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Manufacturing Process Control for Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
Editor(s): Anant G. Sabnis

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Volume Number: 2336
Date Published: 16 September 1994

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Process controls for the factories of the future
Author(s): Jorge Agraz-Guerena
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Radio frequency diagnostics for plasma etch systems
Author(s): Scott Bushman; Thomas F. Edgar; Isaac Trachtenberg; Norman Williams
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Photocluster control system implementation at the IBM Advanced Semiconductor Technology Center
Author(s): Christopher P. Ausschnitt; B. Barker; P. Hartswick; Alan C. Thomas
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Advanced statistical process control of a chemical vapor tungsten deposition process on an Applied Materials Centura reactor
Author(s): Jerry A. Stefani; Scott Poarch; Sharad Saxena; P. K. Mozumder
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Scatterometric sensor for lithography
Author(s): Christopher J. Raymond; Michael R. Murnane; S. Sohail H. Naqvi; John Robert McNeil
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On-line SPC-based trigger for control action
Author(s): R. Russell Rhinehart
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Vigorous capital and development investments required: playing in the semiconductor manufacturing industry endgame
Author(s): Stephen Knight
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Knowledge-based very large scale integration (VLSI) process diagnostic system
Author(s): Michael E. Parten; M. Kittappa; F. R. Zapata
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Comparison of controller tuning methods for temperature uniformity control in a rapid thermal processor
Author(s): K. S. Balakrishnan; Wonhui Cho; Thomas F. Edgar
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Radio frequency tags systems to initiate system processing
Author(s): Harold O. Madsen; David W. Madsen
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Model-based equipment diagnosis
Author(s): David J. Collins; Andrzej J. Strojwas; P. K. Mozumder
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Measurement of discharge impedance for dry etch process control
Author(s): Frank A. Bose; Roger Patrick; Henry Baltes
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Pulse-modulated infrared-laser interferometric thermometry for Si substrate temperature measurement
Author(s): Jun Kikuchi; Ryo Kurosaki; Shuzo Fujimura; Hiroshi Yano
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Process control using new approaches in plasma diagnostics
Author(s): Steve Reeves; Clayton Fullwood; Terry R. Turner
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Use of chemical sensors and process control methods to improve HF chemical etching of dielectric films in a manufacturing environment
Author(s): John L. Dolcin; V. E. Anyanwu; B. C. Chung; Clif W. Draper; Roland Ellis Jr.; A. Karp
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Sensor bus control networks in semiconductor processing equipment
Author(s): Ronald S. Gyurcsik; W. Christophe Lamb; James R. Moyne
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Sensor bus cost of ownership investigation
Author(s): Ronald S. Gyurcsik
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MEMaterial: a new microelectronic material deposition tool
Author(s): Fariborz Maseeh
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Thin film and surface layer processes forming control using electron emission
Author(s): Yuri Dekhtyar; A. Kunitzin; Vladimir Noskov
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Using cost of ownership (COO) modeling to optimize productivity and wafer output of sputtering tools
Author(s): Sergio Edelstein; Rob Davenport; Jaim Nulman
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Silicided versus nonsilicided gate technology for submicron CMOS ACIC applications
Author(s): Eric Johnson; Edward Nowak; Chung Wang
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Implementation of activity-based costing (ABC) to drive cost reduction efforts in a semiconductor manufacturing operation
Author(s): Hussein Naguib; Igor I. Bol; J. Lora; R. Chowdhry
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Integrated manufacturing approach to attain benchmark team performance
Author(s): Shau-Ron Chen; Andrew Nguyen; Hussein Naguib
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Methods for parametric yield control for future 0.1-um deep submicron MOSFET manufacturing
Author(s): Renate Sitte; Sima Dimitrijev; H. Barry Harrison
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CHARM-2: a new tool for characterization of wafer charging in ion- and plasma-based IC processing equipment
Author(s): Wes A. Lukaszek; Joseph Reedholm Sr.; Michael I. Current; Nick Tripsas
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Submodule for the laser vacuum projection lithography
Author(s): Eduard I. Tochitsky; A. V. Baranov; Victor V. Boksha; Vyjacheslav E. Obukhov; Anatoly I. Sharendo; Y. I. Tochitsky; Victor Adamovich Azarko; V. Lopatko
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Intellectual information system of precedent search and expert diagnostics of technological malfunctions in very large scale integration (VLSI) manufacturing
Author(s): Peter A. Arutyunov; Mikhail G. Kuznetsov; Elena G. Yermakova
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Characterization of deep-level defects and their connection with the performance of InxGa1-xAs/InP p-i-n photodiodes
Author(s): Tatiana V. Torchinskaya; Volodya I. Kooshnirenko; Ludmila V. Shchedrina; Carla J. Miner
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True wafer temperature during metallization in physical vapor deposition cluster tools
Author(s): Michael E. Adel; Shmuel Mangan; Howard Grunes; Vijay Parkhe
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