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Sensors and Control for Automation
Editor(s): Markus Becker; R. W. Daniel; Otmar Loffeld
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Volume Number: 2247
Date Published: 9 November 1994
Softcover: 30 papers (318) pages
ISBN: 9780819415530

Table of Contents
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Controlling a robot task using external redundant sensors
Author(s): A. Poyet; Jocelyne Troccaz; Philippe Cinquin
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Multisensor data fusion for automated guided vehicles
Author(s): Rachad Mahmoud; Otmar Loffeld; Klaus Hartmann
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Triaural perception: a comparison of neural network and maximum likelihood algorithms to solve the correspondence problem
Author(s): Herbert Peremans; J. Chen
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Multiplexed fiber optic interferometric sensors with spectral encoding
Author(s): Sergey A. Egorov; Anatoly N. Mamaev; Alexander S. Polyantsev
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Simulation and optimization of aspheric lenses for advanced small sensor heads of large numerical aperture
Author(s): Zhanping Xu; Bernhard O. Bundschuh; Ferdinand Klaus; Reinhold Vogt
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New tactile sensor based on holographic optical elements
Author(s): Guenter Sommer; Stephan L. Leibbrandt; Christo G. Stojanoff
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New low-cost sensor concept for field protection: machine vision, autonomous vehicles/robots
Author(s): Wolfram Kleuver; Carsten Kunze
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Fuzzy epsilon filters for removal of thermal and speckle noise from gray-scale images
Author(s): H. J. Bessai
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Novel scheme for minimizing the error of delay time in a distance sensor
Author(s): Rudolf Schwarte; Jiangming Li; Ruediger Klein
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3D from focus and light stripes
Author(s): Ahmed M. Darwish
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Fast 3D object recognition using a combination of color-coded phase-shift principle and color-coded triangulation
Author(s): Erhard Schubert; Holger Rath; Juergen Klicker
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Fuzzy-based automatic inspection of mandrel bars
Author(s): Michael Fuss
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Fully automatic color print inspection by digital image processing systems
Author(s): Bryan Hayes
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Vision-based level control for beverage-filling processes
Author(s): Dietmar Ley; Ingolf Braune
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Fast intersection detection algorithm for PC-based robot off-line programming
Author(s): Christian H. Fedrowitz
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Fast and robust recognition and localization of 2D objects
Author(s): Rainer Otterbach; Rolf Gerdes; R. Kammueller
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Efficient PC-based robot off-line programming system
Author(s): Christian H. Fedrowitz
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Vision sensor calibration for robotic work cells
Author(s): Anatoly Pashkevich; Juha Roening; Andrew V. Sidorov
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Computer-aided programming of automated welding work cells
Author(s): Evgeni Kukareko; Anatoly Pashkevich; Dmitry Khmel; Alexander Korzun; Yury Yurkevich
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Analog image detector in thin film on application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology
Author(s): Helmut Fischer; Tarek Lule; Bernd Schneider; Juergen Schulte; Markus Boehm
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Intelligent image sensor for on-chip contour extraction
Author(s): Juergen Schulte; Helmut Fischer; Markus Boehm
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New type of thin film color image sensor
Author(s): Qi Zhu; Helmut Stiebig; Peter Rieve; Juergen Giehl; Michael Sommer; Markus Boehm
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New ultrasensitive pickup device for deep-sea robots: underwater super-HARP color TV camera
Author(s): Hirotaka Maruyama; Kenkichi Tanioka; Tetsuo Uchida
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Flexible, runtime-efficient vector-radix algorithms for multidimensional fast Fourier transform
Author(s): Ferdinand Klaus; Ute Blewonska; Bernhard O. Bundschuh
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Robotic camera for automatic localization of steam generator tubes in nuclear power stations
Author(s): Philippe Cers; Marie-Agnes Garnero
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Robust position estimation of a mobile vehicle
Author(s): Vania Conan; Pierre Boulanger; Shadia Elgazzar
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Teleoperation of an experimental mobile vehicle via a free-space optical laser line-of-sight communication link for use in nuclear power plant environments
Author(s): Khalid Girach; K. Bouazza-Marouf; David Kerr; Jim Hewit
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Teleoperation of a mobile vehicle via a 23-GHz microwave radio link in nuclear plant environments: a feasibility study
Author(s): David Kerr; T. C. West; K. Bouazza-Marouf; Jim Hewit
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New fiber optic laser probe for the automatic inspection of cracks in the inner side of heat exchanger tubes of nuclear power plants
Author(s): Jose Carlos Lopez Vazquez; Angel F. Doval; Benito Vasquez Dorrio; R. Soto; Jesus Blanco-Garcia; J. L. Fernandez; Mariano Perez-Amor; Benjamin Gonzalez Tejedor
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Computer vision system for three-dimensional inspection
Author(s): Francisco Penafiel; Luis Fernandez; Pascual Campoy; Rafael Aracil
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