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Tenth International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors
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Volume Number: 2360
Date Published: 14 September 1994
Softcover: 140 papers (626) pages
ISBN: 9780819416995

Table of Contents
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New opportunities in fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Shaoul Ezekiel; Stephen P. Smith; M. Selim Shahriar; Philip L. Hemmer
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Optical fibre electrets and electro-acousto-optic transduction
Author(s): Peter G. Kazansky; Philip St.J. Russell; Christopher N. Pannell
Optical fibre-type current sensor utilizing the Faraday effect of the flint glass fibre
Author(s): Kiyoshi Kurosawa; Satoru Yoshida; Kazuo Sakamoto; Isao Masuda; Teruo Yamashita
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Polarization maintaining properties of the flint glass fiber for the Faraday sensor element
Author(s): Kiyoshi Kurosawa; Satoru Yoshida; Kazuo Sakamoto
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Faraday-effect current sensor with improved sensitivity-bandwidth product
Author(s): Kent B. Rochford; Allen H. Rose; Merritt N. Deeter; Gordon W. Day
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Eight-element array of three-axis fiber optic magnetometers for undersea applications
Author(s): Frank Bucholtz; Carl A. Villarruel; Clay K. Kirkendall; Dominique M. Dagenais; J. A. McVicker; A. R. Davis; S. P. Patrick; Kee Pun Koo; Anthony D. Dandridge; Gunnar Wang; Terje Lund; H. Valo
Ultra-low-drift, sub-microvolt low-frequency fiber optic voltage sensor
Author(s): Larry Fabiny; Sandeep T. Vohra; Frank Bucholtz
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Fiber Bragg grating high-magnetic-field probe
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey; Michael J. Marrone
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Probing electrical discharges with optical fibres
Author(s): Giuseppe B. Scelsi; Gerry A. Woolsey
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Optical fibre pressure and temperature sensors for minimal invasive diagnostics: physiological use
Author(s): B. T. Meggitt
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Optical sensors for plant/water relations
Author(s): Silas Hadjiloucas; L. S. Karatzas; David A. Keating; M. J. Usher
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Source noise limitation of fibre optic methane sensors
Author(s): Wei Jin; George Stewart; Brian Culshaw; Stuart C. Murray
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Optical-fibre-based pulse oximeter for monitoring in magnetic resonance scanners
Author(s): I. P. West; Robert Holmes; Gordon R. Jones
Fiber optic sensor system for remote, long-term monitoring of soil and groundwater contamination
Author(s): Fred P. Milanovich; Steve B. Brown; Bill W. Colston; Paul F. Daley
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Development of sensor arrays for continuous groundwater monitoring
Author(s): Brian G. Healey; S. S. Chadha; David R. Walt; Fred P. Milanovich; James B. Richards; Steve B. Brown
Investigation of Er3+-doped fiber ring laser for its application to rotation sensing
Author(s): Seung Kwan Kim; Byoung Yoon Kim; Hwan Kyu Kim
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Fiber Brillouin ring laser without polarization-fluctuation-induced instability: a candidate applicable for Brillouin fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Yosuke Tanaka; Kazuo Hotate
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Optimization of wavelength stability in Er-doped superfluorescent fiber sources for gyroscopes
Author(s): D. C. Hall; William K. Burns; Robert P. Moeller
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Self-starting passively mode-locked fibre ring laser for distributed sensing
Author(s): J.-M. Sommer; Peter C. Waite; Trevor P. Newson
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Fibre optic/hydrogel probe for distributed chemical measurements
Author(s): W. Craig Michie; Brian Culshaw; I. McKenzie; Chris Moran; Neil B. Graham; F. Santos; Peter T. Gardiner; Erik Bergqvist; B. Carlstrom
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1.55-um long-span fiber optic distributed temperature sensor
Author(s): Toshinori Wakami; Shigeru Tanaka
Measurement of distributed strain and temperature in a branched optical fiber network by using Brillouin optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR)
Author(s): Kaoru Shimizu; Tsuneo Horiguchi; Yahei Koyamada
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Experimental system considerations for distributed sensing with grating Fabry-Perot interferometers
