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High-Speed Networking and Multimedia Computing
Editor(s): Arturo A. Rodriguez; Mon-Song Chen; Jacek Maitan
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Volume Number: 2188
Date Published: 1 April 1994
Softcover: 41 papers (444) pages
ISBN: 9780819414830

Table of Contents
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Human interface to large multimedia databases
Author(s): Ben Davis; Linn Marks; Dave Collins; Robert Mack; Peter Malkin; Tam Nguyen
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Video widgets: implementation strategies
Author(s): Simon J. Gibbs
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Digital video architecture for OS/2 2.1
Author(s): John E. Parsons
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Creation and presentation of continuous multimedia streams on PC
Author(s): Saso Jordanoski; Danco Davcev; S. Gievska
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Fast source-based dithering for networked digital video
Author(s): Tom Q. Nguyen; Jonathon Kay; Joseph Pasquale
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Software-only video decompression into arbitrary shapes
Author(s): Roger J.F. Wilson
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Digital video delivery for a digital library in computer science
Author(s): Edward A. Fox; Ghaleb Abdulla
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Construction of a multimedia application on public network
Author(s): Jang Liu; Chwan-Huei Wang; Ming-Yu Tseng; Sun-Lang Hsiao; Wen-Hen Luo; Yung-Mean Tseng; Feng-Yue Hung
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Dial-up remote access image database
Author(s): Chung-Ding Ho; Su-Ming Lee; Pen-Kung Liao; Ming-Houng Tsai; Wern-Sheng Shieh; Horng-Ren Chang; Rong-Hauh Ju
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Statistical real-time video channels over a multiaccess network
Author(s): Chih-Che Chou; Kang G. Shin
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Active multimedia system for delayed conferencing
Author(s): Tai-Yuan Hou; Arding Hsu; Ming-Yee Chiu; Shi-Kuo Chang; Hui-Jung Chang
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Personal telepresence: an interactive multimedia workstation
Author(s): Mike Pihlman; Renee E. Farrell
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Network support for a multimedia conference scheduling service
Author(s): Yee-Hsiang Chang
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Schemes for efficient transmission of encoded video streams on high-speed networks
Author(s): Srinivas Ramanathan; Harrick M. Vin; P. Venkat Rangan
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MPEG video in software: representation, transmission, and playback
Author(s): Lawrence A. Rowe; Ketan D. Mayer-Patel; Brian C. Smith; Kim Liu
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Error concealment strategy for picture-header loss in MPEG compressed video
Author(s): Huifang Sun; Joel Zdepski
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Rate control for VBR MPEG video on local area networks
Author(s): Daniel J. Reininger; Wilson Kwok
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Design of a multimedia storage server
Author(s): Dilip D. Kandlur; Mon-Song Chen; Zon-Yin Shae
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Multimedia server for on-demand services
Author(s): Hiroshi Fujii; Atsushi Ishikawa; Naoya Kotani; Norihiko Sakurai
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GRAMS: a distributed multimedia service system
Author(s): Joseph Y. Hui; Junbiao Zhang
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Storage subsystem in a large multimedia server for high-speed network environments
Author(s): Jayanta K. Dey; Chia-Shiang Shih; Manoj Kumar
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Disk scheduling for multimedia data streams
Author(s): Steve J. Daigle; Jay K. Strosnider
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Distributed multimedia: user perception and dynamic QoS
Author(s): Ronnie T. Apteker; James A. Fisher; Valentin Kisimov; Hanoch Neishlos
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Role of standard compressed video teleconference codecs in the transmission of medical image data
Author(s): Merrill A. Wondrow; Bijoy K. Khandheria; David Richard Holmes; Marvin P. Mitchell; Peter J. Wegwerth; Barry K. Gilbert
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Considerations in the transmission and storage of JPEG-encoded medical video
Author(s): Nilesh R. Gohel; G. James Blaine; Jerome R. Cox; Daniel R. Fuhrmann; Dennis M. Balfe; Diana L. Gray; William D. Middleton
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BERKOM multimedia transport system
Author(s): Stefan Boecking; Spiridon Damaskos; Alfons Fartmann; Bernd Weise; Gerd Hoelzing; Ilka Milouscheva; Jochen D. Sandvoss; Claudia Schmidt
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Connection-oriented protocols over ATM: a case study
Author(s): Spiridon Damaskos; Anastassios Gavras
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Analysis of 100Base-VG demand priority protocol: effects on real-time communications
Author(s): Jayant Kadambi; Stephen Barilovits
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Network support for lossless digital image browsing
Author(s): Colin Parris; Hui Zhang
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Trends in hardware acceleration for digital video on personal computers
Author(s): Ken Morse; Arturo A. Rodriguez
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Storage, retrieval, and edit of digital video using Motion JPEG
Author(s): Subramania I. Sudharsanan; D. H. Lee
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Digital video on personal systems: implementation and performance
Author(s): Limin Hu
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Low-cost display-memory architectures for multiwindow full-motion video and graphics
Author(s): A. A.J. de Lange; G. David La Hei
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Introducing video communication and presentation to desktop computers
Author(s): Michael Jaeger; Utz Osterfeld
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Semidynamic and dynamic transmission algorithms for multiplexing voice with data
Author(s): Yaron Rozenbaum; Panayota Papantoni-Kazakos
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Multimedia chatting system on LAN
Author(s): Chu-Sheng Lung; Chun-Chao Wang; Ching-Long Lee; Huang-Chen Huang
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Fault-tolerant layered approach to fiber optic networks
Author(s): Hosame Abu-Amara; Brian A. Coan; Shlomi Dolev; Arkady Kanevsky; Jennifer L. Welch
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Bilevel document archiving system using JBIG
Author(s): A. Bakalidis; A. Tsompanopoulos; C. Chamzas
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Displaying digital video over ethernet TCP-IP
Author(s): John Foster; Paul Jackson
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Hyperspace storage compression for multimedia systems
Author(s): Klaus E. Holtz; Alfred Lettieri; Eric S. Holtz
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Connection management in a Lakes environment
Author(s): Barry Aldred; Howard Lambert; David Mitchell
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