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Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
Editor(s): Dominick A. Giglio
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Volume Number: 2230
Date Published: 9 June 1994
Softcover: 34 papers (428) pages
ISBN: 9780819415349

Table of Contents
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Spotlight-mode synthetic aperture radar without Fourier transforms
Author(s): Jordan Mann; Robert A. Hummel
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SAR image-formation algorithm that compensates for the spatially variant effects of antenna motion
Author(s): Bryan L. Burns; J. Thomas Cordaro
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Migration processing of spotlight SAR data
Author(s): August Golden; Susan C. Wei; Kenneth K. Ellis; Sreenidhi Tummala
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Algorithms for focused linear SAR imaging
Author(s): Christopher John Oliver; David P. Belcher; A. P. Blake; Richard Geoffrey White
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Phase error estimation algorithm: theory, applications, and examples
Author(s): Christy Ann Snarski
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Characterizing and correcting media-induced focus errors in SAR imagery
Author(s): Gerald N. Gilbert; Matthew Braunstein; James M. Ralston
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Three-dimensional SAR from curvilinear apertures
Author(s): Kenneth Knaell
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Application of one-dimensional adaptive extrapolation to improve resolution in range-Doppler imaging
Author(s): Sergio D. Cabrera; Benjamin C. Flores; Gabriel Thomas; Javier Vega-Pineda
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Design of a real-time high-quality SAR processor
Author(s): Gordon C. Pryde; K. D. R. Beckett; L. M. Delves; Christopher John Oliver; Richard Geoffrey White
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SAR image formation processing using planar subarrays
Author(s): Richard P. Perry; Richard C. DiPietro; A. Kozma; John J. Vaccaro
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Implementation of (omega)-k synthetic aperture radar imaging algorithm on a massively parallel supercomputer
Author(s): Christopher R. Yerkes; Eric D. Webster
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Automated two- and three-dimensional, fine-resolution radar imaging of rigid targets with arbitrary unknown motion
Author(s): Mark A. Stuff; Richard C. Sullivan; Brian J. Thelen; Susan A. Werness
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Signal processing approaches to radio frequency interference (RFI) suppression
Author(s): Matthew Braunstein; James M. Ralston; David A. Sparrow
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Overview of foliage/ground penetration and interferometric SAR experiments
Author(s): Dominick A. Giglio
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Efficacy of frequency on detecting targets in foliage using incoherent change detection
Author(s): Robert R. James; Clark R. Hendrickson
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Comparison of ultrawideband SAR target detection algorithms
Author(s): Shawn D. Halversen; Jeffrey G. Nanis; Gregory J. Owirka; Leslie M. Novak
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Comparisons of target detection in clutter using data from the 1993 FOPEN experiments
Author(s): Edwin M. Winter; Michael J. Schlangen; Clark R. Hendrickson
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Coherent aspect-dependent SAR image formation
Author(s): Ronald D. Chaney; Alan S. Willsky; Leslie M. Novak
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Comparative study of feature mapping and selection for ATR: experiments on SAR data
Author(s): Xiaoli Yu; Lawrence E. Hoff; Irving S. Reed; David L. Buck; An Mei Chen
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Joint spatial-polarimetric whitening filter to improve SAR target detection performance for spatially distributed targets
Author(s): Victor J. Larson; Leslie M. Novak; Clayton V. Stewart
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Wide-angle wideband SAR matched filter image formation for enhanced detection performance
Author(s): Mark R. Allen; Lawrence E. Hoff
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Efficient method of target recognition based on spectral correlation of wideband resonance effects
Author(s): Vincent Sabio; Rama Chellappa
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New SAR ATR algorithm suite
Author(s): Gregory J. Owirka; Leslie M. Novak
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Bayesian neural network ATR for multifeature SAR
Author(s): Edward E. Hilbert; Chung-Fu Chang
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Studies of Advanced Detection Technology Sensor (ADTS) data
Author(s): Daniel P. Morrison; Alan C. Eckert; Frank J. Shields
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Ultrawideband SAR clutter suppression by AR spectral estimation
Author(s): Scott W. Shaw
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Optimum texture analysis of SAR images
Author(s): Christopher John Oliver; A. P. Blake; Richard Geoffrey White
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SAR imaging via modern 2D spectral estimation methods
Author(s): Stuart R. DeGraaf
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Use of interferometric SAR for height measurement and discrimination
Author(s): Lawrence P. Orwig; Paul M. Ibsen; Harold D. Maney; James D. O'Brien; Hugh D. Holt
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Target detection with synthetic aperture radar and coherent subtraction
Author(s): Jian Li; Edmund G. Zelnio
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Use of persistent scatterers for model-based recognition
Author(s): Dan E. Dudgeon; Richard T. Lacoss; Carol H. Lazott; Jacques G. Verly
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New formulation for interferometric synthetic aperture radar for terrain mapping
Author(s): Charles V. Jakowatz; Daniel E. Wahl; Paul H. Eichel; Paul A. Thompson
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Adaptive approaches for SAR processing
Author(s): Vladimir V. Sazonov
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Adaptive high-definition imaging
Author(s): Gerald R. Benitz
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