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Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection II
Editor(s): Benjamin M. Dawson; Stephen S. Wilson; Frederick Y. Wu

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Volume Number: 2183
Date Published: 11 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Automatic inspection of simply patterned material in the textile industry
Author(s): Thierry Thomas; Michel Cattoen
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Defect inspection of periodic patterns with low-order distortions
Author(s): Babak H. Khalaj; Hamid K. Aghajan; Arogyaswami Paulraj; Thomas Kailath
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Segmentation engine: a real-time image segmentation subsystem
Author(s): Byron E. Dom; Wolf-Ekkehard Blanz; Charles Cox; David Ashby Steele; Alan D. Dorundo
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Reference-based automatic visual inspection of electronic packaging using a parallel image processing system
Author(s): Alan D. Dorundo; Jon R. Mandeville; Frederick Y. Wu
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Learning algorithms for both real-time detection of solder shorts and for SPC measurement correction using cross-sectional x-ray images of PCBA solder joints
Author(s): Paul A. Roder
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Object-oriented recognition for automatic inspection
Author(s): Gary P Brown; Peter Forte; Ron Malyan; Peter Barnwell
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Disaster detector: an automatic disk head/slider inspection system
Author(s): Byron E. Dom; David Ashby Steele; Richard Krebs; David R. Kiehl; Patrick Saldanha; Eric K. Wong; John W. Moffitt; Dragutin Petkovic; John Herber; Lionel Kuhlmann; Scott Dunbar
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Flexible industrial inspection of surface defects using a transputer image-processing system
Author(s): Gerfried Zeichen; Herbert Hufnagl; M. Berger
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Optical detection of burnt resistors with back propagation
Author(s): Thomas L. Arnow; Juyong Qiu; Harold G. Longbotham
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Machine vision metal inspection
Author(s): John W. Morris; Joseph Notarangelo
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Advanced pattern inspection using Macroview
Author(s): Moritoshi Ando; Hideo Okada; Yoshikazu Kakinoki
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Inspection of ceramic tableware for quality control using a neural network vision system
Author(s): Graham B. Finney; J. B. Gomm; D. Williams; John T. Atkinson
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Integration of computer vision onto weavers for quality control in the textile industry
Author(s): J. Huart; Jack-Gerard Postaire
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Finish inspection by vision for glass production
Author(s): Michel Canivet; Ruo Dan Zhang; Michel Jourlin
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Machined surface texture parameters for occluded scene segmentation
Author(s): D. K. Sharma; B. Veerabhadra Rao
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Chromato-structural approach toward surface defect detection in random textured images
Author(s): K. Y. Song; Josef Kittler; Maria Petrou; I. Ng
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Active machine vision system for surface quality inspection
Author(s): Cor L. Claeys; Ingrid Debusschere; Nico Ricquier; Peter Seitz; Martin Stalder; Jeffrey M. Raynor; Graham K. Lang; Giuseppe Cilia; C. Cavanna; U. Muessigmann; A. Abele
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Automated inspection of nonwoven web materials: a case study
Author(s): Dragana P. Brzakovic; Hamed Sari-Sarraf
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Automatic inspection of loaded PCBs using 3D range data
Author(s): Adrian Hilton; Andrew J. Stoddart; John Illingworth; Terry Windeatt
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Phase-measuring methods for measurement of three-dimensional shapes in automated inspection of manufactured electronic assemblies
Author(s): Jeremy David Pearson; Francis Lilley; David R. Burton; John T. Atkinson; Shirish P. Kshirsagar; David J. Search; Clifford Allan Hobson
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Three-dimensional measurement system using a CCD sensor and a laser scanner
Author(s): Yoshinori Hatanaka; Yasushi Kobayashi; Hidetoshi Takahashi
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Bidirectional template matching for 3D CAD-based inspection
Author(s): Timothy S. Newman; Anil K. Jain
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Real-time tracking of people using stereo and motion
Author(s): H. Keith Nishihara; Hans J. Thomas; Eric L. Huber
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Machine vision applications in power plant inspection
Author(s): Sergio Cuniolo; Michele Maini; Massimo Savini; Andrea Scianna
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Continuous focusing of moving objects using DFD1F
Author(s): Tse-Chung Wei; Murali Subbarao
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Image processing system for monitoring of conveyor belt systems
Author(s): Eugenyi Ivanov; Wolfgang Osten; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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High-speed VLSI workpiece position measurement using normalized 2Dcorrelation
Author(s): Fritz M. Rothacher; Norbert Felber; Hubert Kaeslin
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Real-time vision for automatic lace cutting
Author(s): Nasser Sherkat; Mike S. Birch; Peter D. Thomas
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Diffraction pattern analysis for automatic defect classification in manufactured electronic assemblies
Author(s): David J. Search; Clifford Allan Hobson; John T. Atkinson; Jeremy David Pearson
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