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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Submicrometer Lithographies for Manufacturing IV
Editor(s): David O. Patterson
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Volume Number: 2194
Date Published: 13 May 1994
Softcover: 41 papers (430) pages
ISBN: 9780819414892

Table of Contents
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Cost of ownership for x-ray proximity lithography
Author(s): Kathleen Early; William H. Arnold
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Overlay measurement and analysis of x-ray/optical lithography for mix-and-match device applications
Author(s): Arnold W. Yanof; Kevin D. Cummings; Philip A. Seese; Matthew A. Thompson; Mark Drew; Daniel J. DeMay; James M. Oberschmidt; Robert H. Fair; Angela C. Lamberti
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Supporting early development of advanced high-performance logic with synchrotron orbital radiation lithography: a feasibility evaluation
Author(s): Lars W. Liebmann; Andrew T.S. Pomerene; Daniel J. DeMay; Angela C. Lamberti; Thomas P. Donohue; Joachim N. Burghartz
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Alignment accuracy improvement by consideration of wafer processing impacts
Author(s): Klaus Simon; H.-U. Scheunemann; Hans L. Huber; P. Kaiser
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22-nm overlay accuracy of synchrotron radiation stepper using an improved chromatic bifocus alignment system
Author(s): Shiro Hamada; Kazuhiro Ito; Tsutomu Miyatake; Fumiaki Sato; Kazunori Yamazaki
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Comparative study of x-ray lithography process optimization using theoretical and empirical tools
Author(s): Whitson G. Waldo; Cristiano Capasso; Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Mumit Khan; James Welch Taylor; Franco Cerrina
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Development of a laboratory extreme-ultraviolet lithography tool
Author(s): Daniel A. Tichenor; Glenn D. Kubiak; Michael E. Malinowski; Richard H. Stulen; Steven J. Haney; Kurt W. Berger; Rodney P. Nissen; G. A. Wilkerson; Phillip H. Paul; S. R. Birtola; P. S. Jin; Richard William Arling; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; William C. Sweatt; Weng W. Chow; John E. Bjorkholm; Richard R. Freeman; Marc D. Himel; Alastair A. MacDowell; Donald M. Tennant; Linus A. Fetter; Obert R. Wood; Warren K. Waskiewicz; Donald L. White; David L. Windt; Tanya E. Jewell
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X-ray lithography processing at CXrL from beamline to quarter-micron NMOS devices
Author(s): Ramez Nachman; Gong Chen; Michael T. Reilly; Gregory M. Wells; John P. Wallace; Hsin H. Li; Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Paul D. Anderson; Eric Brodsky; Eti Ganin; Stephen A. Campbell; James Welch Taylor; Franco Cerrina
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Micromechanics for actuators via deep x-ray lithography
Author(s): Henry Guckel; Kenneth J. Skrobis; Todd R. Christenson; J. Klein
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Neon dense plasma focus point x-ray source for ≤ 0.25 um lithography
Author(s): Rahul R. Prasad; Mahadevan Krishnan; Joseph Mangano; Philip A. Greene; Niansheng Qi
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Spectral effects on x-ray lithography
Author(s): Whitson G. Waldo; Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Mumit Khan; Cristiano Capasso; James Welch Taylor; Franco Cerrina
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Synchrotron irradiation stability of x-ray masks utilizing stress-free W-Ti absorbers and SiC membranes
Author(s): Hiroshi Okuyama; Yoshio Yamashita; Kenji Marumoto; Hideki Yabe; Yasuji Matsui; Yoichi Yamaguchi; Tsutomu Shoki; Hiroyuki Nagasawa
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Development of a membrane-etch wet station for x-ray masks
Author(s): Susan Sonchik Marine; Douglas E. Benoit; Kevin W. Collins; Kurt R. Kimmel; Harold G. Linde; Jeffrey P. Lissor; Danny M. Plouff; James A. Warner; Charles A. Whiting; Jeff D. Towne
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Optimization of ESCAP photoresist for x-ray lithography
Author(s): Andrew T.S. Pomerene; Karen E. Petrillo; David E. Seeger; Hiroshi Ito; Gregory Breyta; Donald C. Hofer
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Reactive-ion etching of tungsten for high-resolution x-ray masks
Author(s): Loretta M. Shirey; Kelly W. Foster; William P. Chu; John Kosakowski; Kee Woo Rhee; Elizabeth A. Dobisz; Charles R. Eddy; D. W. Park; I. Peter Isaacson; Daniel McCarthy; Christie R. Marrian; Martin C. Peckerar
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Comparison of dry-etch approaches for tungsten patterning
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Dobisz; Charles R. Eddy; John Kosakowski; Orest J. Glembocki; Loretta M. Shirey; Kelly W. Foster; William P. Chu; Kee Woo Rhee; D. W. Park; Christie R. Marrian; Martin C. Peckerar
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Effect of condenser mirror surface roughness on partially coherent image formation in proximity x-ray lithography
