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Oxide Superconductor Physics and Nano-Engineering

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Volume Number: 2158
Date Published: 10 August 1994

Table of Contents
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Symmetry of the pairing, isotope effect, and mechanism of superconductivity in the cuprates
Author(s): Stuart A. Wolf; Vladimir Z. Kresin
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Velocity renormalization in high-Tc cuprates
Author(s): Meir Weger
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Recent progress in Hg-based cuprates
Author(s): Hans Rudolph Ott; A. Schilling; Oliver Jeandupeux; J. D. Guo; M. Cantoni
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Nature of electron-lattice interaction in superconducting oxides
Author(s): Takeshi Egami; W. Dmowski; R. J. McQueeney; T. R. Sendyka; S. Ishihara; Masashi Tachiki; H. Yamauchi; S. Tanaka; Takashi Hinatsu; Shin-ichi Uchida
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Fermi surfaces and energy gaps of high-temperature superconductors
Author(s): Zhi-Xun Shen; Daniel S. Dessau
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Photoemission results and understanding of high-temperature superconducting oxides: nonissues, real issues, limitations and opportunities
Author(s): Giorgio Margaritondo
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Electronic Raman scattering in cuprate superconductors and parent insulating phases
Author(s): Miles V. Klein; Ran Liu; D. Salamon; Girsh Blumberg; D. Reznik; S. Lance Cooper; Wonchoon C. Lee; Don M. Ginsberg; S.-W. Cheong
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Electronic light scattering in oxide superconducting and related materials
Author(s): Ilia I. Tartakovskii; Andrei A. Maksimov
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Angular dependence of tunneling effects in Ba1-xKxBiO3 grain boundaries
Author(s): Andreas Kussmaul; Eric S. Hellman; Elliot H. Hartford; Arunava Gupta; Prabha K. Tedrow
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Vacuum tunneling spectroscopy of superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 using scanning tunneling microscopy
Author(s): Christophe Renner; Oystein Fischer
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Microanalytical study of defect formation in thin bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide films
Author(s): Richard H. Howell; Alison Chaiken; Ronald G. Musket; Mark A. Wall; Mehdi Balooch; D. Phinney; Michael J. Fluss; J. N. Eckstein; Ivan Bozovic; Gary F. Virshup
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Effects of vortex localization at columnar defects on the mixed-state transport properties of Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 films
Author(s): R. C. Budhani; W. L. Holstein; M. Suenaga
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Evidence of low-mobility charge carriers in YBa2Cu3O6+x
Author(s): Alexander S. Rudy; Anatoly B. Churilov
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Electrodynamics of oxide superconductors
Author(s): Steven M. Anlage; Michael S. Pambianchi; Alp T. Findikoglu; Chris Doughty; Dong Ho Wu; Jian Mao; S.-N. Mao; Xiaoxing Xi; T. Venkatesan; J. L. Peng; Richard L. Greene
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Fabrication and properties of field effect device based on bi-crystal grain boundary junction of YBa2Cu3O7-delta films
Author(s): Kensuke Nakajima; Kazuki Yokota; Jian Chen; Hiroaki Myoren; Tsutomu Yamashita
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Reversible modulation of superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O7-delta/polypyrrole sandwich structures
Author(s): Steven G. Haupt; David R. Riley; Jianai Zhao; Ji-Ping Zhou; James H. Grassi; John Thomas McDevitt
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Current-induced switching of epitaxial YBaCuO films into a dissipative state
Author(s): Jean-Paul Maneval; Jean-Claude Villegier; Fahd Salim Jelila
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Novel emergences and anomalies of photoconductivity in insulators correlative with high-Tc superconductivity
Author(s): Taizo Masumi
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Phenomenon of photoinduced superconductivity: prediction and discovery
Author(s): Prasanta K. Sinha
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Nonphonon mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates
Author(s): Y. M. Malozovsky; Jiang-Di Fan
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Characterization of MBE-grown ultrathin films in the La2-xSrxCuO4+ or minus delta system
Author(s): Yvan Jaccard; Andreas Cretton; Erica J. Williams; Jean-Pierre Locquet; Erich Maechler; Christoph Gerber; Toni Schneider; Oystein Fischer; Piero Martinoli
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Cooperative phenomena in vortex motion in thin granular superconducting films
Author(s): Anatoly Kuklov; Alexei V. Bulatov; Joseph L. Birman
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Photoemission spectroscopy of composition and doping of high-temperature superconductors
Author(s): Philippe Almeras; Helmuth Berger; Giorgio Margaritondo; Jian Ma; Marshall Onellion
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Influence of laser-heating on Raman spectra of YBa2Cu3Ox
Author(s): Lev V. Gasparov
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Synthesis of TlBaCaCuO superconductive films with Tl diffusion into BaCaCu precursors
Author(s): Xing Wu Wang; Anthony F. Leone; Changquing Q. Shen
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Aspects of proximity effect in tunneling and point-contact spectroscopies of high-critical-temperature superconductors
Author(s): Francesco Tafuri; Alessandro Di Chiara; Fabrizio Fontana; Giuseppe Peluso
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Polaron size and ordering by x-ray absorption: the quantum confinement of a 2D Fermi liquid giving high-Tc superconductivity
Author(s): Antonio Bianconi; M. Missori; Hiroyuki Oyanagi; H. Yamaguchi
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