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Laser Frequency Stabilization and Noise Reduction
Editor(s): Yaakov Shevy
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Volume Number: 2378
Date Published: 26 April 1995
Softcover: 27 papers (266) pages
ISBN: 9780819417251

Table of Contents
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Semiconductor laser quantum noise limits
Author(s): Amnon Yariv; John E. Kitching; Yaakov Shevy
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Stability and absolute frequency of molecular iodine transitions near 532 nm
Author(s): Peter Jungner; Mark D. Eickhoff; Stephen D. Swartz; Jun Ye; John L. Hall; Steve B. Waltman
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Widely tunable external cavity diode lasers
Author(s): Timothy Day; Michael F. Brownell; I.-Fan Wu
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Highly precise laser frequency metrology at 1.5 um using molecularlines
Author(s): Michel de Labachelerie; Kenichi Nakagawa; K. Kourogi; Y. Awaji; T. Enami; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Performance of a GaAlAs laser diode stabilized on a hyperfine component of two-photon transitions in rubidium at 778 nm
Author(s): Raymond Felder; D. Touahri; Ouali Acef; L. Hilico; Jean-Jacques Zondy; Andre Clairon; Beatrice de Beauvoir; Francois Biraben; Lucile Julien; Francois Nez; Yves P. Millerioux
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Amplitude modulation on frequency-locked-extended-cavity diode lasers
Author(s): Richard W. Fox; Linda D'Evelyn; H. G. Robinson; Carl S. Weimer; Leo W. Hollberg
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Nonclassical amplitude-squeezed light generated by semiconductor quantum well lasers
Author(s): Daniel C. Kilper; Michael J. Freeman; Duncan G. Steel; Richard R. Craig; Donald R. Scifres
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Generation of amplitude-squeezed light from a pump-suppressed semiconductor laser with dispersive optical feedback
Author(s): John E. Kitching; Amnon Yariv; Yaakov Shevy
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Generation of continuous-wave bright-squeezed light
Author(s): Stephan Schiller; G. Breitenbach; Silvania F. Pereira; Ruediger Paschotta; A. G. White; Juergen Mlynek
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Subshot noise interferometry with amplitude-squeezed light from a semiconductor laser
Author(s): S. Inoue; Gunnar G.E. Bjork; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Subshot noise FM spectroscopy with an amplitude-squeezed diode laser at room temperature
Author(s): Steven Kasapi; Seema K. Lathi; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Sub-Poissonian light emission from single-mode semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Jordi Guitart; Sergio Ruiz-Moreno; Paz Morillo
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Quantum correlation between intensity noise of a semiconductor laser and junction-voltage noise near threshold
Author(s): Alexei S. Trifonov; Pavel A. Usachev
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Experimental studies of cryogenic optical resonators
Author(s): Stephan Schiller; Stefan U. Seel; Rafael Storz; Juergen Mlynek
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Absolute frequency measurement of a diode laser locked on the 5S1/2-5D5/2 two-photon transitions of rubidium (lambda equals 778.1 nm, nu equals 385.3 THz)
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Zondy; D. Touahri; Ouali Acef; L. Hilico; M. Abed; Andre Clairon; Yves P. Millerioux; Raymond Felder; Beatrice de Beauvoir; Francois Nez; Francois Biraben; Lucile Julien
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Frequency stabilization of CO2 lasers at the Hertz level
Author(s): Thomas George; H. W. Nicolaisen; V. Bernard; P. E. Durand; Anne Amy-Klein; Christian Chardonnet; Christian Breant
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Accurate cancellation (to milliHertz levels) of optical phase noise due to vibration or insertion phase in fiber transmitted light
Author(s): Long-Sheng Ma; Peter Jungner; Jun Ye; John L. Hall
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Frequency-stabilized lasers for multifrequency optical communications: work done at Universite Laval
Author(s): Michel Tetu; Christine Latrasse; Marc Breton; Martin Guy; Claude Gamache; Michel Poulin; Jeff Cliche; M. Poirier; Pierre Tremblay; Michel A. Duguay; Bernard Villeneuve
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Long-term frequency stability of three absolutely referenced lasers at 1547.8 nm located at different places which were separated by 30 km
Author(s): Ulrich H.P. Fischer; Andreas Gladisch; L. Giehmann; Clemens von Helmolt; Manfred Rocks
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Waveguide-type optical frequency comb generator
Author(s): Takanori Saitoh; E. Durand; Motonobu Kourogi; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Optical frequency comb generation for terahertz difference-frequency measurements
Author(s): L. R. Brothers; Ngai C. Wong
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Standardization of optical frequencies for wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) networking applications
Author(s): Yun Chur Chung; Lee M. Clark; C. Fan
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High-resolution diode laser spectrometer for Ca 1S0-3P1 transition
Author(s): Takayuki Kurosu; Jun Ishikawa; Nobuhiko Ito; Richard W. Fox
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Intelligent two-loop time-division-multiplexing (TDM) optical frequency stabilization system for multichannel communications
Author(s): Aiguo Li; Deming Wu; Linzhen Xie
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Optical spectra of semiconductor lasers with photorefractive phase-conjugate feedback
Author(s): Bruce W. Liby; David Statman
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Combined effect of fiber-dispersion-induced amplitude noise, laser phase noise, and shot noise on coherent optical fiber communication systems
Author(s): Fatima N. Farokhrooz; Hussain Arbab Tafti; J. P. Raina
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Frequency stabilization and channel identification for dense wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) fiber optic transmission systems
Author(s): Mohsen Kavehrad; Quan Jiang
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