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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 2449

Fiber Optic Network Components
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Volume Number: 2449
Date Published: 22 February 1995
Softcover: 41 papers (394) pages
ISBN: 9780819418005

Table of Contents
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Design tool for multifunctional semiconductor laser amplifiers
Author(s): Jacco L. Pleumeekers; Thierry Mercier; Serge Mottet
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Spectral gain and noise measurement system for fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Pauli Kiiveri; Simo K. T. Tammela
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Second-order distortions in CATV distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Froidure; Christophe Lebrun; Patrice Megret; Emmanuel Jaunart; P. Goerg; T. Tasia; M. Lamquin; Michel Blondel
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Modeling of waveguide PIN photodetectors for millimeter wave applications
Author(s): Jerome Van de Casteele; Joseph Harari; F. Journet; Jean-Pierre Vilcot; Didier J. Decoster
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WDM module research within the Canadian Solid State Optoelectronics Consortium
Author(s): Mahmoud Fallahi; Emil S. Koteles; Andre Delage; F. Chatenoud; Ian M. Templeton; Garth Champion; Jian Jun He; Weijian Wang; Michael M. Dion; Richard A. Barber
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Self-tuning WDM techniques using periodic, complementary, and tunable filter
Author(s): Toshiyuki Tsuchiya
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Optical filters in WDM ring network architectures
Author(s): Andre Hamel; D. Laville; P. Mouazan; T. Ben Meriem
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Modular multihop WDM-based lightwave networks and routing
Author(s): A. Ferreira; K. Marcus
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Wavelength tunable receiver for FSK modulated optical signals based on standard direct-detection circuitry
Author(s): P. van Eijk; J. G.L. Jennen; Antonius A. Koonen
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Design and characterization of a 20 Gbit/s clock recovery circuit
Author(s): Paulo M.P. Monteiro; J. Nuno Matos; Atilio M. S. Gameiro; Jose Ferreira da Rocha
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Smart 155.52 Mb/s burst-mode transceiver with embedded intelligence for time division multiple access (TDMA) passive optical network (PON) applications
Author(s): Xing-Zhi Qiu; Z. W. Yu; Xiaohua Wang; C. Botte; Jan Vandewege; Karel De Meyer; Willy Trog
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Error-free 1.3-um eight-channel synchronous parallel optical fiber interconnection
Author(s): Jorge Salomao Pereira; Felipe Rudge Barbosa; Fernando Massaharu Matsumoto; Antonio Coral
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Design approach and performance analysis of optical receivers based on input matching network
Author(s): Valter Cocco; Piero Marietti; Giuseppe Torino; Alessandro Trifiletti; Giuliano Gatti
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Comparison among GaAs monolithic processes regarding the requirements of transimpedance amplifiers using root-locus techniques
Author(s): Valter Cocco; Piero Marietti; Alessandro Trifiletti
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Commercial balanced optical front-end for 2.5 Gbit/s continuous phase frequency shift keying (CPFSK) coherent transmission system
Author(s): Jose I. Alonso; B. Pablo Dorta; Carlos Crespo; Felix Perez
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System performance of a nonlinear optical loop mirror used as demultiplexer for bitrates of 40 Gbit/s and beyond
Author(s): Henning Buelow; Gustav Veith
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Fiber optic delay-line matched filters using metal film reflectors for optical packet address detection
Author(s): Jong-Dug Shin; MinYong Jeon; Cheoul-Shin Kang; El-Hang Lee
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Laser-fiber coupling by means of a silicon micro-optical bench and a self-aligned soldering process
Author(s): Jan Peter Schmidt; A. Cordes; Joerg Mueller; Hans Burkhardt
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Reset-free endless polarization control with finite-range devices
Author(s): Matthias Gunkel
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Tunable wavelength filter using the Faraday effect
Author(s): Nicolas Fouquet; Serge J. Huard
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Wide-aperture acousto-optic tunable filters for visible and UV lights
