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Space Telescopes and Instruments
Editor(s): Pierre Y. Bely; James B. Breckinridge
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Volume Number: 2478
Date Published: 2 June 1995
Softcover: 34 papers (372) pages
ISBN: 9780819418319

Table of Contents
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SEQUOIA mission
Author(s): Barry Y. Welsh; Timothy Carone; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Patrick N. Jelinsky; Ronald S. Polidan
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Edison program: designing the next-generation infrared space observatory
Author(s): Timothy G. Hawarden; Harley A. Thronson; Alan J. Penny; John Bally
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8-m UV/visible/IR space telescope
Author(s): Antoni K. Jakubowski; P. Mohan; Rakesh K. Kapania; Paul Crisafulli; Daniel Hammerand
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ISIS: an FUV imaging spectrometer design for space-based applications
Author(s): Erik Wilkinson; James C. Green
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Plans for the prelaunch calibration of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
Author(s): Dennis Charles Ebbets; Mary Elizabeth Kaiser; Bruce E. Woodgate; Randy A. Kimble; Don J. Lindler
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MSTI-3 sensor package optical design
Author(s): Richard F. Horton; William G. Baker; Michael Griggs; Van Nguyen; H. Vernon Baker
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Airship platform for high-resolution space technology telescope
Author(s): John A. Miller
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POST: a stratospheric testbed for testing new space telescope technologies
Author(s): James N. Tilley; Edward J. Friedman; Holland C. Ford; Pierre Y. Bely
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High-altitude aerostats as astronomical platforms
Author(s): Pierre Y. Bely; Robert Ashford; Charles D. Cox
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Low-cost space structure experiment optical phasing control system
Author(s): David B. DeYoung; W. Bruce DeShetler; Michael A. Kvasnack
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Lessons learned from HST/HSP thermal engineering data
Author(s): Evan E. Richards; Colleen Townsley; Charles L. Wiggins
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In-flight performance of the Faint Object Camera of the Hubble Space Telescope: III
Author(s): Perry E. Greenfield; Robert Ian Jedrzejewski; Anatonella Nota; Warren Hack; Peter Jakobsen; Philip Hodge; Manfred P. Miebach; Francesco Paresce
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BDSR: instrument design and initial calibration results
Author(s): Erik Wilkinson; James C. Green; Barry Y. Welsh; Ryan McLean
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Effects of the space environment on the HST Wide Field Planetary Camera-I
Author(s): John W. MacKenty; Sylvia M. Baggett; John Biretta; Michael Hinds; Christine E. Ritchie; Lee D. Feinberg; John T. Trauger
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Metrology for the flight instruments for the Hubble Space Telescope's first servicing mission at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Author(s): Daniel J. Musinski; Henry P. Sampler; John Evans
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Passive primary mirror concept for SOFIA
Author(s): Peter A. Jones; David F. House; Victor L. Genberg
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Recent advances in the application of holographic gratings to ultraviolet astronomy
Author(s): James C. Green; Erik Wilkinson
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Software to model the performance of x-ray telescopes
Author(s): David E. Zissa; Anees Ahmad; Chen Feng
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Thin-shell replication of grazing incidence (Wolter type I) SiC mirrors
Author(s): Norman Geril; Lawrence J. Grigely; Scott R. Wilson; Jitendra Singh Goela
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Space adaptive optics coronography
Author(s): Fabien Malbet; Duncan Tsuen-Hsi Liu; Jeffrey W. Yu; Michael Shao
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NINA: a lightweight silicon strip detector for cosmic ray research in space
Author(s): Guido Barbiellini; S. Bartalucci; Roberto Bellotti; V. Bidoli; M. Bocciolini; M. Boezio; F. Cafagna; Marco Casolino; M. Candusso; Marcello Castellano; M. Circella; Carlo Nicola De Marzo; M. P. DePascale; A. M. Galper; S. Koldashov; M. Korotkov; V. Mikhailov; A. Moiseev; Aldo Morselli; Piergiorgio Picozza; A. V. Popov; M. Ricci; R. Sparvoli; P. Spillantini; P. Spinelli; A. Vacchi; S. Voronov; Nicola Zampa
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Optical design for the Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics
Author(s): Sacha Loiseau; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Space-based magnetic driven liquid mirrors
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Riccardo U. Claudi; Enrico Marchetti
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Optical design for the Rosetta wide-angle camera
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Giampiero Naletto; Cesare Barbieri; Giuseppe Tondello
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Nondispersive triple-correlation spectrometer for trace gas analysis
Author(s): Samuel Peter Kozaitis; Bruce James Bradshaw
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Profile shape choice problem in relief hologram structures based on adaptive telescope mirror surfaces
Author(s): Sergey N. Koreshev
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Multi-imaging adaptive concept for IR and submillimeter space telescopes
Author(s): Victor P. Vasilyev
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Optical systems for far-infrared space sensing
Author(s): Gennadi M. Popov
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Numerical design and modeling of the telescopic systems compensated via phase conjugation
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan; Alexey Leshchev; Igor Stanislavo Potyemin; Michael V. Vasil'ev; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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Experimental realization of the laser telescope with overall compensation for distortions via phase conjugation
Author(s): Rostislav B. Andreev; Valery M. Irtuganov; Alexey Leshchev; Pavel M. Semenov; Michael V. Vasil'ev; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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High-sensitivity telescope-interferometer for atmospheric seeing
Author(s): Elena I. Tolkova
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Vibration-isolated optical bench of the Large Optical Test Facility (LOTF) Vertical for testing space telescopes
Author(s): Pavel A. Sergeev; J. A. Ivanov; I. N. Tsvickevich; I. V. Andreev; I. S. Sheinin; S. I. Arseniev
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Collimator equipment of the Large Optical Test Facility Vertical for testing space telescopes
Author(s): Pavel A. Sergeev; Yuri A. Gogolev; V. V. Zvonkova; I. R. Kobozev; S. V. Ostapenko; Yevgeny R. Malamed; V. V. Demidov
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UV/visible camera for the Clementine mission
Author(s): Joseph F. Kordas; Isabella T. Lewis; Robert E. Priest; W. Travis White; Darron P. Nielsen; Hye-Sook Park; Bruce A. Wilson; Michael J. Shannon; Arno G. Ledebuhr; Lyn D. Pleasance
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