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Gamma-Ray Detector Physics and Applications
Editor(s): Elena Aprile

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Volume Number: 2305
Date Published: 21 September 1994

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Development of large-area drift chambers for high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics
Author(s): Reshmi Mukherjee; D. L. Bertsch; Rajani Cuddapah; Brenda L. Dingus; Joseph A. Esposito; Carl E. Fichtel; Robert C. Hartman; Stanley D. Hunter; D. J. Thompson
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Performance of an ionization chamber filled with liquid xenon doped with organic molecules as a gamma-ray detector
Author(s): Kimiaki Masuda; Tadayoshi Doke; Jun Kikuchi; Hiroyuki Okada
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Energy to create a scintillation photon in liquid xenon
Author(s): Tadayoshi Doke; Kimiaki Masuda
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High-pressure xenon cylindrical ionization chamber with a shielding mesh
Author(s): Sergey E. Ulin; Valery V. Dmitrenko; V. M. Grachev; O. N. Kondakova; S. V. Krivov; S. I. Sutchkov; Z. M. Uteshev; K. F. Vlasik; Yu. T. Yurkin; I. V. Chernycheva
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Initial results on calorimetry and imaging of MeV gamma rays with a 10-liter liquid xenon time projection chamber (LXe-TPC)
Author(s): Elena Aprile; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Dake Chen; H. Tawara; Fang Xu
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Research and development of Ce-doped GSO scintillation crystals
Author(s): Mitsuru Ishii; Masaaki Kobayashi; Hiroyuki Ishibashi; Seikichi Akiyama; Charles L. Melcher
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Crystal gamma-ray detectors for high-energy physics
Author(s): Ren-yuan Zhu
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Cadmium telluride and related materials as x-ray and gamma-ray detectors: a review of recent progress
Author(s): Paul Siffert
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Monte Carlo simulation of a CdTe gamma-ray spectrometer: best time and energy resolution performances
Author(s): Claudio Manfredotti; F. Fizzotti; M. Boero; Ettore Vittone; U. Nastasi
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Room temperature semiconductor detectors for hard x-ray astrophysics
Author(s): Ann M. Parsons; Carl Michael Stahle; Casey M. Lisse; R. Sachidananda Babu; Neil A. Gehrels; Bonnard J. Teegarden; Peter K. Shu
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Silicon detector probe for gamma-ray and x-ray backscatter radiation
Author(s): Eugenia T. Halmagean; Cristian C. Lazarovici; Doina N. Lazarovici; Valerica Cimpoca; Marian N. Udrea-Spinea
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X-ray imaging using CdTe detectors based on detector's capacitance loading and discharging
Author(s): M. Merah; M. Riedinger; Makram Hage-Ali; Paul Siffert
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Afterglow effects in cadmium telluride radiation detectors
Author(s): Patrick Wurm; Makram Hage-Ali; Jean Marie Koebel; Christiane Ritt; Paul Siffert
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Internal field distribution in CdTe detectors prepared from semi-insulating materials
Author(s): Makram Hage-Ali; M. C. Busch; Jean Marie Koebel; Paul Siffert
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Infrared characterization of mercuric iodide surfaces
Author(s): M. Sieskind; A. Nabaoui; B. Carimentrand; M. Amann; J. P. Ponpon; Paul Siffert
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Tracking and imaging gamma-ray experiment (TIGRE) for 300-keV to 100-MeV gamma-ray astronomy
Author(s): Tumay O. Tumer; Dipen Bhattacharya; Scott C. Blair; Gary L. Case; David D. Dixon; Chia-Ling Liu; Terrence J. O'Neill; R. Stephen White; Allen D. Zych
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60-liter liquid xenon time projection chamber (LXe-TPC) for study of radiative pion decay
Author(s): G. Carugno; Simonetta Cerdonio; E. Conti; A. Meneguzzo; R. Onofrio
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Performances of CdTe and Cd1-xZnxTe gamma-ray detectors at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Stephen U. Egarievwe; Leroy Salary; Kuo-Tong Chen; Arnold Burger; Ralph B. James
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Photoionization investigation of defect traps in mercuric iodide room-temperature x-ray spectrometers
Author(s): John M. Van Scyoc; T. S. Gilbert; Tuviah E. Schlesinger; Ralph B. James
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