Author(s): Jiabei Xiao; Franco Cerrina
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Modeling of a positive chemically amplified photoresist for x-ray lithography
Author(s): Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Steven J. Rhyner; Yueqi Zhu; James Welch Taylor; Franco Cerrina; Whitson G. Waldo
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1-kW x-pinch soft x-ray source
Author(s): Steven C. Plidden; M. R. Richter; David A. Hammer; D. H. Kalantar
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Total evaluation of W-Ti absorber for x-ray mask
Author(s): Kenji Marumoto; Hideki Yabe; Sunao Aya; Koji Kise; Yasuji Matsui
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Soft x-ray output from the spherical pinch plasma radiation source (SPX II) for microlithography applications
Author(s): Jiong Chen; Emilio Panarella; B. Hilko; Haibo Chen
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Application and experimental verification of finite element modeling of friction effects for x-ray lithography mask mounts
Author(s): Hector T. H. Chen; Matthew E. Hansen; Roxann L. Engelstad; William A. Johnson
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Cell projection electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Norio Saitou; Yoshio Sakitani
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Miniature electron microscopes for lithography
Author(s): Alan D. Feinerman; David A. Crewe; Dung-Ching Perng; Capp A. Spindt; Paul R. Schwoebel; Albert V. Crewe
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Pulsed electron-beam source for high-resolution high-throughput microlithography
Author(s): Tseng-Yang Hsu; Peyman Hadizad; Rong Lin Liou; Greg Roth; Martin A. Gundersen
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Techniques for determination of the absorbed energy density function in electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin
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Very simple data processing system for deep submicron nanofabrication
Author(s): Shyi-Long Shy; Tan Fu Lei; C. H. Chu; Chun-Yen Chang; Sia Hau Lee; Wen-An Loong
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Rule-based approach to e-beam and process-induced proximity effect correction for phase-shifting mask fabrication
Author(s): Christophe Pierrat; Joseph G. Garofalo; John DeMarco; Sheila Vaidya; Oberdan W. Otto
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Proximity correction of high-dosed frame with PROXECCO
Author(s): Hans Eisenmann; Thomas Waas; Hans Hartmann
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Direct inclusion of the proximity effect in the calculation of kinoforms
Author(s): Jorgen Bengtsson
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Improved proximity correction algorithm for electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Wu Lu; Hao-Ying Shen; Jingxin X. Tao; Ning Gu; Yu Wei
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Chemically amplified negative resist for e-beam fabrication of x-ray masks
Author(s): Ahmad D. Katnani; Janet M. Rocque; Ranee W. Kwong; Denise M. Puisto; Donald K. Bailey
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Dry-etch characteristics of chemically amplified and onium-salt-sensitized electron-beam resists
Author(s): Syed Ejazu Huq; Philip D. Prewett
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Vertical lithography: controlling resist profiles in optical lithography with a large area electron beam
Author(s): William R. Livesay
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Submicron e-beam lithography process using an overcoating conducting polymer for the reduction of beam charging effects on lithium niobate and quartz
Author(s): Christine A. Kondek; Louis C. Poli
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Characterization of safe solvent PMMA resist variables for electron-beam application
Author(s): Bruce W. Smith; Todd D. Eakin; Donald W. Johnson
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Ion projection: the successor to optical lithography
Author(s): Hans Loeschne; Gerhard Stengl; Ivan L. Berry; John N. Randall; John Charles Wolfe; Walter Finkelstein; Robert W. Hill; John Melngailis; Lloyd R. Harriott; Wilhelm H. Bruenger; L. M. Buchmann
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Advances in focused ion-beam repair of opaque defects
Author(s): David C. Ferranti; John C. Morgan; William B. Thompson; William C. Joyce
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Recent progress in gas field ion source technology
Author(s): Christoph Wilbertz; Thomas Miller; Sigfried Kalbitzer
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Interferometric investigation of x-ray mask fabrication distortions
Author(s): Matthew E. Hansen; Roxann L. Engelstad; Michael T. Reilly; Frederick T. Moore
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High-sensitivity x-ray mask damage studies employing holographic gratings and phase-shifting interferometry
Author(s): Matthew E. Hansen; Franco Cerrina
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