Author(s): Lech Wosinski; Magnus Breidne; Raoul Stubbe; Bengt Sahlgren; Jean-Pierre Betend-Bon
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New optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) technique for monitoring the range of reflective markers
Author(s): Harald Geiger; John P. Dakin; Nicholas C. Eaton; P. J. Chivers
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Development of fiber optic sensor systems
Author(s): Anthony D. Dandridge
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Mine operating accurate stability control with optical fiber sensing and Bragg grating technology: the BRITE-EURAM STABILOS project
Author(s): Pierre Ferdinand; Olivier Ferragu; J. L. Lechien; B. Lescop; Veronique Marty-DeWinter; S. Rougeault; Guillaume Pierre; C. Renouf; Bertrand Jarret; Georges Kotrotsios; Victor Neuman; Y. Depeursinge; J. B. Michel; M. Van Uffelen; Yves Verbandt; Marc R. H. Voet; D. Toscano
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Fiber Fourier transform spectrometer for decoding Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Michael A. Davis; Alan D. Kersey
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Use of a grating interferometer as a parallel receiver for fibre optics white light quasi-distributed sensors
Author(s): Hugues Giovannini; Hassan Akhouayri; Serge J. Huard; Jean-Jacques Guerin; Michel Lequime
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Historical review of microbend fiber optic sensors
Author(s): John W. Berthold
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Strain sensor based on permanent bends in single-mode fibers
Author(s): Martin Kull; Rye Widell; Georges Borak; Leif Gustav Stensland
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Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature using fibre grating sensors
Author(s): Ming Gang Xu; Jean-Luc Archambault; Laurence Reekie; John P. Dakin
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Temperature-insensitive interferometric measurement of strain using grating-coupled LED sources
Author(s): Donal A. Flavin; Roy McBride; Julian D. C. Jones
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Absolute and simultaneous strain and temperature measurements by a coherent optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Valeria Gusmeroli; Cristina Mariottini; Mario Martinelli
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High-temperature digital fibre optic thermometer
Author(s): Vito C. Fernicola; Luigi Crovini
Fiber optic large-area average-temperature sensor
Author(s): Larry D. Looney; Peter Forman
Optical fiber sensors using vibration wires
Author(s): Maria Qing Feng; Hideyo Suzuki
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High-temperature capabilities and limitations of fiber grating sensors
Author(s): William W. Morey; Gerald Meltz; Joseph M. Weiss
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Industrial prototype of a fiber optic sensor network for the thermal monitoring of the turbogenerator of a nuclear power plant
Author(s): Carole Meunier; Jean-Jacques Guerin; Michel Lequime; M. Rioual; E. Noel; D. Eguiazabal; D. Fleury; J. Maurin; R. Mongin
Commercially available fibre optic sensors: 10 years of progress?
Author(s): Samuel David Crossley
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Monitoring of waste-handling technologies by fiberoptical chemical sensors
Author(s): Reinhard Niessner
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Novel fiber devices and sensors based on multimode fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Keith H. Wanser; Karl F. Voss; Alan D. Kersey
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Electro-optically tunable fibre lasers for fibre optic sensing systems
Author(s): Walter Johnstone; Kevin J. McCallion; Nigel Langford; A. Gloag
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Polarisation independent integrated optical spectrometer (PIIOS)
Author(s): Mauro Varasi; Mario Signorazzi; A. Vannucci
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In-fibre and fibre-compatible acousto-optic components
Author(s): Christopher N. Pannell; B. F. M. Wacogne; T. J. Pattinson
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Fibre acousto-optic frequency shifter based on a null coupler
Author(s): Timothy A. Birks; Selina G. Farwell; Philip St.J. Russell; Christopher N. Pannell
Er-doped fibre ring laser without mode instability due to polarization fluctuation: proposal and experiment
Author(s): Chao-Xiang Shi; Shinji Yamashita; Kazuo Hotate
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Extremely high power and high performance superluminescent diodes and modules at 800 nm
Author(s): Alexandr T. Semenov; Vladimir R. Shidlovski; S. A. Safin; N. A. Zhuchkov; I. A. Garmash
Improved annealing technique for optical fiber
