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Applications of Fuzzy Logic Technology II
Editor(s): Bruno Bosacchi; James C. Bezdek

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Volume Number: 2493
Date Published: 13 June 1995

Table of Contents
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Fuzzy sets and neurocomputation: knowledge-based networks
Author(s): Witold Pedrycz
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Fuzzy neural network machine prognosis
Author(s): Patrick K. Simpson; Thomas M. Brotherton
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Neurofuzzy clustering approach for quadtree segmentation of images
Author(s): Suryalakshmi Pemmaraju; Sunanda Mitra
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Connectionist approach to adaptive reasoning
Author(s): Mohan S. Reddy; Abhijit S. Pandya; D. V. Reddy
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Generalized predictive neurofuzzy control model for nonlinear dynamical systems
Author(s): Emre Kaymaz; Sunanda Mitra
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Fuzzy neuron modeling based on algebraic approach to fuzzy sets
Author(s): Wladyslaw Homenda; Witold Pedrycz
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Fuzzy logic approach to enhance the performance of remote manipulator systems
Author(s): Robert N. Lea; Joe A. Mica; Yashvant Jani; Edgar Dohmann
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Least-biased fuzzy clustering method for inhomogeneous data
Author(s): Gerardo Beni; Xiaomin Liu
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Applications of fuzzy integrals to handwriting recognition
Author(s): Paul D. Gader; Magdi A. Mohamed; James M. Keller
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Fuzzy controllers and fuzzy expert systems: industrial applications of fuzzy technology
Author(s): Piero P. Bonissone
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Fuzzy control and multimedia with examples from law enforcement
Author(s): Susan Hackwood
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Intelligent robotic systems: control and cooperation
Author(s): Mohan M. Trivedi
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Adaptive SAR raw data reduction using fuzzy logic
Author(s): Ursula C. Benz
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Study and optimization of a neural network with fuzzy logic preprocessing for particle identification on a cosmic ray detector
Author(s): Marco Casolino; M. Candusso; M. P. DePascale; Aldo Morselli; Piergiorgio Picozza; M. Ricci
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Soft learning vector quantization
Author(s): James C. Bezdek; Nikhil R. Pal
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Principle of least commitment in the analysis of chromosome images
Author(s): James M. Keller; Paul D. Gader; Charles W. Caldwell
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Motion control of a mobile robot traveling in a convoy using fuzzy logic
Author(s): Suresh B. Marapane; Martin B. Holder; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Mobile robots: human analysis of color and surface for fast object identification
Author(s): Dario Mancini; Annalina Auricchio; Massimo Brescia
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Generalized fuzzy k-means algorithms and their application in image compression
Author(s): Nicolaos B. Karayiannis
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Fuzzy logic information fusion for object recognition
Author(s): Byron H. Chen; Ching-Fang Lin; Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos
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Fuzzy logical semantics of Bayesian decision making
Author(s): Peter V. Golubtsov
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Adaptive fuzzy logic tracking controller
Author(s): Jatinder S. Bedi; Yeongseob Kueon
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Use of sliding mode controller functions in a TSK-type FLC
Author(s): Min Xu; Samuel M. Smith
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Fuzzy logic controller and real-time implementation of a ball balancing beam
Author(s): Kim C. Ng; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Fuzzy inference system for semiconductor manufacturing processes
Author(s): Raymond L. Chen; Costas J. Spanos
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Fuzzy logic and manufacturing science
Author(s): Bruno Bosacchi
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Modeling product quality from a flexible machining center using fuzzy Petri nets with neural networks
Author(s): Moheb Maurice Hanna
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Fuzzy logic approach to vulnerability assessment
Author(s): Kirk A. Dunkelberger
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Interactive query specification in fuzzy document retrieval systems using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Tetsuya Murai; Hideo Kanemitsu; Masaoki Miyakoshi; Masaru Shimbo
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Input-output fuzzy systems and the inverse problem
Author(s): Yeongseob Kueon; Jatinder S. Bedi
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Determining data clusters' fine center, extents, and membership functions using a modified mountain method
Author(s): James A. Kelly; Ronald R. Yager
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Fuzzy understanding of neighborhoods with nearest unlike neighbor sets
Author(s): Belur V. Dasarathy
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Fuzzy logic anti-skid control for commercial trucks
Author(s): Mark L. Akey
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Adaptive method for the creation of mapping models
Author(s): Nikita V. Dolgushev; Stanislav A. Suvorov
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Image understanding in terms of semiotics
Author(s): E. Zakharko; Roman M. Kaminsky; V. Shpytko
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Structure-changeable fuzzy controller
Author(s): Chenghua Fu; Lenian Ye; Jian-Guo Bai
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