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Human Vision, Visual Processing, and Digital Display V
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Volume Number: 2179
Date Published: 1 May 1994
Softcover: 42 papers (460) pages
ISBN: 9780819414748

Table of Contents
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Inverting the perceptual transform
Author(s): Adar Pelah
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Hierarchical model for early visual processing
Author(s): Abdesselam Bouzerdoum
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Spatially congruent model for the striate visual cortex
Author(s): Luciano da Fontoura Costa
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Study of transparency and coherence of motion in image sequences
Author(s): Paulo Peixoto; Helder Araujo
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Correcting the adjacent pixel nonlinearity on video monitors
Author(s): Q. James Hu; Stanley A. Klein
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Gray-scale/resolution tradeoff
Author(s): Jennifer Gille; Ramin Samadani; Russel A. Martin; James O. Larimer
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Uncertainty principle in human visual perception
Author(s): Mikhael I. Trifonov; Dmitry A. Ugolev
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Gray scale enhances display readability of bitmapped documents
Author(s): Olov Ostberg; Dennis Disfors; Yingduo Feng
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Global brightness contrast and the effect on perceptual image quality
Author(s): Jacques A. J. Roufs; Victor J.F. Koselka; Arthur A.A.M. van Tongeren
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Processing image sequences based on eye movements
Author(s): Lew B. Stelmach; Wa James Tam
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Discrete cosine transform (DCT) basis function visibility: effects of viewing distance and contrast masking
Author(s): Andrew B. Watson; Joshua A. Solomon; Albert J. Ahumada; Alan Gale
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Deblocking DCT compressed images
Author(s): Albert J. Ahumada; Rensheng Horng
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JPEG compliant encoder utilizing perceptually based quantization
Author(s): Robert J. Safranek
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Perceptual image distortion
Author(s): Patrick C. Teo; David J. Heeger
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Graphic arts perspective on digital halftoning
Author(s): Michael A. Rodriguez
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Error diffusion with a more symmetric error distribution
Author(s): Zhigang Fan
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Threshold modulation in error diffusion on nonstandard rasters
Author(s): Keith T. Knox
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Nonlinear detail enhancement of error-diffused images
Author(s): Stefan Thurnhofer; Sanjit K. Mitra
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Blue noise and model-based halftoning
Author(s): Mark A. Schulze; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
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Applications of fractal analysis in the evaluation of halftoning algorithms and a fractal-based halftoning scheme
Author(s): Theophano Mitsa; Jennifer R. Alford
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Least-squares model-based video halftoning
Author(s): Dennis P. Hilgenberg; Thomas J. Flohr; Clayton Brian Atkins; Jan P. Allebach; Charles A. Bouman
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Shape from texture: an evaluation of visual cues
Author(s): Wolfgang Mueller; Axel Hildebrand
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Investigations of three-dimensional shape perception for telepresence using superquadric primitives
Author(s): Roger A. Browse; James C. Rodger
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CUBICORT: simulation of the visual cortical system for 3D image analysis, synthesis, and hypercompression for digital TV, HDTV, and multimedia
Author(s): Pascal Leray; F. Guyot; Patrick Marchal; Yves Burnod
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Subjective image position in stereoscopic TV systems: considerations on comfortable stereoscopic images
Author(s): Tetsuo Mitsuhashi
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Visual inspection of data: does the eyeball fit the trend?
Author(s): Gene S. Fisch; Anthony F. Porto
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Interactive exploration of multidimensional data
Author(s): David A. Rabenhorst
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Using perceptual rules in interactive visualization
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz; Lloyd A. Treinish
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Empirical assessment of selected color-quantizing algorithms
Author(s): Susy S. Chan; Rosalee Nerheim-Wolfe
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Model-based color image sequence quantization
Author(s): Clayton Brian Atkins; Thomas J. Flohr; Dennis P. Hilgenberg; Charles A. Bouman; Jan P. Allebach
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Modeling of screened color prints through singular value decomposition
Author(s): Mikael Wedin; Bjoern Kruse
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Color palette restoration
Author(s): Barbara E. Schmitz; Robert L. Stevenson
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Color perception under various light sources using spectral numerical models
Author(s): Richard Mitanchey; Marc R. Fontoynont
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Color constancy and a changing illumination
Author(s): Graham D. Finlayson
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Bayesian method for recovering surface and illuminant properties from photosensor responses
Author(s): David H. Brainard; William T. Freeman
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Use of a model of the human visual system to determine the attributes of aperture colors: hue, brightness, and saturation
Author(s): Robert Siminoff
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Separation of luminance and chromatic information by Hebb-Stent rules
Author(s): William McIlhagga; Graeme Cole
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Compression of digital color images based on the model of spatiochromatic multiplexing of human vision
Author(s): Eugenio Martinez-Uriegas; John D. Peters; Hewitt D. Crane
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Color scene analysis
Author(s): Mehmet Celenk
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Adaptive quality improvement method for color images
Author(s): Akira Inoue; Johji Tajima
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Adaptive learning systems and qualitative manipulation of digital imagery
Author(s): John C. Dalton
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How to identify up to 30 colors without training: color concept retrieval by free color naming
Author(s): Gunilla A. M. Derefeldt; Tiina Swartling
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