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Optics in Agriculture, Forestry, and Biological Processing
Editor(s): George E. Meyer; James A. DeShazer
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Volume Number: 2345
Date Published: 6 January 1995
Softcover: 47 papers (446) pages
ISBN: 9780819416780

Table of Contents
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Potato Operation: automatic detection of potato diseases
Author(s): Marc Lefebvre; Thierry Zimmerman; Charles Baur; Paul Guegerli; Thierry Pun
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Multiple-image acquisition for inspection of natural products
Author(s): Peter J. Hilton; Richard P. Gabric
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Approach on industrial micro-organism motion image tracking system: first report
Author(s): Keqian Lu; Ronglin Chu; Cuirong Kang; Gang F. Fan; Wei Song
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Machine vision system for measuring conifer seedling morphology
Author(s): Michael P. Rigney; Glenn A. Kranzler
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Machine vision system for quality control assessment of bareroot pine seedlings
Author(s): John H. Wilhoit; L. J. Kutz; W. A. Vandiver
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ARGUS: a flexible real-time system for 2D defect and texture classification of wooden materials
Author(s): Wolfgang Poelzleitner; Gert Schwingskakl; Gerhard Paar
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Robotic workcell for quality sorting of somatic embryos
Author(s): F. S. Chen; K. C. Ting
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Inspecting wood surface roughness using computer vision
Author(s): Xuezeng Zhao
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Objective measurement of bread crumb texture
Author(s): Jian Wang; Graeme D. Coles
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Noninvasive measurement of moisture distribution in individual wheat kernels by magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Huaipu Song; Stephen R. Delwiche; Michael J. Line
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Machine vision system for automated detection of stained pistachio nuts
Author(s): Tom C. Pearson
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Comparison of classification techniques for the identification of Australian wheat varieties
Author(s): Douglas Graham Myers; Timo A. Vuori
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Assessment of the quality of durum wheat products by spectrofluorometry and fluorescence video image analysis
Author(s): Bruno Novales; Joel Abecassis; Dominique Bertrand; Marie-Francoise Devaux; Paul Robert
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Application of video image analysis to the classification of granular products
Author(s): Frederic Ros; S. Guillaume; Dominique Bertrand; G. Rabatel; Francis Sevila
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Rapid response biosensor for detection and identification of common foodborne pathogens
Author(s): Nile F. Hartman; J. Craig Wyvill; Daniel P. Campbell; Paul Edmonds
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Dry express x-ray imaging of biological objects
Author(s): Alexander A. Chaihorsky; Lev M. Panasiuk
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Automatic recognition of granule appearance
Author(s): Deshen Xia; Ren Jiang; Jingyu Yang; Hua Li
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Integration of visible/NIR spectroscopy and multispectral imaging for poultry carcass inspection
Author(s): Bosoon Park; Yud-Ren Chen; R. W. Huffman
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Using image analysis to develop reference standards for the video trashmeter
Author(s): Devron P. Thibodeaux; Janice P. Evans
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Automated inspection of carpets
Author(s): Jian Wang; Rosemary A. Campbell; Ray J. Harwood
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Machine recognition of navel orange worm damage in x-ray images of pistachio nuts
Author(s): Pamela M. Keagy; Bahram Parvin; Thomas F. Schatzki
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Computer-based neuro-vision system for color classification of french fries
Author(s): Suranjan Panigrahi; Dennis Wiesenborn
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Measuring leaf material in ginned cotton from surface images
Author(s): Robert A. Taylor
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Satellite thermal-infrared imagery and geographic information system in monitoring lake temperature distribution
Author(s): Sun F. Shih
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Spatial statistical measures of crop temperature variability using infrared thermography in radiant heated greenhouse crops
Author(s): Abdeljabar Bahri; George E. Meyer; Kenneth Von Bargen; Jay B. Fitzgerald
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Plant health monitoring with machine vision
Author(s): Peter P. Ling; Terence P. Russell; Gene A. Giacomelli
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Development and testing of the target for radiometric calibration of spaceborne remote sensing science instruments
Author(s): Pavel A. Morozov; Victor I. Sapritsky; Svetlana P. Morozova; Boris E. Lisiansky
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Optical plant sensor field-of-view determination
Author(s): Steven J. Merritt; George E. Meyer; C. Lesiak; Kenneth Von Bargen
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Knowledge-based object recognition for different morphological classes of plants
Author(s): Thorsten Brendel; Joerg Schwanke; Peter F. Jensch; Roland Megnet
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Three-dimensional measurement and segmentation for soil/stubble
Author(s): Chun-Wai Hui; Kim Chew Ng
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Classification of a broadleaf weed, a grassy weed, and corn using image processing techniques
Author(s): Monte A. Dickson; Walter C. Bausch; M. Scott Howarth
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Photo-optical sensor system for rapid evaluation of planter seed spacing uniformity
Author(s): Changhe Chen; Michael F. Kocher; John A. Smith
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Integrated optic gaseous NH3 sensor for agricultural applications
Author(s): Nile F. Hartman; James L. Walsh; Daniel P. Campbell; Umesh Akki
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Estimation of lean and fat composition of pork ham using image processing measurements
Author(s): Jiancheng Jia; Allan P. Schinckel; John C. Forrest
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Visual detection of particulates in processed meat products by x ray
Author(s): Thomas F. Schatzki; Richard Young; Ron P. Haff; J. Eye; G. Wright
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Multispectral imaging with a liquid crystal tunable filter
Author(s): Peter J. Miller; Clifford C. Hoyt
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Co-occurrence texture feature variation for a moving window over apple images
Author(s): James A. Throop; Daniel J. Aneshansley; Bruce L. Upchurch
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Detection of internal browning in apples by light transmittance
Author(s): Bruce L. Upchurch; James A. Throop; Daniel J. Aneshansley
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High-performance spectrophotometer
Author(s): David R. Massie; Stephen R. Delwiche
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Nondestructive testing for identifying poor-quality onions
Author(s): Ernest William Tollner; Yen-Con Hung; B. W Maw; D. R. Sumner; R. D. Gitaitis
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Real-time color grading and defect detection of food products
Author(s): Wayne D. Daley; Richard Carey; Chris Thompson
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Image analysis for beef quality prediction from serial scan ultrasound images
Author(s): Hui Lian Zhang; Doyle E. Wilson; Gene H. Rouse; Mercedes M. Izquierdo
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Mapping soil attributes for site-specific management of a Montana field
Author(s): John P. Wilson; Damian J. Spangrud; Melissa A. Landon; Jeffrey S. Jacobsen; Gerald A. Nielson
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Use of vortex ejectors in heating schemes of food-producing plants
Author(s): Vyacheslav T. Volov
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Multispectral imager for the agricultural user
Author(s): Jessica A. Faust; Thomas G. Chrien; Gregory H. Bearman
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Assessing cereal grain quality with a fully automated instrument using artificial neural network processing of digitized color video images
Author(s): Peter J. Egelberg; Olle Mansson; Carsten Peterson
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Image analysis identification of broken and sound shelled corn bulk samples
Author(s): Inna Y. Zayas; D. E. Walker
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