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Smart Structures and Materials 1995: Smart Materials
Editor(s): A. Peter Jardine

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Volume Number: 2441
Date Published: 22 May 1995

Table of Contents
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Synthesis and characterization of a photoactive monolayer
Author(s): Lisa M. Siewierski; Lorraine M. Lander; Andrea Liebmann; William J. Brittain; Mark D. Foster
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Integrating biotinylated polyalkylthiophene thin films with biological macromolecules: biosensing organophosphorus pesticides and metal ions with surface immobilized alkaline phosphatase utilizing
Author(s): Rajiv Pande; S. Kamtekar; Madhu Sudhan Rao Ayyagari; Kenneth A. Marx; Jayant Kumar; Sukant K. Tripathy; David L. Kaplan
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Functional polymers: materials for smart structures
Author(s): Shannon Craig Arnold; Lawrence M. Pratt; Saeed M. Khan; Jean Li; Ishrat M. Khan
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Ligand-receptor contact interactions using supported bilayer lipid membranes: cyclic voltammetry studies with electron mediators
Author(s): Renata Murgasova; Jan Sabo; Angelica L. Ottova; H. Ti Tien
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New effect in ionic polymeric gels: the ionic flexogelectric effect
Author(s): Mohsen Shahinpoor
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New intelligent chemtronic materials: an outlook to sensing technology and data security
Author(s): Afshad Talaie; Mansour Esmaili
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Langmuir films of amino acid-modified diacetylenes as organic templates for biomimetic mineralization
Author(s): Arkadi L. Litvin; Lynne A. Samuelson; David L. Kaplan; Changmo Sung; Paul M. McCarthy; Deborah H. Charych; Wayne Spevak
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Super-active shape memory alloy composites
Author(s): Ronald M. Barrett; R. Steven Gross
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Thermodynamic constitutive model for cyclic loading of shape memory alloy materials with application to two-way training
Author(s): Zhonghe Bo; Dimitris C. Lagoudas
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Elastic modulus behavior in dual phase Cu-Al-Ni-Ti-(Mn) shape memory alloys
Author(s): Inaki Hurtado; Jan VanHumbeeck; Chi-Mei Moo
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Thin film composite actuators
Author(s): Quanmin Su; Taesung Kim; Yun Zheng; Manfred R. Wuttig
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Damping characteristics of R-phase NiTi shape memory alloys
Author(s): Kuang-Hsi Wu; S. K. Dalip; Y. Q. Liu; Zhongjie J. Pu
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Stability of shape memory characteristics against cyclic deformation in Ti-Ni sputter-deposited thin films
Author(s): Kuniaki Nomura; Shuichi Miyazaki
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Shape-memory characteristics of sputter-deposited Ti-Ni-base thin films
Author(s): Shuichi Miyazaki; Takanori Hashinaga; Kazuya Yumikura; Hiroshi Horikawa; Tatsuhiko Ueki; Akira Ishida
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High-transition temperature shape memory alloy film
Author(s): A. David Johnson; Valery V. Martynov; Erik J. Shahoian
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Mesoscopic photomechanical units and ultrasmart materials
Author(s): Mark G. Kuzyk; David J. Welker
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Liquid crystal smart reflectors
Author(s): Robert B. Meyer; Franklin Lonberg; Ching-Chao Chang
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Implementation of smart photonic bandgap structures using Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Yang Zhao; Danghong Huang; Ronggui Shen; Jie Xu
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Characterization of actuator-based materials using optical fiber sensors
Author(s): David Sun; Mary K. Burford; Richard O. Claus
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Nonlinear behavior of coupled magnetostrictive material systems analytical/experimental
Author(s): Mark M. Roberts; Milan Mitrovic; Gregory Paul Carman
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Deformation of large micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) due to thermal and intrinsic stresses
Author(s): Mohammed T.A. Saif; Noel C. MacDonald
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Nonlinear dielectric composites
Author(s): Ralf G. Struempler; Jakob Rhyner; Felix Greuter; Petra Kluge-Weiss
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Composite smart materials using high-volume, microelectronics fabrication techniques
Author(s): Stephen R. Winzer; Natarajan Shankar; Paul J. Caldwell; Russell G. May
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Epitaxial Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3/SrRuO3 (x=0,0.35,0.65) multilayer thin films on SrTiO3(100) and MgO(100) prepared by MOCVD and rf sputtering
Author(s): Christopher M. Foster; Roseann Csencsits; Peter M. Baldo; Guo-Ren Bai; Li Zhuang; Lynn E. Rehn; L. A. Wills-Mirkarimi; Ron R. Hiskes
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Field-induced lead zirconate titanate stannate antiferroelectric-to-ferroelectric phase-switching ceramics
Author(s): Shoko Yoshikawa; Numchul Kim; Thomas R. Shrout; Qi Ming Zhang; Paul Moses; Leslie Eric Cross
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Development of thin film TiNi/Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 heterostructures
Author(s): Peter G. Mercado; A. Peter Jardine
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Development of active structural control method for vibration and acoustic radiation reduction
Author(s): Kwaku O. Prakah-Asante; Kevin C. Craig
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Determination of fracture toughness of piezoceramics under the influence of electric field using Vickers indentation
Author(s): Chin-Teh Sun; Seungbae Park
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Smart large-area actuators
Author(s): Robert D. Corsaro; Brian H. Houston
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Stochastic constitutive modeling for electrorheological media
Author(s): Gautam Dasgupta; Masanobu Shinozuka; Kunikazu Torikoshi
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Precision position-control of piezoelectric actuators using charge feedback
Author(s): John A. Main; Ephrahim Garcia; David V. Newton
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Martensite transformation and shape memory effect of NiTi-Zr high-temperature shape memory alloys
Author(s): Zhongjie J. Pu; Hsien-Kuei Tseng; Kuang-Hsi Wu
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Vibrations of transversely polarized thin piezoelectric plates
Author(s): Mels V. Belubekian; L. R. Mkrtchian
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Electrically induced dynamic contraction of ionic polymeric gels
Author(s): Mohsen Shahinpoor; Yoshihito Osada
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Hollow core optical fiber deflection for monitoring displacement and load
Author(s): Kim D. Bennett; James Wang
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Structure-sensitive film materials based on polyvinyl alcohol compositions with polyacids
Author(s): Tatjana G. Lazareva; Irina Aleksandro Iljushenko
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Improved performance in piezoelectric fiber composites using interdigitated electrodes
Author(s): Aaron A. Bent; Nesbitt W. Hagood
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