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Advanced Image and Video Communications and Storage Technologies
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Volume Number: 2451
Date Published: 17 February 1995
Softcover: 46 papers (488) pages
ISBN: 9780819418029

Table of Contents
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Reconfigurable machine for applications in image and video compression
Author(s): Reiner W. Hartenstein; Juergen Becker; Rainier Kress; Helmut Reinig; Karin Schmidt
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3D subband coding implemented in programmable real-time hardware
Author(s): William E. Glenn
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Buffer control technique for video coding
Author(s): Giancarlo Calvagno; C. Ghirardi; Gian Antonio Mian; R. Rinaldo
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MPEG-1 low-cost encoder solution
Author(s): Klaus Grueger; Frank Schirrmeister; Lutz Filor; Christian von Reventlow; Ulrich Schneider; Gerriet Mueller; Nicolai Sefzik; Sven Fiedrich
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Central payload video system (CPVS)
Author(s): Jean Doutreleau; F. H. Pedersen; J. Serrano
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Performance analysis of compression techniques for pathological microscopic images
Author(s): Junji Suzuki; Isao Furukawa; Akira Okumura; Tsukasa Ashihara
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Compensation of crosstalk of chrominance coding errors into the luminance
Author(s): Marcel M. Breeuwer; Rob A. Beuker
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Quality asessment of coded images using numerical category scaling
Author(s): Andre M. van Dijk; Jean-Bernard Martens; Andrew B. Watson
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Impairment of picture quality by signal format transitions and cascading of bit rate reduction algorithms in contribution, post-processing, and distribution of television picture signals
Author(s): Alexander Schertz
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Adaptive-size hierarchical block matching for efficient motion compensation of video sequences
Author(s): Marco Accame; Daniel D. Giusto
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Combined gray-level and motion segmentation for very low bit rate coding
Author(s): Chuang Gu
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Motion-compensated frame interpolation for low bit rate video coding considering accelerated motion
Author(s): Peter Csillag; Lilla Boroczky; Kalman Fazekas
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Integrated estimation of 2D motion field and image segmentation for videophone coding
Author(s): Sergio C. Brofferio; Anna Morpurgo; Massimo Vailati
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Calculating motion vectors for an interpolated motion field
Author(s): Tom Wuyts; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Vector quantization (VQ)-based motion field refinement technique for image sequence coding
Author(s): Iole Moccagatta; Markus Schuetz; Fabrice Moscheni; Frederic Dufaux
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Quadtree-based block merging algorithm for subband coding
Author(s): Vitor Mendes Silva; Luis A. S. V. de Sa
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Minimum distortion quantizer for fixed-rate 64-subband video coding
Author(s): Luciano Alparone; Alessandro Andreadis; Fabrizio Argenti; Giuliano Benelli; Andrea Garzelli; A. Tarchi
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VLSI-driven system analysis of the motion estimation process in MPEG-2 video
Author(s): Fabio Luigi Bellifemine; P. Garino; M. Marchisio
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Weighting matrices and spatial and temporal prediction modes in a spatial-scalable MPEG-2 coder
Author(s): Angelika Knoll
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Coding of combined natural and computer-rendered image sequences
Author(s): Thomas B. Riegel
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Interactive feature coding system for image painting
Author(s): Hajime Enomoto; Yo Murao; Isao Miyamura
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Progressive image compression algorithm based on lattice vector quantization
Author(s): Anna Tatsaki; Thanos Stouraitis; Costas E. Goutis
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Progressive windowed JPEG coder for efficient image transmission
Author(s): Nikos G. Panagiotidis; Stefanos D. Kollias
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Feature extraction for low bit rate image coding using a generalized wavelet transform
Author(s): Roland Wilson; Andrew D. Calway; Tao-I Hsu; Peter R. Meulemans
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Efficient address vector quantization based image coding scheme
Author(s): Chrissavgi Dre; Thanos Stouraitis; Costas E. Goutis
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Recent and future applications of video compression in broadcasting
Author(s): G. M. Drury
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European Union RACE program contributions to digital audiovisual communications and services
Author(s): Augusto de Albuquerque; Leon van Noorden; Eric Badique'
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Hierarchical protocol design for video broadcast and on-demand application
Author(s): Ming-Yu Tseng; Jeng Liu; Sun-Lang Hsiao
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MPEG over ATM issues: a scenario overview
Author(s): F. Bernabei; M. Moscatelli; Giuseppe Russo; Paolo Talone
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Flexible video conference system based on ASICs and DSPs
Author(s): Qiang Hu; Songyu Yu
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Design of adaptive quantizer for MPEG video coding
Author(s): Jun Sun; Wenjun Zhang; Songyu Yu
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Single board H.261 video codec
Author(s): Joao Carlos Silvestre; Vitor Mendes Silva; Luis A. S. V. de Sa
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Trends in the standardization of video coding in multimedia
Author(s): Dolf A. Schinkel; Andries P. Hekstra
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Systems design criteria for ATM-oriented broadband medical services
Author(s): Heinz U. Lemke; Stephen T. C. Wong; H. K. Huang
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Network image data bank prototype: the RSI project (Resume de Sortie Images)
Author(s): Nacer Abouchi; Michel Jourlin; Oriana Bohbot; Catherine Faurie; Richard Grisel
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Fetal telemedicine: interactive transfer of real-time ultrasound and video via ISDN for remote consultation
Author(s): Nicholas M. Fisk; Sarah Bower; Waldo Sepulveda; Paul Garner; Keith H. Cameron; Mike Matthews; David Ridley; Karen Drysdale; Richard Wootton
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HIM: high-performance information infrastructure in medicine
Author(s): Jan Stuer; Rudy A. Mattheus; Kris Vervaet; Guido Gevels
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Assessment of ATM for transmission of medical images
Author(s): Andre J. Duerinckx; Girish T. Hagan; Daniel J. Valentino; Nicholas J. Mankovich; Alek S. Hayrapetian; Ricky Franco; Edward G. Grant
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New compression techniques for storage and transmission of 2D and 3D medical images
Author(s): Aurel M. Vlaicu; Serban Lungu; Nicolae Crisan; Stelian Persa
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Integrated optical detection circuit for magneto-optical drive
Author(s): Patrick Louis Mottier; V. Lapras; C. Chabrol
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Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) considerations due to the equalization of a partial response magneto-optical read channel
Author(s): J. V. Anderton; Stephen Ward; Martin J. N. Sibley
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Low-cost magneto-optic disk byte error rate testing system
Author(s): Jiin-chuan Wu; Guann-Sheng Jeng; Han-Ping D. Shieh
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Three-dimensional storage and stereolithography using a tomographic device fitted with a photonic calculator
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Clair; Anne M. Landraud-Lamole
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Hybrid transmitter and receiver arrays for chip-to-chip and board-to-board free-space optical interconnects
Author(s): Aristos Christou; Chandrasekhar Pusarla
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Application of inorganic resists in high-density information storage technologies
Author(s): Ivan Z. Indutnyi; Sergey A. Kostyukevych; Victor Ivanovitch Minko; Peter E. Shepeljavi; Alexander V. Stronski
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Optical data storage
Author(s): Valery Petrov
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