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Photonics at the Air Force Photonics Center

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Volume Number: 2216
Date Published: 3 June 1994

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PLZT/ITO grating for optical switching and reconfigurable optical interconnect applications
Author(s): Joanne H. Maurice; Pierre Joseph Talbot
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Characterization of strained-layer and asymmetrically coupled multiple-quantum-well electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Michael J. Hayduk; Raymond K. Boncek; Steven T. Johns; Douglas A. Norton; Mark F. Krol; Brian P. McGinnis; Sergey Yu. Ten; Hyatt M. Gibbs; Galina Khitrova; Nasser Peyghambarian; Docai C. Sun; Elias Towe; Richard P. Leavitt; John T. Pham
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Design and characterization of a diffractive lens for an IR application
Author(s): Denise M. Lyons
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Automated optical target recognition
Author(s): Wesley E. Foor; Mark A. Getbehead; Harold Gregory Andrews; Christopher W. Keefer; Jacqueline D. Smith
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Antijamming optical beam-forming systems
Author(s): Harold Gregory Andrews; Michael E. Turbyfill; Christopher W. Keefer
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Photorefractives for optical signal processing
Author(s): George A. Brost; Kevin M. Magde
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Highly dispersive optical signal processing
Author(s): Steven T. Johns; Douglas A. Norton; Reinhard K. Erdmann; Richard A. Soref
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Optical interconnects for multichip modules
Author(s): Franz Haas; David A. Honey
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High-speed signal-routing holographic switching system
Author(s): Serey Thai; David A. Garafalo
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Demonstration of an optically transparent ATM packet switch node
Author(s): Raymond K. Boncek; Paul R. Prucnal; Alberto Bononi; Jason P. Sokoloff; John L. Stacy; Harold F. Bare; Eric Donkor
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Square broad-area multiple-quantum-well laser
Author(s): Stuart I. Libby; James S. Kimmet; Michael A. Parker; Paul D. Swanson; W. J. Grande
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New Cr4+ laser materials for the near infrared
Author(s): Alphan Sennaroglu; Clifford R. Pollock; Howard Nathel; Jennifer Mass; James Burlitch; Steve Margraf; Rudiger Dieckmann
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Low-threshold passively mode-locked erbium fiber ring lasers
Author(s): Kenneth J. Teegarden; Reinhard K. Erdmann; Salahuddin Qazi
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Demonstration and analysis of a frequency-agile photonic beamformer
Author(s): Evelyn H. Monsay
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Propagation of light in a fiber with nonlinear optical material cylinder
Author(s): Philipp G. Kornreich
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Cooperative research and development agreement: a vehicle to evaluate optoelectronic components
Author(s): Booker H. Tyrone; Axel R. Reisinger; Joelle L. Prince; John Edward Malowicki
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Distortion invariant binary and ternary phase-only filter for distortion invariance using factor analysis
Author(s): Samuel Peter Kozaitis; Wesley E. Foor
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Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for flip-chip packaged vertical optical interconnects
Author(s): Sean S. O'Keefe; William J. Schaff; Lester Fuess Eastman
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Binary optics for optical interconnects
Author(s): Steven M. Shank; Harold G. Craighead
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Analytical investigation of low-power all-optical switching using cascaded Kerr-phase modulators
Author(s): Eric Donkor
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Variable photonic delay line using electro-optic beam deflection
Author(s): David A. Sumberg
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Broadband reconfigurable optical beam-forming systems
Author(s): Edward N. Toughlian; Henry Zmuda; Charity A. Carter
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Tales of a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA)
Author(s): Frederic Quan
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Photonic packet switching with optically processed control
Author(s): Ivan Glesk; Jason P. Sokoloff; Paul R. Prucnal
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Highly overcoupled fused taper couplers as optical switches
Author(s): Theodore F. Morse; Meng Pang Chen; Lawrence J. Reinhart; David A. Brown
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Brillouin scatter threshold in polarization-maintaining fiber with system implications for fiber links
Author(s): Reinhard K. Erdmann
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Harmonically mode-locked laser and applications
Author(s): Richard Lynn Fork; K. Singh; Joseph W. Haus; Reinhard K. Erdmann; Steven T. Johns
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Application of orthogonal data storage volume holography to optical image correlation
Author(s): Koichi Sayano; George A. Rakuljic; George A. Brost
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