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Visualization in Biomedical Computing 1994
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Volume Number: 2359
Date Published: 9 September 1994
Softcover: 72 papers (750) pages
ISBN: 9780819416988

Table of Contents
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Statistical intensity correction and segmentation of MRI data
Author(s): William M. Wells; W. Eric L. Grimson; Ron Kikinis; Ferenc A. Jolesz
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Automated segmentation of coronary vessels in angiographic image sequences utilizing temporal, spatial, and structural constraints
Author(s): James F. O'Brien; Norberto F. Ezquerra
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Multiple resolution Bayesian segmentation of ultrasound images
Author(s): Edward A. Ashton; Kevin J. Parker
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Fuzzy objects and their boundaries
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa; Supun Samarasekera; Kootala P. Venugopal; George J. Grevera
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Semiautomatic construction of 3D medical image-segmentation processes
Author(s): William E. Higgins; Joseph M. Reinhardt; Werner L. Sharp
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Brownian strings: segmenting images with stochastically deformable contours
Author(s): Robert Grzeszczuk; David N. Levin
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Segmentation of medical images using an active-contour model incorporating region-based image features
Author(s): Colin S. Poon; Michael Braun; Rebecca Fahrig; Athula Ginige; Andrew Dorrell
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Image segmentation using globally optimal growth in three dimensions with an adaptive feature set
Author(s): David C. Taylor; William A. Barrett
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Interpolation by directed distance morphing
Author(s): William A. Barrett; Eric Bess
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Volumetric deformable models: active blobs
Author(s): Ross T. Whitaker
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Edgewarp: a flexible program package for biometric image warping in two dimensions
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein; William D. K. Green
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Myocardial motion and function assessment using 4D images
Author(s): Peng-Cheng Shi; Glynn P. Robinson; James S. Duncan
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Multiple surface identification and matching in magnetic resonance images
Author(s): David MacDonald; David Avis; Alan C. Evans
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Tracking the interframe deformation of structures in 3D ultrasound imaging
Author(s): M. Syn; J. P.M. Gosling; Richard W. Prager; Laurence Berman; J. Crowley
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Automated 3D nonlinear deformation procedure for determination of gross morphometric variability in human brain
Author(s): D. Louis Collins; Terence M. Peters; Alan C. Evans
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Matching structural images of the human brain using statistical and geometrical image features
Author(s): James C. Gee; Christian Barillot; Lionel Le Briquer; David R. Haynor; Ruzena K. Bajcsy
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Voxel similarity measures for automated image registration
Author(s): Derek L.G. Hill; Colin Studholme; David John Hawkes
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Volume registration using the 3D core
Author(s): Alan Liu; Stephen M. Pizer; David H. Eberly; Bryan S. Morse; Julian G. Rosenman; Edward L. Chaney; Elizabeth Bullitt; Vincent Carrasco
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Grey value correlation techniques used for automatic matching of CT and MR brain and spine images
Author(s): Petra A. van den Elsen; Evert-Jan D. Pol; Thilaka S. Sumanaweera; Paul F. Hemler; Sandy Napel; John R. Adler
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Evaluating the accuracy of three-dimensional image registration algorithms used in multimodal image fusion
Author(s): Udita Taneja; Kerrie S. Holton Tainter; Jon J. Camp; Richard A. Robb
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Registration of ultrasound echography for intraoperative use: a newly developed multiproperty method
Author(s): Nobuhiko Hata; Makoto Suzuki; Takeyoshi Dohi; Hiroshi Iseki; Kintomo Takakura; Daijo Hashimoto
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Three-dimensional CT subtraction angiography
Author(s): Bart M. ter Haar Romeny; Frank H. Bastin; Jack Steenbeek; Karel J. Zuiderveld; Max A. Viergever
