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Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery II
Editor(s): Dominick A. Giglio
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Volume Number: 2487
Date Published: 5 June 1995
Softcover: 38 papers (460) pages
ISBN: 9780819418401

Table of Contents
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Tomographic imaging of radar data gathered on a circular flight path about a three-dimensional target zone
Author(s): David G. Falconer; George J. Moussally
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Motion compensation algorithm for widebeam stripmap SAR
Author(s): Walter G. Carrara; Sreenidhi Tummala; Ronald Goodman
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Multiaperture ultrawideband SAR processing with polarimetric diversity
Author(s): Ravinder Kapoor; Nagaraj Nandhakumar
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Analytical framework for determining the robustness of linear feature mapping for target detection
Author(s): Xiaoli Yu; An Mei Chen; Lawrence E. Hoff; Irving S. Reed
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FOPEN-SAR detection by direct use of simple scattering physics
Author(s): Mark R. Allen; Julie M. Jauregui; Lawrence E. Hoff
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Ultrawideband SAR signature investigations based on electromagnetic models and measurements
Author(s): Check F. Lee; Bradley T. Binder
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Near-least-squares radio frequency interference suppression
Author(s): Timothy R. Miller; John W. McCorkle; Lee C. Potter
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Radio frequency interference removal in a VHF/UHF deramp SAR
Author(s): August Golden; Susan A. Werness; Mark A. Stuff; Stuart R. DeGraaf; Richard C. Sullivan
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Interference suppression in UHF synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Bruce H. Ferrell
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rf interference suppression in ultrawideband radar receivers
Author(s): Theodore Koutsoudis; Louis A. Lovas
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Radio and TV interference extraction for ultrawideband radar
Author(s): Kenneth Abend; John W. McCorkle
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Patch diameter limits for tiered subaperture SAR image formation algorithms
Author(s): Armin W. Doerry
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SAR imaging and multiresolution analysis
Author(s): Gregory Beylkin; John D. Gorman; Sylvia Li-Fliss; Mark A. Ricoy
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Adaptive filtering approach to spectral estimation and SAR imaging
Author(s): Jian Li; Peter Stoica
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Extensions of high-definition imaging
Author(s): Darrol F. DeLong; Gerald R. Benitz
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Low-cost high-performance image formation using ImSyn processor
Author(s): Laurence A. Eichel; James L. Lafuse
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ROC analysis of ATR from SAR images using a model-based recognizer incorporating pose information
Author(s): David Cyganski; Brian M. King; Richard F. Vaz; John A. Orr
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Neural processing of SAR imagery for enhanced target detection
Author(s): Allen M. Waxman; Carol H. Lazott; David A. Fay; Alan N. Gove; W. R. Steele
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Multiresolution generalized likelihood ratio detection approach to target screening in synthetic aperture radar data
Author(s): Nikola S. Subotic; Leslie M. Collins; Michael F. Reiley; John D. Gorman
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Polarimetric subspace target detector for SAR data based on the Huynen dihedral model
Author(s): Victor J. Larson; Leslie M. Novak
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Target prescreening based on 2D gamma kernels
Author(s): Jose C. Principe; Alex Radisavljevic; Munchurl Kim; John W. Fisher; Margarita Hiett; Leslie M. Novak
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Wavelet-based SAR speckle reduction and image compression
Author(s): Jan Erik Odegard; Haitao Guo; Markus Lang; C. Sidney Burrus; Raymond O. Wells; Leslie M. Novak; Margarita Hiett
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Multiresolution approach to discriminating targets from clutter in SAR imagery
Author(s): William W. Irving; Alan S. Willsky; Leslie M. Novak
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Multiaperture SAR target detection using hidden Markov models
Author(s): Layne R. Flake; Ashok K. Krishnamurthy; Stanley C. Ahalt
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Autofocusing of ground moving target imagery
Author(s): Edward F. Stockburger; Lawrence P. Orwig
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Motion estimation from SAR data
Author(s): William S. Helliwell
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Detecting moving targets in SAR imagery by using a phase-error correction algorithm
Author(s): James R. Fienup; A. M. Kowalczyk
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Long-range moving target imaging
Author(s): E. Ganthier; Ernest J. Hormel; Albert O. Scheffler; D. J. Szakovits
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Lincoln Laboratory technique for the ultrahigh-resolution imaging of moving targets
Author(s): John C. Henry; Thomas J. Murphy
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High-resolution topomaps from SARs
Author(s): Homer H. Pien; Mukund N. Desai
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Topographic mapping using interferometric synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Dominick A. Giglio; Robert G. Carlisle
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Fast-data-weighting algorithms of nonfocused SAR-image forming
Author(s): Igor Petrovich Anukhin; Vladimir V. Lukin; Alexander A. Zelensky
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Limited resolution in the bistatic radar with inversed synthetic aperture
Author(s): Vladimir V. Sazonov
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Algorithm for multipolarization radar images treaty
Author(s): Oleh Lychak; Roman S. Bachevskij
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Study of SAR clutter frequency and temporal correlation
Author(s): Edwin M. Winter
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Performance evaluation of linear-feature-mapping detection/classification algorithms using large SAR clutter dataset
Author(s): Lynne A. Tablewski; An Mei Chen; Clark R. Hendrickson; Xiaoli Yu; David L. Buck
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Absolute phase determination techniques in SAR interferometry
Author(s): Soren N. Madsen
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Detection and classification in SAR using MINACE correlation filters
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Rajesh Shenoy
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