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X-Ray and UV Detectors
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover; Mark W. Tate
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Volume Number: 2278
Date Published: 12 July 1994
Softcover: 29 papers (266) pages
ISBN: 9780819416025

Table of Contents
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Gas-filled detectors in medical and industrial imaging
Author(s): Albert Heinrich Walenta; Hans-Juergen Besch
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CCD-based detector for x-ray crystallography
Author(s): Martin J. Stanton; Walter Charles Phillips; Daniel M. O'Mara
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Preliminary characterization of a new hybrid structure with CdTe: x-ray imaging capabilities
Author(s): Marc Cuzin; Francis Glasser; R. Mermet; N. Meunier; Olivier C. Peyret; Philippe Rambaud
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Imaging ionization chamber for medical application with synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Hans-Juergen Besch; U. Grossmann; R. Langer; Hermann W. Schenk; Albert Heinrich Walenta; Wolf-Rainer Dix; Joachim Heuer; Walter Graeff; G. Illing; Michael Lohmann; Ralf-Hendrik Menk; L. Schildwaechter; U. Tafelmeier; Wolfram Kupper
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a-Si:H/CsI(Tl) x-ray survey monitor working in photovoltaic mode
Author(s): Claudio Manfredotti; F. Fizzotti; E. Sacchi; Ettore Vittone; M. Boero; U. Nastasi
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Development of monolithic Cd1-xZnxTe arrays with improved energy and spatial resolution
Author(s): Richard C. Schirato; Raulf M. Polichar; John H. Reed
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Two-level x-ray-based explosives detection system
Author(s): Hermann Ries
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W value in argon-xenon mixtures for x-rays
Author(s): Carlos Alberto Na Conde; Filipa I. G. Melo Borges
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Vanguard industrial linear accelerator rapid product development
Author(s): Jim Harroun
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Characteristics of an ultrafast x-ray streak camera
Author(s): Ronnie L. Shepherd; Rex Booth; Dwight F. Price; Mark Whitman Bowers; Don A. Swan; James D. Bonlie; Bruce KF Young; James Dunn; William E. White; Richard E. Stewart
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Performances of ion-implanted CCDs in the EUV spectral region
Author(s): Giampiero Naletto; Emanuele Pace; Giuseppe Tondello; Alessio Boscolo; Giovanni Bonanno
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Two-dimensional ultravioletray sensor utilizing photostimulated luminescence in Eu-doped KCl phosphors
Author(s): Hidehito Nanto; Yoshiaki Hirai; Fumitaka Endo; Mitsuo Ikeda; Shouichi Nasu; Nozomu Takeuchi
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Sensitive gas tube near-UV photon-counting detector based on excited-state photoionization
Author(s): Norman S. Kopeika; J. Peleg; Moshe Cohen; A. Abramovitch
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Performance of a large-area microchannel plate photon-counting intensifier
Author(s): Iain G. Butler; Timothy J. Norton; Robert J. Airey; Brian L. Morgan; John L. A. Fordham; David A. Bone; R. M. Michel-Murillo
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Recent advances with the MAMA detector systems
Author(s): J. Gethyn Timothy
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Development of monolithic capillary optics for x-ray diffraction applications
Author(s): Johannes B. Ullrich; Igor Yu. Ponomarev; Mikhail V. Gubarev; Ning Gao; Qi-Fan Xiao; Walter M. Gibson
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Polycapillary Kumakhov optics: a status report
Author(s): Walter M. Gibson; Carolyn A. MacDonald
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Numerical analysis for relief gratings working in the soft xray and XUV region by the integral equation method
Author(s): Leonid I. Goray
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Nonscalar properties of high groove frequency gratings for soft x-ray and XUV regions
Author(s): Leonid I. Goray
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Status of experimental works in the field of x-ray capillary optics
Author(s): Muradin A. Kumakhov
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Synchrotron radiation focusing by means of Kumakhov lenses
Author(s): Svetlana V. Nikitina; Sultan B. Dabagov; Rustem V. Fedorchuk; Violetta A. Murashova; Mikhail N. Yakimenko
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Principal possibilities of Kumakhov lenses
Author(s): Vladimir A. Arkadiev; Dmitrii I. Gruev
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Use of Kumakhov lenses for image transfer
Author(s): Svetlana V. Nikitina; G. A. Vartaniants; Eugene V. Vasiliev; Andrey N. Nikitin; Sultan B. Dabagov
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Investigation of Kumakhov lenses focus spot
Author(s): Svetlana V. Nikitina; Nariman S. Ibraimov; G. A. Vartaniants; Andrey N. Nikitin; Lutz Spielberger; Sultan B. Dabagov
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Characterization of a multifiber polycapillary-based x-ray collimating lens
Author(s): A. Kardiawarman; Vladimir Kovantsev; S. Budkov; Walter M. Gibson; T. M. Hayes; L. B. Lurio; Carolyn A. MacDonald; Peter Persans; Qi-Fan Xiao
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Progress toward a 92-mm diameter microchannel plate phototube with helical delay line readout
Author(s): Mark Bennett Williams; Stanley E. Sobottka
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Radiation emission characteristics in the x-ray/EUV/FUV from spherically pinched and vacuum spark sources
Author(s): Jiong Chen; Emilio Panarella; B. Hilko; Haibo Chen
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Improved ratio method for x-ray densitometry
Author(s): Geoffrey L. Harding; R. Armstrong; Sharon M. McDaid; Malcolm J. Cooper
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Delta-doped CCDs for enhanced UV performance
Author(s): Shouleh Nikzad; Michael E. Hoenk; Paula J. Grunthaner; Robert W. Terhune; Frank J. Grunthaner; Rusty Winzenread; Masoud M. Fattahi; Hsin-Fu Tseng
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