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Structural description and combined 3D display for superior analysis of cerebral vascularity from MRA
Author(s): Gabor Szekely; Thomas Koller; Ron Kikinis; Guido Gerig
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Single photon emission photography/magnetic resonance imaging (SPECT/MRI) visualization for frontal-lobe-damaged regions
Author(s): Rik Stokking; Karel J. Zuiderveld; Hilleke E. Hulshoff Pol; Max A. Viergever
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Simulating motion of anatomical objects with volume-based 3D-visualization
Author(s): B. Pflesser; Ulf Tiede; Karl Heinz Hoehne
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Bunker view: limited-range head-motion-parallax visualization for complex data sets
Author(s): Andrei State; Suresh Balu; Henry Fuchs
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Techniques for editing and visualizing CT-angiographic data
Author(s): Dietmar Hentschel; Jay Ezrielev; Richard Fisler; Carolyn Flanders; Ali R. Bani-Hashemi; Cheng-Chung Liang; Shih-Ping Liou; Sumitro Samaddar; Ajit Singh; Derek Ney
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Applications of image processing and visualization in the evaluation of murder and assault
Author(s): William R. Oliver; Julian G. Rosenman; Aziz Boxwala; David Stotts; John Smith; Mitchell Soltys; James Symon; Tim Cullip; Glenn Wagner
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Surface imaging of the human body
Author(s): Gulab H. Bhatia; Michael W. Vannier; Paul K. Commean; Kirk E. Smith
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Multiparameter image visualization with self-organizing maps
Author(s): Armando Manduca
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Spatially invariant classification of tissues in MR images
Author(s): Stephen Aylward; James M. Coggins; Ted Cizadlo; Nancy C. Andreasen
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Classification and analysis of multiple sclerosis lesions in spin-echo MR exams
Author(s): Ross Mitchell; Stephen J. Karlik; Donald H. Lee; Aaron Fenster
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Dual probabilistic classifier for three-dimensional neuroimaging from MRI data
Author(s): Wieslaw L. Nowinski
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Deforming post-mortem radiograph images to reconstruct a bullet path through stock CT data
Author(s): Aziz Boxwala; William R. Oliver
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Automatic recognition of cancerous cells using mathematical morphology
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Thiran; Marc-Olivier Becks; Benoit M. M. Macq; Jacques Mairesse
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Automatic detection of arachnoid contours in MR images
Author(s): Babak A. Ardekani; Michael Braun; Brian F. Hutton; I. Kanno
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Symbolic modeling of human anatomy for visualization and simulation
Author(s): Andreas Pommert; Rainer Schubert; Martin Riemer; Thomas Schiemann; Ulf Tiede; Karl Heinz Hoehne
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Information system to manage anatomical knowledge and image data about brain
Author(s): Christian Barillot; Bernard Gibaud; E. Montabord; S. Garlatti; N. Gauthier; I. Kanellos
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Steps towards automatic building of anatomical atlases
Author(s): Gerard Subsol; Jean-Philippe Thirion; Nicholas Ayache
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Computerized atlas for functional stereotaxis robotics and radiosurgery
Author(s): Tyrone L. Hardy
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Intepretation of tomographic images using automatic atlas lookup
Author(s): Thomas Schiemann; Karl Heinz Hoehne; Christoph Koch; Andreas Pommert; Martin Riemer; Rainer Schubert; Ulf Tiede
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Prototype for a new distributed database of volume data obtained by 3D imaging
Author(s): R. Marabini; C. Vaquerizo; Jose Jesus Fernandez; Jose Maria Carazo; M. Ladjadj; O. Odesanya; J. Frank
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Application for design and simulation of conformal radiation therapy
Author(s): Marc L. Kessler; Daniel L. McShan
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VISTAnet: radiation therapy treatment planning through rapid dose calculation and interactive 3D volume visualization
Author(s): Andrei State; Julian G. Rosenman; Henry Fuchs; Tim Cullip; James Symon
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Automated lower limb prosthesis design
Author(s): Gulab H. Bhatia; Paul K. Commean; Kirk E. Smith; Michael W. Vannier
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Custom prosthesis design, visualization, and prototyping