Author(s): Andrei N. Ponomarev; Igor D. Rodionov; George E. Teterin
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Universal integral-optical multichannel logical elements
Author(s): Lyudmila I. Konopaltseva; Vladimir G. Krasilenko; Anatoly E. Volosovich; Oleg K. Kolesnitsky
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Gel-glass photochromic optical delay generator
Author(s): Manuel Lopez-Amo; David Levy; Francisco del Monte; Ignacio R. Matias; Partha Datta-Chowdhury; Jose Manuel Oton
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Efficient tools for erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) design: an experimental and theoretical analysis
Author(s): Emmanuel Jaunart; P. Crahay; Bernard Heens
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Modeling of highly efficient single-frequency Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Fabrizio Di Pasquale; Marco Federighi; F. A. Fernandez; Jon Davies
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Optical and electrical methods comparison for accurate measurement of erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) gain and noise figure
Author(s): Emmanuel Jaunart; Bernard Heens; Jean-Christophe Froidure
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Spontaneous emission factor and gain evaluation of an optical amplifier by using noise measurements with no input signal
Author(s): Philippe Fournier; Bernard Pierre Orsal; Jean-Marie Peransin; Robert M. Alabedra
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Vectorial beam propagation simulation of a novel polarization conversion waveguide structure
Author(s): Daoping Li; Hedser H. van Brug; Hans Jan Frankena; Jos J.G.M. van der Tol; Jorgen W. Pedersen
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Group velocity dispersion tailoring in optical structures
Author(s): Elvio Valentinuzzi; Edoardo Carli; Lucio Mania
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Polymer thermo-optic switching matrix for space routing in transparent optical frequency division multiplex (OFDM) networks
Author(s): Norbert Keil; Bernhard N. Strebel; HuiHai Yao
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Design and fabrication of polymer-based asymmetric Fabry-Perot electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Chang Hai Wang; Brian S. Wherrett; Thomas G. Harvey
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Guided mode- and bulk-index measurements of stratified and quantum well heterostructures on InP
Author(s): Claude L. Alibert; P. Martin; E. M. Skouri; Laurent Chusseau
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Migration of guided and leaky modes in rotated optical axis birefringent waveguides
Author(s): Antonella D'Orazio; Marco De Sario; G. Ficarella; Diego Marchese; Vincenzo Petruzzelli; Francesco Prudenzano
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Fabrication and characterization of implanted polymer waveguides
Author(s): Claire Darraud-Taupiac; J.-Louis Decossas; J.-C. Vareille
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Concepts for optical waveguide switches in silicon
Author(s): Uwe Fischer; Thomas Zinke; Berndt Schueppert; Klaus Petermann
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Fast integrated optoelectronic photo detector on silicon with a fiber coupling structure
Author(s): Dieter Zurhelle; Rainer Hoffmann; Joerg Mueller
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Adiabatic 3 dB-coupler on InGaAsP/InP using double masking
Author(s): Jos J.G.M. van der Tol; Jorgen W. Pedersen; Ed G. Metaal; Y. Siang Oei; Hedser H. van Brug; Piet M. A. Demeester
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Two-channel coherence modulator/demodulator for polarization-independent bidirectional transmissions
Author(s): Jerome Hauden; Henri Porte; Jean-Pierre Goedgebuer; Charles Gibassier; Jacques Abiven
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Single- and double-stage acousto-optical Ti:LiNbO3 TE-TM converters used in wavelength-selective polarimeter and polarization-independent depolarizer
Author(s): Michael Rehage; Reinhold Noe; Christiane Harizi; Raimund Ricken
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Design technique for wideband optical couplers
Author(s): Renato Orta; Guido Perrone; Riccardo Tascone; Antonello Fincato; Maurizio Lenzi; Stefano Lorenzotti; Peter Nugent
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Novel multiple quantum well modulators for optical interconnects
Author(s): Mark F. Krol; Raymond K. Boncek; Michael J. Hayduk; Sergey Yu. Ten; Tomoko Ohtsuki; Brian P. McGinnis; Galina Khitrova; Hyatt M. Gibbs; Nasser Peyghambarian
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