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Passive Infrared Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere II
Editor(s): David K. Lynch
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Volume Number: 2309
Date Published: 23 December 1994
Softcover: 45 papers (384) pages
ISBN: 9780819416391

Table of Contents
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Specular scattering and crystal dynamics in cirrus clouds
Author(s): David K. Lynch; Joseph G. Shanks; Stanley D. Gedzelman
Integration of multiplatform/multisensor satellite global cloud analyses within SERCAA
Author(s): Christopher Grassotti; Ronald G. Isaacs; Gary B. Gustafson
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Improved cloud analysis for CDFS II through the SERCAA research and development program
Author(s): Ronald G. Isaacs; Gary B. Gustafson; Thomas J. Neu; J. William Snow
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Threshold functions for the automated analysis of clouds in daytime global meteorolical satellite imagery
Author(s): Keith D. Hutchison; Jerry Mack; Greg Logan; Kenneth R. Hardy; Steven D. Westerman
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Evaluation of the Naval Research Laboratory algorithm for identifying clouds in ocean color data
Author(s): Sonia C. Gallegos; Douglas A. May; Chiu Fu Cheng
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Cloud detection in AVHRR and ATSR data with APOLLO
Author(s): Karl Theodor Kriebel; Gerhard Gesell; Martina Kaestner; H. Mannstein
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Relationship of collocated cloud radiances in the METEOSAT IR and WV channel
Author(s): Andreas Ottenbacher; Johannes Schmetz
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Alpine cloud climatology: seasonal changes
Author(s): Martina Kaestner; Karl Theodor Kriebel
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Data integration of ground-based and satellite observations of clouds and radiation in the Netherlands
Author(s): Arnout J. Feijt; Andre C.A.P. van Lammeren
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T-matrix computations of light scattering by large nonsperical particles: recent advances
Author(s): Michael I. Mishchenko; Larry D. Travis; Dan W. Mackowski
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Potential of using spaceborne millimeter wavelength radar for ice cloud studies
Author(s): Sergey Y. Matrosov; David Atlas; Andrew J. Heymsfield; Robert A. Kropfli
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Comparative analysis of different solutions of light scattering problem for nonspherical particles
Author(s): Nikolai V. Voshchinnikov; Vladimir B. Il'in; Ralf Stognienko
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Optical properties of core-mantle spheroidal particles
Author(s): Vadim V. Somsikov; Victor G. Farafonov
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Solution of the electromagnetic scattering problem for core-mantle spheroids
Author(s): Victor G. Farafonov
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Pinatubo climatology using the high-resolution infrared radiation sounder (HIRS)
Author(s): Anthony J. Baran; John S. Foot
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Satellite-derived climatology of the Saharan aerosol
Author(s): Michel Legrand; Claude N'doume; Isabelle Jankowiak
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Impact of aerosols generated from biomass burning and dust storms
Author(s): Sundar A. Christopher; Denise A. Berendes; Donna V. Vulcan; Ronald M. Welch
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Simulation of aerosol cloud transport and diffusion with OMEGA
Author(s): R. M. Cox; D. P. Bacon
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Generation of synthetic satellite data with OMEGA
Author(s): D. P. Bacon; R. M. Cox
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History of one family of atmospheric radiative transfer codes
Author(s): Gail P. Anderson; Jinxue Wang; Michael L. Hoke; F. X. Kneizys; James H. Chetwynd; Laurence S. Rothman; L. M. Kimball; Robert A. McClatchey; Eric P. Shettle; Shepard (Tony) Clough; William O. Gallery; Leonard W. Abreu; John E. A. Selby
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Improved technique for statistically optimum inversion of optical data in presence of measurements and model noise
Author(s): Oleg Dubovik; Tatjana Lapyonok; Sergey Oshchepkov
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Calculation of longwave radiance spectra at a high resolution: clear-sky results
Author(s): Istvan Laszlo
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Definition of the oxygen A-band channels of ENVISAT's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer for cloud monitoring
Author(s): M. Kollewe; Juergen Fischer
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New semi-empirical expression for the spectral diffuse irradiance
Author(s): Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec
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Effect of cloud optical properties on cloud radiative forcing in the tropics
Author(s): Sundar A. Christopher; Joyce Chou; Amy Vander Vorste; Ronald M. Welch; Thomas H. Vonder Haar
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Determination of soot-like component presence from brightness spectra measurements of a cloud layer: design of cloud brightness model by means of intraclouds phase function measurements
Author(s): Sergey Oshchepkov; Tatjana Lapyonok; Oleg Dubovik
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Unified retrieval of atmospheric temperature, water substance, and surface properties from the combined DMSP sensor suite
Author(s): Jean-Luc Moncet; Ronald G. Isaacs
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Upper tropospheric humidity and wind fields observed with the Meteosat water vapor channel
Author(s): Leopold Van de Berg; John Whitlock; Carlos Geijo; Johannes Schmetz
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OH measurements with airborne and satellite instrumentation in the lower and upper stratosphere
Author(s): Paul de Valk; Jan J. Wijnbergen; Kelly Van Chance; John P. Burrows; Wolfgang Schneider
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Far-infrared Fabry-Perot spectrometer as satellite-based atmospheric limb sounder
Author(s): Jan J. Wijnbergen; Paul de Valk; John P. Burrows; Kelly Van Chance; Wolfgang Schneider
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Fast moving mechanism for space interferometers
Author(s): Vittorio Spicci; Mauro Brotini
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Measurement and modeled data of solar spectral global direct and diffuse radiation at Valencia (Spain)
Author(s): Victoria E. Cachorro; Angel M. de Frutos; Pilar Utrillas; Jose A. Martinez-Lozano
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Monitoring Pinatubo paroxysmal eruption plume of June 1991 using NOAA and GMS satellite images
Author(s): Carole Volon; Johan Lavreau; Alain Bernard
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Database application system to provide height distributions for optical parameters of aerosols
Author(s): Gunther Klein; Bringfried M. Pflug
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Effect of scattered light on the accuracy of thin clouds optical thickness measurement by a sun photometer
Author(s): Iosif L. Katsev; Eleonora P. Zege; Alexander S. Prikhach; Igor N. Polonsky
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Quantitative assessment of contrail cloud cover
Author(s): Klaus Peter Schickel; T. Forkert; H. Mannstein; B. Strauss; P. Wendling
Light scattering by ensemble of nonspherical particles into solid angles
Author(s): L. E. Paramonov
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Optical equivalence of the randomly oriented ellipsoidal and polydisperse spherical particles: extinction, scattering, and absorption cross sections
Author(s): L. E. Paramonov
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Comparisons between desert aerosols in Lowtran7 and new measurements
Author(s): Olga Lado-Bordowsky; Isabelle Le Naour; Olivier Le Fol
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Validation of FASCOD3 and MODTRAN3: comparison of model calculations with interferometer observations from SPECTRE and ITRA
Author(s): Jinxue Wang; Gail P. Anderson
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Particle characteristics of PSCs inferred from polarimetric experiment
Author(s): Anna Maslowska; Maurice Herman
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Evaluation of high-resolution atmospheric sounder designs
Author(s): Joe A. Jenney
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