Author(s): Chandrajit L. Bajaj; Daniel R. Schikore
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Interactive 3D dose volume visualization in radiation therapy
Author(s): Gary Root; C. Sims; R. Pillutla; Samuel M. Goldwasser
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New visualizations for radiation therapy treatment planning
Author(s): Julian G. Rosenman; Tim Cullip; Mitchell Soltys
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Multimodality interactive stereoscopic image-guided neurosurgery
Author(s): Bruce L. K. Davey; Roch M. Comeau; P. Munger; L. J. Pisani; D. Lacerte; A. Olivier; Terence M. Peters
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Image guidance techniques for neurosurgery
Author(s): Ron Kikinis; P. Langham Gleason; William E. Lorensen; William M. Wells; W. Eric L. Grimson; Tomas Lozano-Perez; Gil J. Ettinger; Steven F. White; Ferenc A. Jolesz
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Craniotomy simulation and guidance using a stereo video based tracking system (VISLAN)
Author(s): Alan C.F. Colchester; J. Zhao; C. Henri; R. J. Evans; P. Roberts; N. Maitland; David John Hawkes; Derek L.G. Hill; A. J. Strong; D. G. Thomas; Michael J. Gleeson; T. C.S. Cox
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Real-time system for 3D neurosurgical planning
Author(s): John C. Goble; John W. Snell; Ken Hinckley; Neal F. Kassell
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Novel approach to image-guided spine surgery
Author(s): Lutz P. Nolte; Lucia J. Zamorano; Frank Langlotz; Charlie Zhaowei W. Jiang; Qinghai Wang; Ulrich Berlemann
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Tele-presence and virtual reality in computer-assisted neurological surgery: basic theory and a prototype
Author(s): Charlie Zhaowei W. Jiang; Lucia J. Zamorano; William I. Grosky; Majeed Kadi; Fernando Diaz
Human factors simulations of a head-mounted, surgical display
Author(s): William F. Reinhart; Charles J. Lloyd
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Craniofacial surgery simulation testbed
Author(s): Herve Delingette; Gerard Subsol; S. Cotin; J. Pignon
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Feature detection on 3D images of dental imprints
Author(s): Marielle Mokhtari; Denis Laurendeau
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Wrapper: a surface optimization algorithm that preserves highly curved areas
Author(s): Andre P. Gueziec; David Dean
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New findings from the SpiderWeb algorithm: toward a digital morse theory
Author(s): Daniel B. Karron; James Cox; Bhubaneswar Mishra
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Hippocampal MR volumetry
Author(s): John W. Haller; K. Botteron; Barry S. Brunsden; Yvette I. Sheline; Ronald K. Walkup; Kevin J. Black; Mokhtar Gado; Michael W. Vannier
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Kinematics of the tarsal joints via 3D MR imaging
Author(s): Bruce Elliot Hirsch; Jayaram K. Udupa; Supun Samarasekera
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3D echocardiography: reconstruction algorithm and diagnostic performance of resulting images
Author(s): Marek Belohlavek; David A. Foley; James B. Seward; James F. Greenleaf
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L-system modeling of neurons
Author(s): Bruce Howard McCormick; K. Mulchandani
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Segmentation and visualization of membranes and intracellular organelles contours in 3D electron microscopy
Author(s): Christophe Bron; F. Sadlo; Gabor Szekely; W. Neuenschwander; Olaf Kuebler; Joerg Schuepbach
Visualization of myocardial perfusion defects in single photon emission computerized (SPECT) studies
Author(s): L. Jarrett Malone; James R. Zeidler; Walter H. Ku; David W. Yeung
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Evaluation of gastric antral motility in four dimensions
Author(s): Helmar Bergmann; Greg Minear; Andrea Kugi; Georg Stacher
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of myenteric neurons of the guinea pig
Author(s): Manachem Hanani; Leonid Ermilov; Vered Louzon; Philip Schmalz; Steven M. Miller; Joseph H. Szurszewski
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Visualization in the Neurosurgical OR
Author(s): John C. Goble; Ron Kikinis
Multiscale geometric image analysis: diffusion and cores; variable conductance diffusion and object calculation
Author(s): Stephen M. Pizer; David H. Eberly; Ross T. Whitaker; Daniel S. Fritsch; Bryan S. Morse; Terry S. Yoo; James M. Coggins
Volume visualization
Author(s): Arie E. Kaufman; Roni Yagel; Karl Heinz Hoehne; Andreas Pommert

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