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X-Ray and Ultraviolet Spectroscopy and Polarimetry
Editor(s): Silvano Fineschi

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Volume Number: 2283
Date Published: 7 November 1994

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Instrument description and science performance of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
Author(s): Scott D. Friedman; James C. Green; Erik Wilkinson
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Design of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer spectrograph
Author(s): James C. Green; Erik Wilkinson; Scott D. Friedman
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X-ray performance of the engineering prototype Stellar X-Ray Polarimeter
Author(s): Eric H. Silver; Klaus Ziock; J. Dwyer; Philip E. Kaaret; Robert Novick; Ronald F. Elsner; Martin C. Weisskopf; Enrico Costa; Paolo Soffitta; Giuseppe Manzo; Andrea E. Santangelo; Igor Y. Lapshov; Rashid Sunyaev
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Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer for the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory: optical testings
Author(s): Silvano Fineschi; Marco Romoli; Larry D. Gardner; John L. Kohl; Giancarlo C. Noci; Giuseppe Tondello
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Quick, cheap, and beautiful x-ray polarimeter
Author(s): Martin C. Weisskopf; Ronald F. Elsner; Marshall K. Joy; Stephen L. O'Dell; Brian D. Ramsey; Gordon P. Garmire; Peter Meszaros; Rashid Sunyaev
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Conceptual design of a fast soft x-ray stellar polarimeter
Author(s): Herman L. Marshall
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Modeling and analysis of x-ray emission line images acquired with a prototype model of the XMM Reflection Grating Spectrometer
Author(s): Frits B. S. Paerels; Jay V. Bixler; Jan-Willem den Herder; Charles J. Hailey; Steven M. Kahn; C. W. Mauche
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Development, fabrication, and metrology of the electro-optical breadboard model for the reflection grating array of the XMM Grating Spectrometer
Author(s): Todd A. Decker; Richard C. Montesanti; Jay V. Bixler; Charles J. Hailey; Steven M. Kahn
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Polarimetric performance of a Bragg hard x-ray (>10 keV) concentrator
Author(s): Filippo Frontera; Paola De Chiara; Giovanni Pareschi; G. Pasqualini
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Prospects for supermirrors in hard x-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Karsten Dan Joensen; Paul Gorenstein; Finn Erland Christensen; Peter Hoghoj; Eric Ziegler; Jean Susini; Andreas K. Freund; D. Peter Siddons; James L. Wood
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Multilayer thin-film polarizer design for the far ultraviolet using the induced transmission and absorption technique
Author(s): Jongmin Kim; Muamer Zukic; Michele Wilson McColgan; Jong Ho Park; Douglas G. Torr
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Laser-produced plasma stigmatic observations in the EUV by means of a CCD detector with enhanced VUV sensitivity
Author(s): Paolo Villoresi; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Emanuele Pace; Giuseppe Tondello; Ermanno Jannitti
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Soft x-ray detection efficiency of large-area avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Eric M. Gullikson; Ernesto V. Gramsch; Marek Szawlowski
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High-resolution x-ray detection at 1.2 K with niobium superconducting tunnel junctions
Author(s): Peter Verhoeve; Nicola Rando; P. H. Videler; Anthony J. Peacock; Axel van Dordrecht; D. J. Goldie; John M. Lumley; J. Howlett; M. Wallis; R. Venn
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Design of an EUV spectrometer with stigmatic image focusing using spherical varied line-space gratings
Author(s): Tatsuo Harada; Hideo Sakuma; Toshiaki Kita; Masato Nakamura
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Sliced multilayer grating x-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Michele Wilson McColgan; Muamer Zukic; Jongmin Kim; Douglas G. Torr; Alphonsus John Fennelly; Edward L. Fry
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Polarization characteristics of the laboratory synchrotron radiation source
Author(s): Sergey I. Anevsky; Alexandr E. Verny; Olga A. Minaeva; Oleg Yu. Morozov; Victor I. Sapritsky; Vladimir B. Khromchenko
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X-ray tomographic spectroscopy: TOMOSCOP low-energy design concept
Author(s): Muamer Zukic; Michele Wilson McColgan; Douglas G. Torr; Alphonsus John Fennelly; Edward L. Fry
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Soft x-ray spectrometer for in situ monitoring of thin-film growth
Author(s): Per Skytt; Carl J. Englund; Nial Wassdahl; Derrick C. Mancini; Joseph Nordgren
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X-ray spectroheliographs with the Bragg focusing optics for the CORONAS project: design, fabrication, and optical testing
Author(s): Sergey V. Kuzin; Eugeny A. Andreev; Viatcheslav V. Korneev; Viktor V. Krutov; Mikhail M. Mitropolsky; Andrey A. Pertzov; Vladimir N. Stasevich; Igor I. Sobelman; Igor P. Tindo; Igor A. Zhitnik
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Tolerance analysis of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE): a statistical approach
Author(s): Erik Wilkinson; James C. Green; David J. Sahnow
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Study of photoemission spectroscopy with polarized x-rays
Author(s): Ping-Shine Shaw; Shaul Hanany; Yee Liu; Robert Novick; Andrea E. Santangelo; Giuseppe Manzo
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Spectrometric and spectropolarimetric observation of the solar corona with the LASCO/SOHO Lyot coronagraph
Author(s): Dennis George Socker; Guenter E. Brueckner; Clarence M. Korendyke; Rainer Schwenn
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Ultraviolet Spectrograph Telescope for Astronomical Research (UVSTAR): a spectrographic telescope for the Shuttle Hitchhiker-M bridge
Author(s): Roberto Stalio; A. Lyle Broadfoot; Jay B. Holberg; Franco Viola; J. Sabbah
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Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Ultraviolet Radiation (SUMER) instrument on SOHO: design, performance predictions, and calibration aspects
Author(s): Udo H. Schuehle
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Analysis and design of telescopes for the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
Author(s): Scott D. Friedman; Steven J. Conard; David J. Sahnow; Douglas B. McGuffey
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Development of a new hard x-ray polarimeter
Author(s): Eiji Takase; Shuichi Gunji; Hirohisa Sakurai; Motosaku Noma; H. Tomita; F. Denzumi; Tsutomu Tamura
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X-ray scattering polarimetry with scintillating fibers of different materials
Author(s): Marco Feroci; Enrico Costa; Giorgio Matt; Maria Nerina Cinti; Massimo Rapisarda
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Statistical and operational considerations for designs for x-ray tomographic spectrophotometry to detect, localize, and classify foreign objects in various systems
Author(s): Alphonsus John Fennelly; Edward L. Fry; Muamer Zukic; Michele Wilson McColgan; Tadeusz J. Janik; Douglas G. Torr
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Polarization characterization of Ly alpha holographic gratings with a triple-reflection polarizer
Author(s): Marco Romoli; Silvano Fineschi; Larry D. Gardner; John L. Kohl
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