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Projection Displays
Editor(s): Ming Hsien Wu
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Volume Number: 2407
Date Published: 7 April 1995
Softcover: 34 papers (332) pages
ISBN: 9780819417541

Table of Contents
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Projection display industry market and technology trends
Author(s): Joseph A. Castellano; David E. Mentley
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Survey of light sources for image display systems to achieve brightness with efficient energy
Author(s): Dah Yu Cheng; Li-Min Chen
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Short-arc metal halide lamp suitable for projector application
Author(s): Koji Kawai; Masayuki Matsumoto
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Assessment of metal halide lamp for the illumination of LCD-based projection display
Author(s): K. C. Wang; C. H. Huang; How-More Chen; Cyril C.K. Chiang
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Matching illumination system with projection optics
Author(s): Ronald F. Rykowski; John F. Forkner
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Analytical light source illuminance in liquid crystal projection TV
Author(s): Kuang-Vu Chen; San-Ming Chen; Zu-Deh Hao
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Diffractive optics technology for display applications
Author(s): Dean Faklis; G. Michael Morris
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Highly durable dyed polarizer for use in LCD projection
Author(s): Satoshi Mohri; Tadasi Matsuo
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Influence of UV-IR filter in LCD projection system
Author(s): San-Ming Chen; Ching-Yi Wu; Kuang-Vu Chen; Zu-Deh Hao
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Digital micromirror device for projection display
Author(s): Gary A. Feather; David W. Monk
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Realization of a high-aperture ratio in a novel 2.8-inch diagonal VGA thin film diode (TFD)-R projection display
Author(s): Johannes G.R. van Mourik; Robert A. Hartman; R. van der Kloet; F. Leenhouts
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New optical designs for large-screen two- and three-dimensional video projection with enhanced screen brightness and no visible pixel or line structure
Author(s): Eugene Dolgoff
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High-resolution high-brightness liquid crystal projector for workstation
Author(s): Keiichi Kubota; Masao Imai; Setsuo Kaneko; Yoshiharu Tashiro; Kazuo Mochizuki; Mikio Sakamoto; Takayuki Matsumoto
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Next generation photoactivated light valve projection systems
Author(s): Guy A. Marlor
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Effect of liquid crystal electrical anisotropy on color sequential display performance
Author(s): Peter J. Janssen
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Removal of pixel structure in liquid crystal projection display
Author(s): Suganda Jutamulia; Shinji Toyoda; Yuichi Ichihashi
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Surface-relief holography for use in display screens
Author(s): Rick Shie; Chiu Chau; Jeremy M. Lerner
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Photoanisotropic films: physics and applications in LCDs
Author(s): Vladimir G. Chigrinov; Vladimir M. Kozenkov
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Efficient liquid crystal light valves
Author(s): William E. Glenn; Carvel E. Holton; George J. Dixon
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Considerations on the use of ferroelectric ceramic light modulators with integrated driver circuits in display applications
Author(s): Volkan H. Ozguz; Jian Ma; Sing H. Lee
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Next generation photoactivated spatial light modulators
Author(s): Guy A. Marlor; Robin Y. Zhang; Robert E. McMurray
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Advantages of using flat-panel LCD for projection displays
Author(s): Dean C. Wu
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Projection display device based on CRT-optically addressed SLM-combination
Author(s): Jeffrey C. Buchholz; V. G. Dementev; Arkadii D. Klementov; Alexander V. Parfenov; S. A. Pendur; R. M. Savvina; N. F. Starodubtsev
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Photometric and chromatic measuring system for projection TV
Author(s): Chie-Ching Lin; Wein-Chyi Horng; Tu-Yiin Chang; Luh-Hwa Chen
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Quantoscope-based high-power full-color laser projection display system
Author(s): Vladimir N. Ulasjuk; Oleg M. Makienko; Alexander V. Koshevoy
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Cholesteric liquid-crystal-based large-aperture polarized light source for projection systems
Author(s): Sergey V. Belyaev; Nicolay V. Malimonenko; Aleksandr Miroshin
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Computer modeling of liquid crystal electro-optics by universal system (mouse-LCD)
Author(s): Dmitry A. Yakovlev; Georgy V. Simonenko; Valery I. Tsoi; Vladimir G. Chigrinov; Nikolay A. Khokhlov; Yuri B. Podyachev
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Fast liquid crystal shutters for stereo projection displays
Author(s): Sergey V. Belyaev; Vladimir G. Chigrinov; Nicolay V. Malimonenko; Aleksandr Miroshin
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Design and characterization of an aspherical zoom lens for projection TV
Author(s): Luh-Hwa Chen; Wein-Chyi Horng; Ryh-Huang Chen; Chie-Ching Lin
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Silicon-chip liquid crystal display
Author(s): David Armitage
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SuperTwist-nematic-based projection liquid crystal screens
Author(s): Vladimir G. Chigrinov; Georgy V. Simonenko
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Software for portable laser light show system
Author(s): Dmitrey J. Buruchin; Alexander F. Leonov
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Full-color laser cathode ray tube (L-CRT) projector
Author(s): Vladimir Kozlovskiy; Alexander S. Nasibov; Yuri M. Popov; Parvel V. Reznikov; Yan K. Skasyrsky
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Spatial light modulators using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal and Bi12SiO20 photoconductive layers for projection display
Author(s): Kuniharu Takizawa; Hiroshi Kikuchi; Hideo Fujikake; Takanori Fujii; Masahiro Kawakita; Minori Yokozawa; Akiko Murata
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