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II-VI Blue/Green Laser Diodes
Editor(s): Robert L. Gunshor; Arto V. Nurmikko
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Volume Number: 2346
Date Published: 21 December 1994
Softcover: 21 papers (210) pages
ISBN: 9780819416797

Table of Contents
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Blue/green laser diodes based on ZnMgSSe
Author(s): Satoshi Itoh; Akira Ishibashi
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Device processing of II-VI semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Kevin W. Haberern; Sharon J. Flamholtz; Ronald R Drenten; Raymond Vanroijen
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Optical degradation of II-VI devices and heterostructures
Author(s): Greg Meis Haugen; Supratik Guha; Jim M. DePuydt; Michael A. Haase; Kwok Keung Law; Thomas J. Miller; Bor-Jen Wu
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Microstructure study of failure mechanism of II-VI blue-green laser diodes
Author(s): Guo-Chun Hua; Donald C. Grillo; Jung Han; Mike D. Ringle; Yongping Fan; Robert L. Gunshor; Minna Hovinen; Arto V. Nurmikko; Nobuo Otsuka
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Issues of epitaxial growth and transport for room temperature cw blue/green laser diodes
Author(s): Mike D. Ringle; Donald C. Grillo; Yongping Fan; Guo-Chun Hua; Jung Han; Robert L. Gunshor
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Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) growth of ZnMgSeTe light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Wolfgang Faschinger; S. Ferreira; R. Krump; G. Brunthaler; Helmut Sitter
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Doping of ZnSe using gas source molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Easen Ho; P. A. Fisher; J. L. House; Gale S. Petrich; Leslie A. Kolodziejski
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Growth of wide bandgap II-VI alloys on InP substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Maria C. Tamargo; Ning Dai; Abdullah Cavus; Rhonda Dzakpasu; Wojciech Krystek; Fred H. Pollak; Alph Fred Semendy; Neal Bambha; Phillip R. Boyd; Dah-Min D. Hwang; C. Y. Chen
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Optimization of the MOVPE growth of ZnSe, ZnCdSe alloy and related heterostructures using various zinc precursor adducts
Author(s): Olivier Briot; N. Briot; T. Cloitre; R. L. Aulombard; F. Liaci; P. Bigenwald; B. Gil; Lesley M. Smith; S. A. Rushworth; Anita C. Jones; Aranka M. Huber; M. Gailhanou; Jean-Michel Sallese
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Physics of gain and stimulated emission in II-VI diode lasers
Author(s): J. Ding; Vladimir G. Kozlov; P. Kelkar; A. Salokatve; Arto V. Nurmikko; Jung Han; Donald C. Grillo; Mike D. Ringle; Robert L. Gunshor
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Interfacial engineering in blue laser structures
Author(s): Alfonso Franciosi; L. Vanzetti; A. Bonanni; Lucia Sorba; Gvido Bratina; G. Biasiol
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Excitons and electron-hole plasma in ZnCdSe/ZnSe quantum wells
Author(s): Roberto Cingolani; L. Calcagnile; Alfonso Franciosi; Lucia Sorba; L. Vanzetti
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Electronic states and radiative recombination processes in ZnS-ZnSe short period superlattices
Author(s): B. Gil; Massimo Di Blasio; T. Cloitre; P. Bigenwald; L. Aigouy; Olivier Briot; N. Briot; R. L. Aulombard
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Modeling of optical gain in ZnCdSe/ZnMgSSe quantum well lasers
Author(s): Wenli Huang; Faquir C. Jain
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Initial stages of ZnSe growth on the GaAs(001) surface studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Author(s): Michael D. Pashley; Du Li
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Formation of screw-type misfit dislocations on the ZnSxSe1-x/GaAs interface
Author(s): Li-Hsin Kuo; Lourdes Salamanca-Riba; Bor-Jen Wu; G. E. Hofler
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Preferential donor-acceptor pairing in heavily N-doped ZnSe?
Author(s): Gertrude F. Neumark; Leon Radomsky; Igor L. Kuskovskiy
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Resonant tunneling structures to significantly reduce the voltage drop in contacting pZnSe layer in blue-green lasers: simulation of voltage-current behavior
Author(s): Faquir C. Jain; M. Gokhale; R. LaComb; C. Chung; Wenli Huang
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Nanosize stress concentrators at facets in Zn1-xCdxSe/ZnSe multiple quantum well laser structures
Author(s): Gvido Bratina; G. Biasiol; L. Vanzetti; A. Bonanni; Lucia Sorba; Alfonso Franciosi
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Twelve reasons why II-VI compounds should be resistant to degradation
Author(s): Brian J. Fitzpatrick
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Gas source molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) of ZnMgSSe layers
Author(s): Shizuo Fujita; Jun Suda; Yoichi Kawakami; Shigeo Fujita
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