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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 2444

Smart Structures and Materials 1995: Smart Sensing, Processing, and Instrumentation
Editor(s): William B. Spillman
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 2444
Date Published: 20 April 1995
Softcover: 52 papers (548) pages
ISBN: 9780819417930

Table of Contents
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Field of smart structures as seen by those working in it: survey results
Author(s): William B. Spillman; James S. Sirkis; Peter T. Gardiner
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Review of embedded particle tagging methods for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of composite materials and structures
Author(s): Su-Wei Zhou; Zaffir A. Chaudhry; Craig A. Rogers; Robert Quattrone
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Balance technique for monitoring in situ structural integrity of prismatic structures
Author(s): Kara J. Peters; Peter D. Washabaugh
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Photoinduced Fresnel reflectors for point-wise and distributed sensing applications
Author(s): Jonathan A. Greene; Tuan A. Tran; Kent A. Murphy; Angela J. Plante; Vikram Bhatia; Mallika B. Sen; Richard O. Claus
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Investigation of modal power distribution in multimode fibers used in multiple in-line sensors
Author(s): Kim D. Bennett; A. U. Gencel
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Fully distributed fiber optic sensing through the use of the Kerr nonlinear optical effect
Author(s): Kelvin L. Kapteyn; Ibrahim Miskioglu
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Composite tank with structurally integrated noninvasive fluid-level monitoring
Author(s): William B. Spillman; S. Durkee; J. D. Blair
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Fiber optic sensors for rotating components
Author(s): Christopher S. Baldwin; James S. Sirkis; Thomas Rossmanith
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Optical fiber extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric strain sensor for multiple strain state measurements
Author(s): Vikram Bhatia; Mallika B. Sen; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus; Mark E. Jones; Jennifer L. Grace; Tuan A. Tran; Jonathan A. Greene
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Phase-based Bragg intra-grating sensing of strain gradients
Author(s): Myo Myint Ohn; Simon Sandgren; Shang Yuan Huang; Robert Maaskant; Raoul Stubbe; Bengt Sahlgren; Raymond M. Measures; Helge Storoy
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Fiber optic Bragg intra-grating strain gradient sensing
Author(s): Michel LeBlanc; Shang Yuan Huang; Raymond M. Measures
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Study of the optomechanical response of a diametrically loaded high-birefringent optical fiber
Author(s): Yu-Lung Lo; James S. Sirkis; K. T. Ritchie
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Smart fastener technology for aging aircraft
Author(s): Jeffrey N. Schoess; Clare A. Paul
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Machine guarding by electromagnetic field distortion
Author(s): Timothy P. Ambrose; Dryver R. Huston; Peter L. Fuhr
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Acoustic emission testing on an F/A-18 E/F titanium bulkhead
Author(s): Christopher A. Martin; Craig B. Van Way; Allen J. Lockyer; Jayanth N. Kudva; Steve M. Ziola
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Crack detection in lap-joints using acoustic emission
Author(s): Ian R. Searle; Steve M. Ziola; Paul S. Rutherford
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Control of sound transmission into a closed cavity using smart structures
Author(s): Michael L. Hill; Phil Chrissos; Leslie R. Koval; Vittal S. Rao; Frank J. Kern
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Acoustic resonance spectroscopy for the classification of fluids using smart structure technology
Author(s): C. W. Angell; Ismail I. Jouny; Kim D. Bennett
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Electronic instrumentation for smart structures
Author(s): George J. Blanar
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Novel Bragg grating distributed-strain sensor based on phase measurements
Author(s): Shang Yuan Huang; Myo Myint Ohn; Raymond M. Measures
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Low-coherence sensors for the monitoring of underground works
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; Laurent Vulliet; Leopold Pflug; Samuel Vurpillot; Annette Wyser
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In-line fiber demodulators for interrogation of Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Mark E. Jones; Jonathan A. Greene; Vikram Bhatia; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus; Anne E. Miller; Ashish M. Vengsarkar
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Instrumentation for interrogating many-element fiber Bragg grating arrays
Author(s): Charles G. Askins; Martin A. Putnam; E. Joseph Friebele
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Multiplexed absolute strain measurements using extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometers
Author(s): Mark E. Jones; Jennifer L. Grace; Jonathan A. Greene; Tuan A. Tran; Vikram Bhatia; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Cross-talk and noise issues in coherence multiplexed in-line Fabry-Perot etalon (ILFE) strain sensor
Author(s): Harmeet Singh; James S. Sirkis
