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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 2154

Intense Microwave Pulses II
Editor(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Volume Number: 2154
Date Published: 13 May 1994
Softcover: 43 papers (422) pages
ISBN: 9780819414496

Table of Contents
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Present progress and future research in the relativistic klystron amplifier program at the Naval Research Laboratory
Author(s): Moshe Friedman; Victor Serlin; Martin Lampe; Richard F. Hubbard
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RF extraction issues in the relativistic klystron amplifiers
Author(s): Victor Serlin; Moshe Friedman; Martin Lampe; Richard F. Hubbard
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High-current relativistic klystron research at Physics International
Author(s): Jerrold S. Levine; Bruce D. Harteneck; S. K. Lam; Christopher Parks
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System parameters germane to relativistic klystron amplifiers: how the utility of pulse energy depends on pulse duration, the target, and the atmosphere
Author(s): John M. Myers
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Self-consistent nonlinear theory of the resistive-wall klystron
Author(s): Han Sup Uhm
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Inductively loaded wide-gap designs for relativistic klystrons
Author(s): Martin Lampe; Richard F. Hubbard; Moshe Friedman; Victor Serlin; S. P. Slinker; R. F. Fernsler; Denis G. Colombant
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Simulation of beam-gap interactions and microwave extraction in the NRL relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): Richard F. Hubbard; Martin Lampe; Moshe Friedman; Victor Serlin; R. F. Fernsler; S. P. Slinker; I. Haber; Denis G. Colombant
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Low-frequency cavity oscillation driven by detuned current modulation
Author(s): Han Sup Uhm
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Status of experiments at LLNL on high-power X-band microwave generators
Author(s): Timothy L. Houck; Glen A. Westenskow
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Design consideration of relativistic klystron two-beam accelerator for suppression of beam break-up
Author(s): Hai Li; Timothy L. Houck; S. S. Yu; N. Goffeney
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Recent advances in Reltron and Super-Reltron HPM source development
Author(s): Robert B. Miller; Carl A. Muehlenweg; Kerry W. Habiger; John R. Smith; Donald A. Shiffler
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Rep-rate explosive whisker emission cathode investigations
Author(s): Marc S. Litz; Jeffry Golden
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High-power microwave generation by virtual cathode oscillator
Author(s): Weihua Jiang; Katsumi Masugata; Kiyoshi Yatsui
Recent results on vircator
Author(s): Guozhi Liu; Hongjun Wang; Wenhua Huang; Jingru Liu; Y. Qiao; Ruyu Fan
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Experimental studies of the MIT 3.3-GHz relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): Palmyra Catravas; Wen Hu; Chiping Chen; Ivan Mastovsky; George Bekefi
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Critical issues in the design of two-stream relativistic klystron amplifiers
Author(s): Chiping Chen; George Bekefi; Wen Hu; Palmyra Catravas
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Feeding system for an RKA-driven antenna array
Author(s): Hao-Ming Shen; Wei-Yan Pan; Tai Tsun Wu
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Output section for high-power microwave sources based on quasi-periodic structure
Author(s): Levi Schaechter
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Second report on the experimental progress of the one microsecond, one kilojoule per pulse L-band relativistic klystron at Los Alamos
Author(s): William Brian Haynes; Bruce E. Carlsten; Ricky J. Faehl; Michael V. Fazio; Thomas J. T. Kwan; Ray M. Stringfield
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Recent experimental results from a long-pulse J-band relativistic klystron amplifier developmental effort
Author(s): Keith G. Kato; David D. Crouch; David R. Sar; Ross A. Speciale; Bruce E. Carlsten; Michael V. Fazio; William Brian Haynes; Ray M. Stringfield
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High-power klystrons
Author(s): John G. Siambis; Richard B. True; R. S. Symons
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Compact, high-average-power, injection-locked magnetron
Author(s): Todd A. Treado; Paul D. Brown; Charles Antosh
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High-harmonic gyrofrequency multiplier
Author(s): Adam J. Balkcum; David B. McDermott; Frederic V. Hartemann; Neville C. Luhmann
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Peak power tailoring and phase nulling of the AN/FPS-85 radar
Author(s): Montgomery D. Grimes; J. Mark Major; Thomas J. Warnagiris
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Reduction of bremsstrahlung recoil force on the second-order nonlinear dynamic polarization charge of a relativistic test particle
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Desktop subnanosecond pulser: research, development, and applications
Author(s): Gennady A. Mesyats; Valery G. Shpak; Sergey A. Shunailov; Michael I. Yalandin
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Short-duration positive and negative pulses caused by unequal phase velocities of coupled strip lines
Author(s): Iwata Sakagami; Satoshi Chino
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Magnetic tunable filters for increased power handling capacity applications
Author(s): Boris Yu. Kapilevich; Tharek Abdul Rahman; V. G. Belenky
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Novel design of ultrawideband conical TEM horn
Author(s): Jianguo He; Kecheng Liu; Jiaxian Yin; Peiguo Liu
Investigation of the high-current linear induction accelerator operating with the relativistic magnetron
Author(s): Alexander S. Sulakshin; Nikolai M. Filipenko; Gennadii P. Fomenko; Edvin G. Furman; Gennadii G. Kanaev; V. V. Vasilyev
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Recent multiwave Cherenkov generator experiments
Author(s): Richard J. Adler; Robert J. Richter-Sand; Fred Hacker; John E. Walsh; Moe Joseph Arman
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Backward-wave cyclotron maser oscillator experiment
Author(s): Eli Jerby; George Bekefi; Avi Shahadi; E. Agmon; H. Golombek; V. Grinberg; M. Bensal
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Pierce-type dispersion relation for an intense relativistic electron beam interacting with a slow-wave structure
Author(s): Chiping Chen
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Slotted third-harmonic peniotron forward-wave oscillator
Author(s): Anthony T. Lin; Chae K. Chong; David B. McDermott; Adam J. Balkcum; Frederic V. Hartemann; Neville C. Luhmann
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Some practical aspects of the helical Cerenkov effect
Author(s): Josip Z. Soln
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Suppression of beam break-up in a standing-wave free-electron laser two-beam accelerator
Author(s): Hai Li; Jin-Soo Kim
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Observation of frequency chirping and phase of a free-electron laser amplifier
Author(s): Kenneth N. Ricci; George Bekefi; Brian Chen; Manoel E. Conde; Ivan Mastovsky; Colin J. Taylor; P. Volfbeyn
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Ultrashort-pulse prebunched FEL
Author(s): Gregory P. Le Sage; Scott N. Fochs; Frederic V. Hartemann; David B. McDermott; Neville C. Luhmann; Michael D. Perry; Jonathan Paul Heritage
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Operation of a dielectric-loaded wideband gyro-TWT amplifier
Author(s): Keh-Chyang Leou; David B. McDermott; Frederic V. Hartemann; Chae K. Chong; Neville C. Luhmann
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Scaled tests of Varian's 95-GHz slotted third-harmonic gyro-TWT amplifier
Author(s): Chae K. Chong; David B. McDermott; Adam J. Balkcum; Neville C. Luhmann; Anthony T. Lin; William J. DeHope
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Simulations of the high-power Cherenkov device's superdimensional electrodynamical structures
Author(s): Igor A. Chernyavskiy; Viktor M. Pikunov
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