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Image and Video Processing II
Editor(s): Sarah A. Rajala; Robert L. Stevenson

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Volume Number: 2182
Date Published: 23 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Image enhancement by nonlinear extrapolation in frequency space
Author(s): Hayit Greenspan; Charles H. Anderson
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Generalized image contrast enhancement technique based on Heinemann contrast discrimination model
Author(s): Hong Liu; Calvin F. Nodine
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Adaptive error diffusion
Author(s): Ping Wah Wong
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Feedback-based quantization of color images
Author(s): Zhigang Xiang; Gregory Joy
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Efficient detail-preserving method of impulse noise removal from highly corrupted images
Author(s): Sanjit K. Mitra; Tian-Hu Yu; Rosalizah Ali
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Nonlinear adaptive image filtering based on inhomogeneous diffusion and differential geometry
Author(s): Adel I. El-Fallah; Gary E. Ford
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Nonlinear image filtering with structural approach
Author(s): Ruikang Yang; Moncef Gabbouj; Yrjo A. Neuvo
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Estimation of multiple 2D uniform motions by sensor array processing techniques
Author(s): Hamid K. Aghajan; Babak H. Khalaj; Thomas Kailath
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Improved image decompression for reduced transform coding artifacts
Author(s): Thomas P. O'Rourke; Robert L. Stevenson
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Adaptive spatial-temporal postprocessing for low-bit-rate coded image sequence
Author(s): Li Yan
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Classified motion estimation for video coding
Author(s): Stefaan Desmet; Albert A. Deknuydt; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Spatio-temporal segmentation of video data
Author(s): John Wang; Edward H. Adelson
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Edge-based approach to moving object location
Author(s): Jung Soh; Byung-Tae Chun; Min Wang
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Video parsing using compressed data
Author(s): HongJiang Zhang; Chien Yong Low; Yihong Gong; Stephen W. Smoliar
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Motion-compensation-based algorithm for deinterlacing and up-conversion
Author(s): Christian Reillo
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Contrast enhancement of missile data through image sequence stabilization and product correlation
Author(s): Seung-Jin Choi; Richard R. Schultz; Robert L. Stevenson; Yih-Fang Huang; Ruey-Wen Liu; Lou Morine
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Comparison of motion estimators for an intensity variant image sequence
Author(s): Susan S. Bowen
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Encoding processes of active markers for motion analysis system
Author(s): Philippe Cosquer; Michel Cattoen
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Identification and counting of live fish by image analysis
Author(s): Nathalie Castignolles; Michel Cattoen; M. Larinier
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Noise tolerant elastic matching model
Author(s): Fu-Fa Chen; John J. Murray
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Pc-based car license plate reading
Author(s): Katsuyoshi Tanabe; Eisaku Marubayashi; Harumi Kawashima; Tadashi Nakanishi; Akio Shio
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Image minimization and maximization for MSE estimation of T in image restoration
Author(s): Shan Suthaharan; S. Ray
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New SNR estimate for the Wiener filter to image restoration
Author(s): Shan Suthaharan
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High-speed super-resolution techniques for passive millimeter-wave imaging systems
Author(s): David G. Gleed; Alan H. Lettington
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New real-time parallel thinning algorithm using convolution approach
Author(s): Kent Pu Qing; Robert W. Means
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Effective method for detecting regions of given colors and the features of the region surfaces
Author(s): Yihong Gong; HongJiang Zhang
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Contour metamorphosis using the wavelet descriptor
Author(s): Chun-Hsiung Chuang; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Gradually varied surface and its optimal uniform approximation
Author(s): Li Chen
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Modeling and analyses of the Voltage Imaging Tm spatial resolution
Author(s): Ying-Moh Liu; Lon H. Chu; David Yushan Fong
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Model-based approach for detection of objects in low-resolution passive-millimeter images
Author(s): Yuan-Ling Tang; Sadashiva Devadiga; Rangachar Kasturi; Randall L. Harris Sr.
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Unsupervised nonmodel-based image analysis approach--block processing
Author(s): Tianhu Lei; Zuo Zhao; Wilfred Sewchand
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Subpixel resolution with steerable filters
Author(s): James C. Brakefield
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Image segmentation by nonsupervised neural networks
Author(s): Jean-Claude Di Martino; Brigitte Colnet
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Rule-based system for region segmentation improvement in stereovision
Author(s): Max Buvry; E. Zagrouba; Charlie J. Krey
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Model-based segmentation of medical x-ray images
Author(s): Frederick Hoare; Gerhard de Jager
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Model-based approach to reconstruction of source activity and attenuation distribution in emission tomography
Author(s): Zhidong A. Lu
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Robust and fast modeling of 3D natural objects from multiple views
Author(s): Wolfgang Niem
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Contour tracking of 3D 26-connected discrete objects
Author(s): Laurent Perroton
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