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Diffractive and Holographic Optics Technology
Editor(s): Ivan Cindrich; Sing H. Lee

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Volume Number: 2152
Date Published: 17 June 1994

Table of Contents
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Finite element approach for the numerical analysis and modeling of diffractive and scattering objects
Author(s): Bernd Lichtenberg; Neal C. Gallagher
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Design of a diffractive variable magnification telescope
Author(s): Joseph Neil Mait; Michael Hoppe
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Polarization of beams diffracted from superimposed gratings
Author(s): Chien-Wei Han; Tae-Jin Kim; Eugene Warren Campbell; Raymond K. Kostuk; Kun-Yii Tu
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Transition from paraxial to nonparaxial domain in diffractive optics
Author(s): Jari Pekka Turunen; Frank Wyrowski; Eero Noponen
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Dispersion and aberration compensation techniques in diffractive optics and holography
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Tin M. Aye; Gajendra D. Savant
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Multibeam two-dimensional binary optics laser scanner
Author(s): Anil K. Jain
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General design concept for periodic and nonperiodic diffractive phase elements
Author(s): Hermann Luepken; Frank Wyrowski
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Approximate coupled-wave analysis of the three-dimensional diffraction by planar phase gratings of the transmissive type
Author(s): Hans Dieter Tholl
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Achromatic diffractive optics for laser diodes and fiber-optic coupling
Author(s): W. Hudson Welch; Robert D. Te Kolste; Michael R. Feldman; John R. Rowlette
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Applications of switchable Polaroid holograms
Author(s): Lawrence H. Domash; Conrad M. Gozewski; Arthur R. Nelson
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Use of diffractive optics in material processing
Author(s): Frank Wyrowski; Hans van Esdonk; Rein J. Zuidema; Sipke Wadmann; Gerard J.A.M. Notenboom
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Peano curve modular optics
Author(s): Marius P. Schamschula; H. John Caulfield; Avery Brown
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Wavelength multiplexed holographic lens arrays for optical interconnection
Author(s): Brian E. Catanzaro; Jian Ma; Yeshaiahu Fainman; Sing H. Lee
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Diffractive optical interconnect element design for digital switching
Author(s): Peter S. Guilfoyle; Frederick F. Zeise; Richard V. Stone
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Achromatic diffractive fan-out systems
Author(s): Markus Schwab; Norbert Lindlein; Johannes Schwider; Yaakov Amitai; Asher A. Friesem; Silviu Reinhorn
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Three-dimensional disks using photopolymer films
Author(s): Kevin R. Curtis; Allen Pu; Hsin-Yu Sidney Li; Demetri Psaltis
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Holographic 3D imaging of remote and close objects, and HOEs for it
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk
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Pattern projection by diffractive and conventional optics: a comparison
Author(s): Christiaan H. F. Velzel; Frank Wyrowski; Hans van Esdonk
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Binary optical elements using spatial light modulators
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Davis; Don M. Cottrell
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Programmable Dammann grating interconnections using Fourier transform lenses written onto spatial light modulators
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Davis; Jeffrey J. Heiskala; Anna M. Field; Don M. Cottrell
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Optical design and testing of a holographic projection system
Author(s): Wu Jiang; David L. Shealy; Kenneth M. Baker
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Programmable manufacturing technique of long-focal-length microlens arrays
Author(s): Francoise Gex; David Horville; Gerard Lelievre; V. Serpette
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Micro-optic element for optical disk memory read-write heads
Author(s): Guoliang Huang; Minxian Wu; Guofan Jin; Yingbai Yan
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Planar waveguide diffractive beamsplitter for three-dimensional integrated optics
Author(s): Nikolai N. Kamenev; Valeriy I. Nalivaiko
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Desktop printer for DOE fabrication
Author(s): Gene J. Dwyer; Feng Ouyang
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HOE imaging in DuPont holographic photopolymers
Author(s): William J. Gambogi; Kirk W. Steijn; Steven R. Mackara; Timothy Duzick; Babak Hamzavy; John Kelly
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High-fidelity replication of diffractive optics using radiation-curable liquid photopolymers
Author(s): Daniel J. Rogers; Lynn M. Galarneau
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Development of photopolymer/liquid crystal composite materials for dynamic hologram applications
Author(s): Richard L. Sutherland; Lalgudi V. Natarajan; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Timothy J. Bunning; W. Wade Adams
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Fabricating spherical microlens arrays with a two-step laser beam writing technique
Author(s): Georges Przyrembel
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Real-time holographic recording of high-efficient reflective gratings on photopolymer composite
Author(s): Eugene A. Tikhonov; Tatiana N. Smirnova; T. A. Sorbaev
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Asymmetrical profile fabrication of diffractive optical elements with the help of chalcogenide inorganic resists
Author(s): Alexander V. Stronski; Sergey A. Kostyukevych; Peter E. Schepeljavi; Peter F. Romanenko; Igor Iosifovitc Robur; Ivan Z. Indutnyi
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Spectrograph design using volume holographic optical elements
Author(s): David E. Battey; Joseph B. Slater
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Beam shaping with multilevel elements
Author(s): Tatiana Kosoburd; M. Akivis; Y. Malkin; Boris Kobrin; Joseph Kedmi
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