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Visual Information Processing III
Editor(s): Friedrich O. Huck; Richard D. Juday

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Volume Number: 2239
Date Published: 24 June 1994

Table of Contents
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Analysis of shape using annular symmetry operators
Author(s): Michael F. Kelly; Martin D. Levine
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Parametric geons: a discrete set of shapes with parameterized attributes
Author(s): Kenong Wu; Martin D. Levine
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Extraction of 2D groupings for 3D object recognition
Author(s): Jean-Luc Arseneault; Robert Bergevin; Denis Laurendeau
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Texture modeling and parameterization based on chaotic dynamics
Author(s): Duncan J. Telfer; Timo Eriksson; Keith O. Pritchard
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Image restoration versus aliased noise enhancement
Author(s): Stephen K. Park; Rajeeb Hazra
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From vision to synthesis: a new approach to the integration of image analysis, computer vision, and image synthesis
Author(s): Axel Hildebrand; Wolfgang Mueller
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Natural scene feature extraction using singular value decomposition
Author(s): David M. Cannon; Steven C. Gustafson; James D. Leonard Jr.
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Conformal and other image warpings for reading with field defect
Author(s): Richard D. Juday; R. Shane Barton; Curtis D. Johnson; David S. Loshin
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Electro-optical design for efficient visual communication
Author(s): Friedrich O. Huck; Carl L. Fales; Daniel J. Jobson; Zia-ur Rahman
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Nonlinear filtering for video dynamic range compression
Author(s): Andrew J. Moore
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Computer retina that models the primate retina
Author(s): Samir Shah; Martin D. Levine
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Real-time adaptive imager
Author(s): Steven E. Strang; George B. Westrom; Richard D. Holben
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Partial rotation invariance in retinal pattern recognition
Author(s): Richard D. Juday; Jerome Knopp; Colin Soutar; R. Shane Barton
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Massively parallel technique for feature extraction
Author(s): Grama Y. Chethan; Pepe Siy
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Video compression by matching human perceptual channels
Author(s): Carl F. R. Weiman
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Low-bit-rate image compression evaluations
Author(s): Bernard V. Brower
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Gray-scale image compression with wavelet transforms
Author(s): Timothy S. Wilkinson; Martin M. Malarkey
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Low-bit-rate fractal image coding
Author(s): Alan D. Sloan
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Low-bit-rate compression using recursive block coding techniques
Author(s): Sriram Venkatraraman; Paul M. Farrelle
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Image encoding algorithm using Hilbert space
Author(s): Ying Liu
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Assessment of image coding by information theory
Author(s): Zia-ur Rahman; Carl L. Fales; Friedrich O. Huck
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Rank filters with adaptive length
Author(s): Takis Kasparis; Qurban A. Memon; Revathi Koteeswaran
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Effect of small angular subtenses on color difference threshold
Author(s): Shaowei Fu
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Real-time image processing for hot bar ends profile
Author(s): Xiong-Jun Li; Ling-Jing Tang; Zhu Li
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