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Infrared Detectors: State of the Art II
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Volume Number: 2274
Date Published: 7 October 1994
Softcover: 24 papers (236) pages
ISBN: 9780819415981

Table of Contents
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Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) HgCdTe infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) flexible manufacturing
Author(s): Jose M. Arias; Majid Zandian; John G. Pasko; Jagmohan Bajaj; Lester J. Kozlowski; William E. Tennant; Roger E. DeWames
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Si1-xGex/Si heterojunction internal photoemission long-wavelength infrared detector
Author(s): True Lon Lin; Jin Suk Park; Sarath D. Gunapala; Eric W. Jones; Hector M. Del Castillo
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Recent progress with in-situ monitoring of mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) growth
Author(s): Stuart J. C. Irvine; Jagmohan Bajaj
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Point defects in HgCdTe by deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS)
Author(s): Jose E. Colon; Jagmohan Bajaj; Jose M. Arias; Majid Zandian; John G. Pasko
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Optical absorption coefficient of CdZnTe
Author(s): A. J. Syllaios; Pok-Kai K. Liao; Brian E. Dean
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Optical, topographical, and compositional characterization of PtSi/Si Schottky diodes
Author(s): Patrick G. McCafferty; Azzouz Sellai; Paul Dawson
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Crosstalk characterization in photodiode detector array using a 1-μm optical scanning spot laser beam
Author(s): Wai William Wang; Richard Y. Kwor
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Impulse coupling between laser and HgCdTe
Author(s): Ji Liu; Xiangyang Li; Xierong Hu; Jiaxiong Fang; Guosen Xu; Jie Shen
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Properties of the HgCdTe films
Author(s): Fei-Fei Wu; Wenzhen Song; Runqing Jiang; Jingxuan Yan; Zhaopeng Liu
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n and k measurement of MCT and PST by polarized reflectometry
Author(s): Fei-Fei Wu; Wenzhen Song; Hui-Fen Yu; Runqing Jiang; Xiangyang Li; Zhaopeng Liu
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Pulsed-laser-induced damage on the HgCdTe surface
Author(s): Xiaoguang Wu; Xierong Hu; Zhaopeng Liu; Jiaxiong Fang; Jie Shen; Guosen Xu
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Optical refractive and reflective properties of Hg1-xCdxTe
Author(s): Runqing Jiang; Fei-Fei Wu; Xiangyang Li; Zhaohe Yang; Xierong Hu; Jiaxiong Fang; Jie Shen; Guosen Xu; Yanjin Li
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Properties of the oxidation on Hg1-xCdxTe by ellipsometry
Author(s): Xierong Hu; Runqing Jiang; Fei-Fei Wu; Shuzhi Zhang; Xiangyang Li; Jiaxiong Fang; Guosen Xu; Jie Shen; Xiaoning Hu
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Experimental investigation of the performance of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-well infrared photodetectors from the Industrial Microelectronics Ctr., Sweden
Author(s): Anjali Singh; Steven E. Anderson; Rodolfo A. Ramos; Raymond K. Purvis; David A. Cardimona; N. Gieson; D. Thompson; D. T. Goring; Jan Y. Andersson; Lennart Lundqvist
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Selectively plated infrared-sensitive lead sulfide layers
Author(s): V. Subramanian; K. R. Murali; N. Rangarajan; A. S. Lakshmanan
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Infrared image sensor status
Author(s): Paul R. Norton
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Recent advances in staring hybrid focal plane arrays: comparison of HgCdTe, InGaAs, and GaAs/AlGaAs detector technologies
Author(s): Lester J. Kozlowski; Jose M. Arias; G. M. Williams; Kadri Vural; Donald E. Cooper; Scott A. Cabelli; Carl F. Bruce
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Integrated two-color detection for advanced focal plane array (FPA) applications
Author(s): Jerry A. Wilson; Elizabeth A. Patten; G. R. Chapman; Kim Kosai; B. Baumgratz; P. Goetz; S. J. Tighe; R. F. Risser; R. F. Herald; William A. Radford; Tse Tung; W. A. Terre
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Optimization of signal processing in the element (SPRITE) integration and readout lengths
Author(s): Harvey Nicholas Rutt
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Monte Carlo simulations of the cross talk in InSb matrices
Author(s): Richard M. Fastow; Avi Strum
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Low-cost uncooled ferroelectric detector
Author(s): Howard R. Beratan; Charles M. Hanson; Edward G. Meissner
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Infrared detectors for 2- to 220-μm astronomy
Author(s): James E. Huffman
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Wave packet simulations of escape and capture probabilities in multiquantum-well infrared detectors
Author(s): Abraham Fraenkel; Yoram Betser; Elieser Finkman; Gad Bahir
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Effect of the OH ions on SiO2/SPG/SiO2/InSb device stability
Author(s): Hongyi Su; Weiguo Sun
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