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Helmet- and Head-Mounted Displays and Symbology Design Requirements
Editor(s): Ronald J. Lewandowski; Wendell Stephens; Loran A. Haworth

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Volume Number: 2218
Date Published: 10 June 1994

Table of Contents
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Miniature color display for airborne helmet-mounted displays (HMDs)
Author(s): David L. Post
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Combat vehicle crew helmet-mounted display: next generation high-resolution head-mounted display
Author(s): Scott A. Nelson
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Miniature display technologies for helmet- and head-mounted displays
Author(s): Michael R. Worboys; Suzanne C.M. Day; Stephen J. Foster; Sharon N. Radcliffe; Keith Mitchell; David G. Vass; Ian Underwood
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High-resolution AC thin-film electroluminescence using active matrix on Si substrate
Author(s): Ron Khormaei; Stephen C. Thayer; Ken Ping; Christopher N. King; Gary M. Dolny; Alfred C. Ipri; Fu-Lung Hsueh; David Furst; Roger G. Stewart; Thomas Keyser; Gerry Becker; Dan R. Kagey; Mark B. Spitzer; M. W. Batty
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Application and demonstration of diffractive optics for head-mounted displays
Author(s): J. Allen Cox; Teresa A. Fritz; Thomas R. Werner
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Head-mounted displays for virtual reality
Author(s): Harry Veron; P. J. Hezel; David A. Southard
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Presentation of IR pictures on helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Giorgio Balzarotti; Lorenzo Fiori; Roberto Malfagia
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Visual performance with night vision goggles (NVGs) measured in U.S. Air Force aircrew members
Author(s): Carita A. DeVilbiss; William R. Ercoline; Joseph Charles Antonio
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Visual acuity versus field of view and light level for night vision goggles (NVGs)
Author(s): Mary M. Donohue-Perry; H. Lee Task; Sharon A. Dixon
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Convergent and divergent viewing affect luning, visual thresholds, and field-of-view fragmentation in partial binocular overlap helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Victor Klymenko; Robert W. Verona; Howard H. Beasley; John S. Martin
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Does display phosphor bandwidth affect the ability of the eye to focus?
Author(s): John C. Kotulak; Stephen E. Morse; William Earl McLean
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Dynamic sine wave response measurements of CRT displays using sinusoidal counterphase modulation
Author(s): Robert W. Verona; Howard H. Beasley; John S. Martin; Victor Klymenko; Clarence E. Rash
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Effects of diffraction efficiency on the performance of diffractive relay optics
Author(s): Dean Faklis; Michael Hoppe
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Determination of eye position in fast jet flight
Author(s): Jacqueline P. Viveash; A. J. Belyavin; Dave J. Bigmore; Geoffrey J. N. Clarkson; G. W. McCarthy; D. A. Rumbold; J. R.R. Stott
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Accuracy evaluation of helmet-mounted display (HMD) electromagnetic tracker
Author(s): Pinhas Gilboa
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Optoelectronic assistance for the disabled
Author(s): Arturo Minor; Salvador Almazan; Ernesto Suaste
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X-31 helmet-mounted visual and audio display (HMVAD) system
Author(s): Steven C. Boehmer
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Design and flight evaluation of visually-coupled symbology for integrated navigation and near-terrain flight guidance
Author(s): Harry N. Swenson; Richard E. Zelenka; Munro G. Dearing; Gordon H. Hardy; Raymond Clark; Andre Zirkler; Tom Davis; Gary Amatrudo
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Vista Sabre II: integration of helmet-mounted tracker/display and high off-boresight missile seeker into F-15 aircraft
Author(s): Ron F. K. Merryman
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Rotorcraft aircrew systems concepts airborne laboratory (RASCAL) helmet-mounted display flight research
Author(s): William S. Hindson; Chima E. Njaka; Edwin W. Aiken; Warren A. Barnhart
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Aviator's night vision imaging system head-up display (ANVIS/HUD) assessment and symbology rationale
Author(s): Andrew J. Lahaszow
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Head-up display (HUD) lessons learned for helmet-mounted display (HMD) development
Author(s): Randall E. Bailey
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Helmet-mounted display requirements: just another head-up display (HUD) or a different animal altogether?
Author(s): Richard L. Newman; Loran A. Haworth
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Aircraft/mission requirements approach for helmet-mounted display decisions
Author(s): Brett A. Storey; Robert K. Osgood; James C. Schueren
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An intelligent system and a relational data base for codifying helmet-mounted display symbology design requirements
Author(s): Steven P. Rogers; David B. Hamilton
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Trends in U.S. Air Force spatial disorientation accidents: 1958-1992
Author(s): William R. Ercoline; Carita A. DeVilbiss; Terence J. Lyons
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Apparatus for rapid prototyping and evaluation of wide-field-of-view helmet-mounted display symbology
Author(s): Robert W. Marshall
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In your face! The pilot's/tester's perspective on helmet-mounted display (HMD) symbology
Author(s): Patrick J. Garman; Jeff A. Trang
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Helmet-mounted display and associated research activities recently conducted by the NASA Johnson Space Center
Author(s): Jose A. Marmolejo
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Obstacle avoidance system (OASYS) symbology in full mission simulation
Author(s): Thomas J. Sharkey
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Subjective results of a simulator evaluation using synthetic terrain imagery presented on a helmet-mounted display
Author(s): Christopher R. Rate; Andrew Probert; David Wright; William H. Corwin; Rick Royer
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Symbology night vision goggles for combat aircraft
Author(s): Geoffrey J. N. Clarkson
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Utility of off-boresight helmet-mounted symbology during a high-angle airborne target acquisition task
Author(s): Eric E. Geiselman; Robert K. Osgood
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The eye as a velocity transducer: an independent information channel?
Author(s): Anthony J. R. Doyle
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Helmet-mounted display symbology for automated nap-of-the-earth rotorcraft flight
Author(s): Richard A. Coppenbarger
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Conformal versus nonconformal symbology and the head-up display
Author(s): Jeffry Long; Christopher D. Wickens
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MH-53J PAVE LOW helmet-mounted display flight test
Author(s): Larry L. Wiley; Randall W. Brown
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Viper helmet-mounted display (HMD): from design concept to flight test
Author(s): Alexander A. Cameron; D. G. Steward
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