Author(s): Allen H. Rose; Zhanbing Ren; Gordon W. Day
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Time reversal for the polarization state in optical fiber circuits
Author(s): Mario Martinelli
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Interferometric fiber sensor with a chirped Bragg grating sensing element
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey; Michael A. Davis
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Optical fibre interferometry for photoacoustic spectroscopy in liquids
Author(s): Duncan P. Hand; Scott S. Freeborn; P. Hodgson; Thomas A. Carolan; K. M. Quan; Hugh A. MacKenzie; Julian D. C. Jones
Unambiguous sawtooth fringe counting for an active homodyne demodulated interferometric strain gauge
Author(s): Norbert Fuerstenau; Walter Schmidt
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Fiber laser sensor system with interferometric read-out and wavelength multiplexing
Author(s): Kee Pun Koo; Alan D. Kersey
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Optically demodulated interferometric sensor system
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey; Michael J. Marrone; Kee Pun Koo; Anthony D. Dandridge
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Straightforward spectral signal processing in interferometric sensors based on birefringent polarization-maintaining optical fibers
Author(s): Sergey A. Egorov; Anatoly N. Mamaev; Alexander S. Polyantsev
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Operation of a Sagnac interferometer limited by fundamental thermal-induced phase fluctuations in the fiber
Author(s): Sverre Knudsen; Alan B. Tveten; Anthony D. Dandridge
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Very high responsivity fiber optic hydrophones for commercial applications
Author(s): C. C. Wang; Anthony D. Dandridge; Alan B. Tveten; A. M. Yurek
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Practical fiber optic sensor for measuring large mechanical deformations
Author(s): Kjetil Johannessen; Lars Gisle Wessel Johnsen
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Low-profile fibers for embedded smart structure applications
Author(s): Michael F. Gunther; George Z. Wang; Angela J. Plante; Anbo Wang; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
Transducer mechanism of an optical fiber accelerometer based on a compliant cylinder design
Author(s): Ralf Pechstedt; David A. Jackson
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Sapphire fiber strain gage for static and fatigue measurements
Author(s): Richard O. Claus; Kent A. Murphy; Russell G. May; Anbo Wang; George Z. Wang; Tuan A. Tran; Jonathan A. Greene; M. Alcock; Jack E. Coate
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Optical wheel-rotation sensor
Author(s): Lynn R. Veeser; Patrick A. Rodriguez; Peter Forman; Merritt N. Deeter
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Optical fibre micromechanical pressure sensor with very low temperature cross sensitivity
Author(s): Seshadri Ramakrishnan; Heinrich A. Hoefler
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High-sensitivity fiber optic planar ultrasonic microphone
Author(s): Sverre Knudsen; A. M. Yurek; Alan B. Tveten; Anthony D. Dandridge
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Fiber-remote laser-diode-pumped microchip Nd:YAG laser and its heterodyne sensing applications
Author(s): Toshihiko T. Yoshino; Bou Qimude; Yoshitaka Takahashi
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Simple lead-insensitive heterodyne fiber optic vibrometer having a passive all-glass instrument head
Author(s): A. Lawrow; Christopher N. Pannell; Henry O. Edwards
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Simultaneous measurement of electric and magnetic fields using a Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): Ricardo T. de Carvalho; James N. Blake
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Experimental evidence of transducer self noise in magnetostrictive fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Dominique M. Dagenais; Frank Bucholtz; Anthony D. Dandridge
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In-line Sagnac interferometer for magnetic field sensing
Author(s): James N. Blake; Prinya Tantaswadi; Ricardo T. de Carvalho
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Reciprocal-compensated fiber optic electric current sensor
Author(s): Xiaojun Fang; Anbo Wang; Russell G. May; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
Method for improvement of immunity from environment in Faraday-effect current sensor using the flint glass fiber
Author(s): Kiyoshi Kurosawa; Satoru Yoshida; Kazuo Sakamoto
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Optical fiber ring resonator composed of an ordinary single-mode fiber for resonator fiber optic gyros: experiment
