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Novel Applications of Lasers and Pulsed Power
Editor(s): Michael W. Prairie; Randy D. Curry

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Volume Number: 2374
Date Published: 3 March 1995

Table of Contents
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Application of lasers and pulsed power to coating removal
Author(s): Chris M. Young; William M. Moeny; Randy D. Curry; Ken McDonald; John T. Bosma
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High-energy electron beams for ceramic joining
Author(s): Bob N. Turman; S. J. Glass; J. A. Halbleib; D. R. Helmich; Ron E. Loehman; Jerome R. Clifford
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Laser curing of thermosetting powder coatings
Author(s): Lala Abhinandan; Manoj Kumar; M. K. Trivedi; Ashish Kumar Nath
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Marble cutting with cw CO2 laser
Author(s): Manoj Kumar; A. K. Biswas; K. Srinivas; Ashish Kumar Nath
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Selective laser photolysis of organic molecules in complex matrices
Author(s): Christophe Moulin; Alain Denis Petit
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Surface modification of polymers using excimer lasers and short-pulse flashlamps
Author(s): Douglas S. Dunn; Andrew J. Ouderkirk
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Use of pulsed e-beams for the initiation of spectral luminescence in solids
Author(s): Gennady A. Mesyats; Vladimir V. Osipov; S. G. Mikhaylov; Vladimir I. Solomonov
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Use of the microsecond plasma opening switch for material surface modification
Author(s): Vitaly M. Bystritskii; I. V. Lisitsyn; A. V. Sinebryukhov; V. A. Sinebryukhov; T. L. Bulgakov; S. P. Burkova
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Pulsed-power microwave surface discharge in vacuum for diamond-like films deposition
Author(s): Alexander A. Ravaev; Alexander V. Medvedovsky; Pavel S. Chernyshev
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Modification of defect structure of metallic materials by high-power-pulsed microwaves
Author(s): Yurii P. Sharkeev; Natalya V. Girsova; Andrey N. Didenko; Eduard V. Kozlov; Ludmila I. Trishkina; Alexander S. Sulakshin; Vyacheslav A. Shulov
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Technological ion source and its applications
Author(s): Nikolay Vasilievic Gavrilov; V. N. Mizgulin; Sergey Pavlovich Nikulin; V. V. Bersenev
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High-regulation, capacitor-charging power supplies
Author(s): Ed Strickland; F. Cathell; Kevin Harris; D. Bilak; J. Jichetti
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Novel nanosecond semiconductor opening switch for megavolt repetitive pulsed power technology: experiment and applications
Author(s): Yu. A. Kotov; Gennady A. Mesyats; S. N. Rukin; Alexander V. Filatov; S. K. Lyubutin
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Modulating the output of a XeCl* laser by a pulsed-power electrical soliton generator
Author(s): Stephen A. Fairlie
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Concepts in the integration of photoconductive systems with electro-optics and gain media
Author(s): Oved S. F. Zucker
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Present status of the bistable optically controlled semiconductor switch (BOSS)
Author(s): Frank E. Peterkin; Karl H. Schoenbach; Roger A. Dougal
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Ultrawideband current sensor based on the Faraday effect in semimagnetic semiconductors
Author(s): N. J. Copner; Meirion F. Lewis; David M. Parkes; Keith Trafford; Robert L.S. Devine; C. J. Whitehead; Alan D.R. Phelps
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Pulsed electron beams for flue-gas treatment
Author(s): Gennady A. Mesyats; Yuri N. Novoselov; D. L. Kuznetsov
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The e-SCRUB Machine: an 800-kV, 500-kW average power pulsed electron beam generator for flue-gas scrubbing
Author(s): James R. Cooper; Ray Briggs; Walter F.J. Crewson; R. D. Johnson; J. A. Ratafia-Brown; W. K. Richardson; W. W. Rienstra; Perry G. Ballard; Jeffrey Cukr; R. L. Cassel; Leland Schlitt; R. D. Genuario; R. D. Morgan; G. A. Tripoli
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Flue-gas cleaning using heterogeneously pulsed discharge
Author(s): E. Yankelevitch; Vitaly M. Bystritskii; A. V. Sinebryukhov; Yurii Akishev
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Reduction of aluminum, silicon, and boron oxides in a carbon plasma of pulsed-power microwave discharge
Author(s): Alexander A. Ravaev; Iskander K. Tagirov; Pavel S. Chernyshev
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Commercial applications of electron beam advanced oxidation technology
Author(s): Randy D. Curry; John T. Bosma
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Advances in the development of the nested high-voltage generator
Author(s): Richard J. Adler; Robert J. Richter-Sand; M. Lobitz
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Effect of submicrosecond electric fields on microorganisms: experiments and applications
Author(s): Karl H. Schoenbach; Frank E. Peterkin; S. Beebe; D. Byars; R. Alden; P. Adolphson; T. Turner
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Possible diagnostic signal for monitoring CO2 laser welding of aluminum alloy sheets
Author(s): Hongping Gu; Walter W. Duley
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Efficient mid-infrared conversion technologies
Author(s): Charles I. Miyake; Dennis D. Lowenthal
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Dual-use applications for e-beam-pumped semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Robert R. Rice; James F. Shanley; Neil F. Ruggieri
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Influence of laser-induced capillary waves on heat and mass transfer in the arc-augmented laser processing of metals
Author(s): Andrey Valentinov Levin; Alexandre E. Zaikin; Alexei L. Petrov
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Mid-infrared DIAL lidar for petroleum exploration and pipeline monitoring
Author(s): Allen R. Geiger; S. N. Prasad
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Intersatellite-laser-ranging experiment for global-change sensing and 21st century satellite control
Author(s): David M. Gleason
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Remote and point sensing with near-IR tunable diode lasers
Author(s): David E. Cooper; Russell E. Warren; Haris Riris; Clinton B. Carlisle; Ramon U. Martinelli
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Multipurpose cw CO2 autodyne lidar
Author(s): Eugeni P. Gordov; Gennady S. Khmelnitskii
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Portable semiconductor laser system to stop internal bleeding
Author(s): Robert H. Rediker; Frederic M. Durville; George Cho; James H. Boll
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Automated placement of retinal laser lesions in vivo
Author(s): Steven F. Barrett; Cameron H. G. Wright; Maya Ratna Jerath; R. Stephen Lewis; Bryan C. Dillard; Henry Grady Rylander; Ashley J. Welch
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