers (292) pages
ISBN: 9780819418760

Table of Contents
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Some design and performance features of SUMER: solar ultraviolet measurements of emitted radiation
Author(s): Klaus Wilhelm; W. Curdt; E. Marsh; Udo H. Schuehle; Philippe Lemaire; Alan H. Gabriel; Jean-Claude Vial; Michael Grewing; Martin H.C. Huber; S. D. Jordan; Arthur I. Poland; Roger J. Thomas; Mikhael Kuehne; J. Gethyn Timothy; Donald M. Hassler; Oswald H. W. Siegmund
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Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer: an extreme-ultraviolet spectrometer for the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Author(s): Barry J. Kent; Richard A. Harrison; Eric C. Sawyer; R. W. Hayes; Anthony G. Richards; J. Leonard Culhane; K. Norman; A. A. Breeveld; P. D. Thomas; Arthur I. Poland; Roger J. Thomas; William T. Thompson; Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; O. Kjeldseth-Moe; Mikhael Kuehne; Joerg Hollandt; W. Paustian; B. J.I. Bromage
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Calibration of the EIT instrument for the SOHO mission
Author(s): Jean-Marc Defise; Xueyan Song; Jean-Pierre Delaboudiniere; Guy Edouard Artzner; Charles Carabetian; Jean-Francois E. Hochedez; Jacqueline Brunaud; J. Daniel Moses; Richard C. Catura; Frederic Clette; Andre Jean Maucherat
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Polarization characterization of the SUMER instrument on SOHO
Author(s): Donald M. Hassler; Philippe Lemaire; Yu-Ying Longval
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Spectral resolution improvement technique for a spectrograph mounting a discrete array detector
Author(s): Claudio Pernechele; Luca Poletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Giampiero Naletto
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Unique variable line-space spectrometers on the EUVE satellite: in-flight performance and selected scientific results
Author(s): C. Stuart Bowyer
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Design of high-resolution XUV imaging spectrometer using spherical varied line-space grating
Author(s): Tatsuo Harada; Hideo Sakuma; Yasutaka Ikawa; Tetsuya Watanabe; Toshiaki Kita
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Berkeley spectrometer for ORFEUS: laboratory and in-flight performance
Author(s): Mark Hurwitz; C. Stuart Bowyer
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Broadband mirror for soft x-ray optics
Author(s): Pavel E. Kondrashov; Igor S. Smirnov; Helena Novoselova; Alexander M. Baranov; V. V. Sleptsov
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Spectrograph design using a transmission sliced multilayer as a diffraction element for the x-ray region
Author(s): Michele Wilson; Muamer Zukic
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SAX: the wideband mission for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Luigi Piro; Livio Scarsi; R. C. Butler
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SAX Low-Energy Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter (LE-GSPC): calibration and system performance
Author(s): Didier D. E. Martin; Marcos Bavdaz; Anthony J. Peacock; Giuseppe Vacanti; Arvind N. Parmar
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Medium-Energy Concentrator Spectrometer on board the x-ray astronomy satellite SAX: preliminary results of ground x-ray calibrations
Author(s): Giuliano Boella; Lucio Chiappetti; Giancarlo Conti; Silvano Molendi; Giancarlo Cusumano; Stefano Del Sordo; Giovanni La Rosa; Maria Concetta Maccarone; Stefano Re; Bruno Sacco; Mario Tripiciano; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Wolfgang Burkert
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High-Pressure Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter on SAX and its performance characteristics
Author(s): Salvatore Giarrusso; Andrea E. Santangelo; G. Fazio; S. Piraino; Alberto Segreto; Giuseppe Manzo; Ezio Alippi; P. Dalla Ricca; Anna Lenti; F. Gilardi
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High-energy instrument PDS aboard the SAX satellite: on-ground calibration results and experiment performance
Author(s): Filippo Frontera; R. C. Butler; Enrico Costa; Daniele Dal Fiume; Marco Feroci; Luciano Nicastro; M. Orlandini; Guido Zavattini
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Wide-field coded-mask x-ray cameras for SAX
Author(s): R. Henderikus Jager; John Heise; Willem A. Mels; A. C. Brinkman
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Performance of the large-area position-sensitive x-ray detector of the SAX wide-field camera
Author(s): Willem A. Mels; H. B. Buurmans; R. Henderikus Jager; P. Lowes; A. P. Naber; A. Rook; R. Schuurhof; A. C. Brinkman
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Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer for the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory: instrument description and calibration overview
Author(s): John L. Kohl; R. Esser; Larry D. Gardner; Shadia R. Habbal; Peter S. Daigneau; George U. Nystrom; John C. Raymond; Leonard Strachan; A. A. van Ballegooijen; Giancarlo C. Noci; Silvano Fineschi; Marco Romoli; A. Ciaravella; Andrea Modigliani; Martin H.C. Huber; Ester Antonucci; C. Benna; Silvio Giordano; Oskar von der Luehe; Giuseppe Tondello; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Giampiero Naletto; Claudio Pernechele; J. Geiss; George Gloeckler; G. Poletto; D. Spadaro; A. Allegra; Giuseppe Basile; R. Brusa; B. Wood; Oswald H. W. Siegmund
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Overview of the SAX x-ray instruments development
Author(s): Primo Attina; Ezio Alippi; P. Casoli; Anna Lenti; Franco Monzani; Jens Michael Poulsen
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VUV optical performances of the spectrometer of the UVCS instrument for SOHO
Author(s): Claudio Pernechele; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Luca Poletto; Giuseppe Tondello
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New diffusive source for far-ultraviolet calibrations
Author(s): Charles E. Keffer; Muamer Zukic
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Sensitivity to x-ray polarization of a microgap gas proportional counter
Author(s): Paolo Soffitta; Enrico Costa; Ennio Morelli; Ronaldo Bellazzini; Alessandro Brez; R. Raffo
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