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Hybrid time- and wavelength-division multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensor array
Author(s): Timothy A. Berkoff; Michael A. Davis; David G. Bellemore; Alan D. Kersey; Glen M. Williams; Martin A. Putnam
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Serially configured matched filter interrogation technique for Bragg grating arrays
Author(s): Michael A. Davis; Alan D. Kersey
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Strain-rate sensor based on in-fiber Doppler velocimetry
Author(s): Yu-Lung Lo; James S. Sirkis
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Damage detection in composite laminates with built-in piezoelectric devices using modal analysis and neural network
Author(s): Anthony Chukwujekwu Okafor; K. Chandrashekhara; Y. P. Jiang
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Use of neural networks on parallel architecture for the classification of plane figures
Author(s): Alberto L. Geraci; Giovanna A. Fargione
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Comparison of a new rapid convergent adaptive control algorithm to least mean square on an active noise control system
Author(s): Shozo Koshigoe; Alan Gordon; Allen Teagle; Ching-Hsu Tsay
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Nonlinear error signal extraction technique for real-time digital automatic control of optical interferometers
Author(s): Fabrizio Barone; Enrico Calloni; Luciano DiFiore; Aniello Grado; Leopoldo Milano; G. Russo
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In situ cure monitoring of advanced fiber reinforced composites
Author(s): Graham R. Powell; Peter A. Crosby; Gerard Franklyn Fernando; Chris M. France; Ronald C. Spooncer; David N. Waters
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Fabrication of fiber-reinforced aluminum smart composites with optical fiber by the interphase forming/bonding method
Author(s): Hiroshi Asanuma; Mitsuji Hirohashi; Kentarou Ichikawa; Hao Du
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Single-pulse fabrication of improved fiber Bragg gratings using a phase-conjugated KrF excimer laser
Author(s): Martin A. Putnam; Charles G. Askins; Glen M. Williams; E. Joseph Friebele; Mark Bashkansky; John F. Reintjes
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Impact detection on airborne multilayered structures
Author(s): Bertrand Noharet; Jean Chazelas; Philippe Bonniau; Jerome Lecuellet; Marc J. Turpin
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Location and magnitude of impact detection in composite plates using neural networks
Author(s): Richard T. Jones; James S. Sirkis; E. Joseph Friebele; Alan D. Kersey
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Location of impacts on composite panels by embedded fiber optic sensors and neural network processing
Author(s): Paul M. Schindler; Russell G. May; Richard O. Claus; J. Kenneth Shaw
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Impact damage detection in filament wound tubes utilizing embedded optical fibers
Author(s): Anthony R. Martin; Simon A. Hayes; Gerard Franklyn Fernando; Ken F. Hale
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Optical fiber sensors embedded in composite panels for impact detection
Author(s): Chia-Chen Chang; James S. Sirkis
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Hybrid sensors for impact-induced strain in smart composite plates
Author(s): Farhad Akhavan; Steve E. Watkins; K. Chandrashekhara
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Adhesive liquid core optical fibers for crack detection and repairs in polymer and concrete matrices
Author(s): Carolyn M. Dry
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Characteristics of fiber grating sensors and their relation to manufacturing techniques
Author(s): A. Tino Alavie; Robert Maaskant; Raoul Stubbe; Andreas Othonos; Myo Myint Ohn; Bengt Sahlgren; Raymond M. Measures
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Fatigue damage detection in carbon-fiber-reinforced composites using an intensity based optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Rodney Alan Badcock; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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Creep measurement of refractory material in high-temperature tensile loading tests
Author(s): Adam E. Barnes; Russell G. May; J. Pedrazzani; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus; Tuan A. Tran; Jonathan A. Greene; Stephen H. Poland; Jack E. Coate
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Visual stress sensor
Author(s): Kiyoshi Taniuchi
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Optimal sensor layout for shape estimation from strain sensors
Author(s): George C. Kirby; Douglas K. Lindner; Michael A. Davis; Alan D. Kersey
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Detection of aluminum corrosion by evanescent wave absorption spectroscopy with optical fibers
Author(s): Juock S. Namkung; Michael L. Hoke; Robert S. Rogowski; Sacharia Albin
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Micromechanical approach to model the effects of thermomechanical fields on optical fibers embedded in a laminated composite plate
Author(s): Doron Shalev; Jacob Aboudi; Moshe Tur
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Sensors for monitoring the processing of carbon-carbon composites
Author(s): Bernhard R. Tittmann; C. Eric Yen
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Sensors and actuators for biomedical applications
Author(s): Dejan B. Popovic; Richard B. Stein
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