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Liquid Crystal Materials, Devices, and Displays
Editor(s): Ranganathan Shashidhar; Uzi Efron
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Volume Number: 2408
Date Published: 24 April 1995
Softcover: 30 papers (276) pages
ISBN: 9780819417558

Table of Contents
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Film-formation parameters affecting the electro-optic properties of low-voltage polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films
Author(s): Patrick Nolan; E. Jolliffe; David Coates
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Electro-optic effects in novel siloxane containing oligomeric liquid crystals II: smectic C materials
Author(s): Harry J. Coles; Hywel Owen; Joanna Newton; Philip Hodge
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Pyroelectric studies on liquid crystals
Author(s): Kent Skarp; Gunnar Andersson; Rudolf Zentel; H. Poths
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Spatially resolved optical and electro-optic properties of electroclinic liquid crystals
Author(s): James R. Lindle; Steven R. Flom; Filbert J. Bartoli; Ranganathan Shashidhar; Banahalli R. Ratna; Gregory P. Crawford
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Liquid crystal modulator as diffraction pattern converter used to exhibit the average droplet diameter of fuel aerosol
Author(s): Tadeusz Opara
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Application of liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulators to the image self-filtration
Author(s): Alexander V. Parfenov
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Polymer-modified TN and supertwisted nematic (STN) devices
Author(s): Philip J. Bos; Jianlin Li; Deng Ke Yang; J. William Doane
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Liquid crystals for advanced display applications
Author(s): Vladimir F. Petrov
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Use of liquid crystal display technology in ocular prosthesis
Author(s): Desmond L. Seekola; F. Wilhelm Leuschner
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Construction of low-loss optical waveguide from Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Yushi Oishi; Kazuaki Suehiro; Taishi Kuri; Tisato Kajiyama
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Programmable binary optical elements using CRT liquid crystal light valve (LCLV) spatial modulator
Author(s): Nai-Keng Bao; Tianji Wang; Po Sheun Chung
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Diffractive liquid crystal spatial light modulators with optically integrated fine-pitch phase gratings
Author(s): Elmar Schulze; Wolf von Reden
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New results on liquid crystal alignment by photopolymerization
Author(s): Vladimir G. Chigrinov; Vladimir M. Kozenkov
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Sharp steepness of molecular reorientation for nematics containing liquid crystalline polymer
Author(s): Hirotsugu Kikuchi; Shigeru Kibe; Tisato Kajiyama
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Peculiarity of photo-aligning of liquid crystals and accompanying effects
Author(s): Andrey Dyadyusha; Anatoliy I. Khizhnyak; Tatyana Marusii; Victor Yu. Reshetnyak; Yuri A. Reznikov; Dmitry A. Voloshchenko
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Nematic liquid crystal (NLC) orientational instability in the absorbed light wave field with spatially modulated intensity
Author(s): Victor Yu. Reshetnyak; Igor P. Pinkevich; Mikhailo F. Lednei
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Surface-like elastic constant problem and axial structure stability in nematic liquid crystal (NLC) confined to cylindrical pore
Author(s): Alexei D. Kiselev; Victor Yu. Reshetnyak
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Metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy of ZnS for flat-panel displays
Author(s): Wusheng Tong; X. Shen; Brent K. Wagner; Tuyen K. Tran; Bill Ogle; W. G. Park; T. Yang; Christopher J. Summers
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Characterization of potential low-voltage phosphors for field emission devices
Author(s): Sen Yang; F. Zhang; C. Stoffers; Stuart M. Jacobsen; Christopher J. Summers; P. N. Yocom; S. K. McClelland
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Color center formation in thin film electroluminescent (EL) and cathodoluminescent (CL) phosphors by ion implantation
Author(s): Themis Parodos; Nader M. Kalkhoran; Ward D. Halverson; H. Paul Maruska; Richard T. Tuenge; Russell A. Budzilek; Christopher Wadling; David C. Morton
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Dry etching for the fabrication of flat panel displays
Author(s): Curt Barratt; David J. Johnson; Chris Constantine
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Cost-effective projection lithography for thin film displays
Author(s): Ronald E. Sheets; Heinrich G. Mueller
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L2 laser repair system: high-throughput repair of 800 x 800 mm flat panel substrates
Author(s): J. David Casey; Mark DiManna; R. W. DiNuccio; N. J. Guarino; Russell Mello; Alex F. Pless; G. Onorio; S. Shenoy; David A. Townzen; Don E. Yansen
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First full-color thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) display product: the FC-2
Author(s): C. Laakso; W. A. Barrow; R. Coovert; Eric Dickey; T. Flegal; M. Fullman; Christopher N. King; Richard T. Tuenge; Sey-Shing Sun; Christian F. Schaus
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Diamond-based field emission displays
Author(s): Nalin Kumar; Howard Schmidt
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Developing an integrated digitizing and display surface
Author(s): James D. Hipple; Daniel K. Wedding; Donald K. Wedding
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Practical method for evaluating the visibility of moire patterns for CRT design
Author(s): Naoki Shiramatsu; Masashi Tanigawa; Shuji Iwata
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Low-voltage cathodeluminescence of europium-activated yttrium orthovanadate
Author(s): Mark L. F. Phillips
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High-birefringence dopants for use in ferroelectric and nematic liquid crystal mixtures
Author(s): Michael D. Wand; Rohini T. Vohra; William N. Thurmes; Kundalika M. More
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Electro-optic effects in novel siloxane containing oligomeric liquid crystals I: smectic A materials
Author(s): Harry J. Coles; I. Butler; K. Raina; Joanna Newton; J. P. Hannington; David Thomas
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