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UV and Visible Lasers and Laser Crystal Growth
Editor(s): Richard Scheps; Milan R. Kokta
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Volume Number: 2380
Date Published: 17 April 1995
Softcover: 38 papers (370) pages
ISBN: 9780819417275

Table of Contents
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Crystal matrix YAlO3
Author(s): Michael P. Koselja
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Growth by liquid phase epitaxy and low-threshold laser oscillation at 2.012 um of a Tm:YAG waveguide laser
Author(s): Corinne Borel; Armelle Rameix; Philippe Thony; Bernard Ferrand; David P. Shepherd; Alan C. Large; Toby J. Warburton; Anne C. Tropper; David C. Hanna
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Spectroscopy and laser performance of some rare earth and transition-metal-doped garnets
Author(s): Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; Jiamin Zhang; Stanley R. Rotman; Milan R. Kokta
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Raman spectroscopy of fluorophosphate and fluorovanadate laser crystals
Author(s): Alfons Schulte; Scott C. Buchter; Bruce H. T. Chai
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Progress in the crystal growth of Ce:LiSAF
Author(s): Vida K. Castillo; Gregory J. Quarles
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New development on Cr4+-doped tunable laser crystal
Author(s): Hongbin Zhu; Shenghui Yan; Siting Wang; Heyu Zhong; Xinda Chen; Ye Zhu
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Spectroscopic plasma properties of activated laser crystals
Author(s): Nadezhda Pavlovna Netesova
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Compact, solid state, green, blue, and ultraviolet lasers
Author(s): John A. Trail; John L. Nightingale; John Kelly Johnson; Timothy J. Johnston
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All-solid-state laser system for the generation of tunable femtosecond light pulses in the vacuum UV down to 172.7 nm
Author(s): Frank Seifert; Jens Ringling; Frank Noack; Olaf Kittelmann; Valentin P. Petrov
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Alexandrite solid state blue laser
Author(s): Kenrick R. Leslie
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Ultracompact diode-pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Alan D. Hays; G. Witt; N. Martin; Don DiBiase; Ralph L. Burnham
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Er:YAlO3 upconversion laser
Author(s): Richard Scheps
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Room temperature upconversion ultraviolet (381 nm) and violet (412 nm) laser in Nd3+:ZBLAN fiber
Author(s): David S. Funk; Joseph W. Carlson; J. Gary Eden
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Progress with a flashlamp-pumped titanium sapphire laser
Author(s): David H. Titterton; C. Stokoe
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Intracavity frequency doubling of a continuous wave Ti:sapphire ring laser and application in resonance Raman spectroscopy of heme protein dynamics
Author(s): Scott C. Buchter; Curtis Williams; Alfons Schulte; Theodore Alekel; Gregory J. Mizell; William R. Fay
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Harmonic generation at high repetition rate with Q-switched Nd:YVO4 lasers
Author(s): William L. Nighan; Mark S. Keirstead; Alan B. Petersen; Jan-Willem J. Pieterse
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Visible high-power laser sources for today and beyond
Author(s): Gregory L. Smolka
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Electron-beam-pumped XeF(C->A) laser energy scaling
Author(s): Leonard N. Litzenberger; M. James Smith; Albert L. Pardue; R. William Jones; David Stone
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Output characteristics and improvement in beam-profile of large-bore copper vapor lasers
Author(s): Yasushi Iseki; Ikuo Watanabe; Etsuo Noda; Kazuo Hayashi; Setsuo Suzuki
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Magnetic assist and magnetic pulse compression for copper vapor laser
Author(s): Hiroshi Deguchi; Akyhiro Iwata; Takuya Hatakeyama; Etsuo Fujiwara; Yasukazu Izawa; Chiyoe Yamanaka
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New phase-shifting technique for deep UV excimer laser-based lithography
Author(s): Zsolt Bor; Joseph R. Cavallaro; Miklos Erdelyi; Motoi Kido; Chaitali Sengupta; Michael C. Smayling; Gabor Szabo; Frank K. Tittel; William L. Wilson
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Rare gas-oxygen emission bands in the ultraviolet
Author(s): Daniel E. Johnson
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ArF and KrF excimer lasers with long lifetime: a status report
Author(s): George M. Chumak
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Power saturation in an argon-ion laser
Author(s): Alexander A. Apolonski
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AlGaInP single quantum well laser diodes
Author(s): David P. Bour; David W. Treat; K. J. Beernink; Ross D. Bringans
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690-nm high-power, high-brightness visible laser diode
Author(s): Richard J. Fu; Steve Klunk; Douglas Bull
Single mode, diffraction-limited operation of a zig-zag dye laser
Author(s): Daniel E. Klimek; Alexander E. Mandl
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Investigation into the photo-degradation products affecting dye life in a flashlamp-pumped dye laser
Author(s): Alan W. Miller; Robert J. Chad; Mark R. Venner; S. R. Hall
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Laser diode-pumped dye laser
Author(s): Richard Scheps
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Dye laser phase distortion correction using stimulated Brillouin scattering
Author(s): William J. Kessler; Steven J. Davis; Evan Pugh; David C. Brown; David P. Benfey
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High-average-power quasi-cw tunable polymer laser
Author(s): Alexander Bank; Dmitri M. Donskoy; Vladimir S. Nechitailo
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Energy transfer technique to study the photophysics of TICT states of amino coumarin dyes
Author(s): Alkondan Ramalingam; P. K. Palanisamy; V. Masilamani; B. M. Sivaram
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Solid state dye laser
Author(s): Igor K. Meshkovskii; Vladimir I. Zemskii; Yuri L. Kolesnikov
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Simple solid state polymeric dye laser for scientific research and biomedical applications
Author(s): Mikhail V. Bondar; Olga V. Przhonska; Eugene A. Tikhonov
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Possibilities of application of lidar methods for the discovery of oil discharge from underwater sources on the sea shelf
Author(s): Vadim K. Goncharov; Evgeny A. Tsvetkov; Igor V. Aleshin; Vladimir G. Lyskov
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Experience of application of two-frequency laser in sea monitoring system
Author(s): Evgeny A. Tsvetkov; Michael K. Petrov; Vladimir G. Lyskov
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Electron-vibrational relaxation of the XeF(B,C) excimer in the mixture with rare gases
Author(s): Mikhail E. Akopian; Nikita K. Bibinov; Daria B. Koch; Igor P. Vinogradov
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New blue laser of the O2(1<delta>g)dimer: [O2(1<delta>g)]2*
Author(s): Huide Gao; Yunhua Dong; Yanshi Zhao; Zuochun Shen; Zuguang Ma
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