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate; Takuya Kurakake
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Progress in passive fiber optic gyroscope development
Author(s): Gert F. Trommer; Engelbert Hartl; R. Mueller
Fiber optic gyroscope north finder
Author(s): Richard B. Dyott; D. E. Allen
Electroluminescence coupled optical fiber chemical sensors
Author(s): Mike J. Hepher; A. E. Burgess
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Photoacoustical detection of trace gases with an optical microphone
Author(s): J. Breguet; Jean-Paul Pellaux; Nicolas Gisin
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Application of sol-gel processes for fiber optic chemical sensor development
Author(s): Peter A. Wallace; Yatao Yang; Michael Campbell
Radiation testing of PCS optical fiber for dose-level sensor application
Author(s): Branka Medved Rogina
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Optical microsensor arrays
Author(s): Karen S. Bronk; Brian G. Healey; David R. Walt
Design and manufacturing of an EFPI sensor for embedding in carbon/epoxy composites
Author(s): Anders Henriksson; F. Brandt
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Evaluation of fiber optic sensors for nuclear waste tank environments
Author(s): Steven J. Saggese; Roger A. Greenwell; Fred R. Reich; Stephen J. Mech; Tom G. Bilodeau
Scaling and antenna gain in integrating fiber optic sensors
Author(s): William B. Spillman; Dryver R. Huston
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Interferometric sensor system for security applications
Author(s): Chris Bryson
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Bragg grating temperature and strain sensors
Author(s): G. P. Brady; S. Hope; Antonio B. Lobo Ribeiro; David J. Webb; Laurence Reekie; Jean-Luc Archambault; David A. Jackson
Absolute strain measurements with multiplexed low-coherence demodulated fiber Fabry-Perot sensors
Author(s): Philipp M. Nellen; H. Pierhofer; Rolf Broennimann; Urs J. Sennhauser
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Demodulator optimization for the interrogation of fiber optic hydrophones in real-world environments
Author(s): Alan B. Tveten; A. M. Yurek; Michael N. Opsasnick; Anthony D. Dandridge
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Low crosstalk level in frequency hopping multiplexing for passive interferometric optical fiber sensor networks
Author(s): Hamed S. Al-Raweshidy; H. M. Radhi; John M. Senior
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Hybrid CDMA/WDM multiplexing strategy for an interferometric optical fiber sensor network
Author(s): Hamed S. Al-Raweshidy
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Phase-modulating optical coherence domain reflectometry by synthesis of coherence function: proposal and experiments
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate; Takashi Saida
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Multiplexing of fiber optic sensors using scanning microscopy
Author(s): Rimas Juskaitis; Sergey V. Shatalin
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Performance of 3 X 3 couplers in fiber optic sensor systems
Author(s): Anthony D. Dandridge; C. C. Wang; Alan B. Tveten; A. M. Yurek
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In-line fiber optic channel dropping filter using Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Robbie B. Charters; Andrzej P. Kuczynski; Steven E. Staines; Ralph P. Tatam; Geoffrey J. Ashwell
Birefringent-fiber Solc wavelength filters
Author(s): Helen D. Ford; Ralph P. Tatam
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Wideband operation of horns for excitation of acoustic modes in optical fibers
Author(s): Helge E. Engan; Dan Ostling; Per O. Kval; Jan Ove Askautrud
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Thermal noise in optical fibers: Mach-Zehnder vs Sagnac interferometers
Author(s): Kjell Krakenes; Kjell Blotekjaer
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Fiber optic sensors for radiation dosimetry
Author(s): Luciano DiFiore; Aniello Grado; Paolo Russo
Theory of thermal phase noise in Michelson and Sagnac fiber interferometers
Author(s): Keith H. Wanser
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Scanning in a white light interferometer using a tunable laser
Author(s): D. N. Wang; Yanong N. Ning; Andrew W. Palmer; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Kenneth Weir
Fiber optic interferometric hydropressure sensor immune from temperature disturbances
Author(s): Satoshi Tanaka; M. Satoh; Yoshihiro Ohtsuka
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Fiber optic gradient hydrophones
Author(s): A. M. Yurek; B. A. Danver; Alan B. Tveten; Anthony D. Dandridge
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