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Longer Wavelength Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Gabor Patonay
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Volume Number: 2138
Date Published: 27 July 1994
Softcover: 29 papers (280) pages
ISBN: 9780819414335

Table of Contents
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Eyesafe diode-pumped erbium lasers
Author(s): Larry G. DeShazer
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Spectroscopic properties, energy transfer dynamics, and laser performance of thulium-holmium laser systems
Author(s): Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; Stanley R. Rotman; Georges Boulon; Christian Pedrini; Alain Brenier
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Transient vibrational dynamics in condensed phase reactions
Author(s): Daniel Raftery; Edward A. Gooding; Robin M. Hochstrasser
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Picosecond vibrational photon echo experiments in liquids and glasses
Author(s): David Zimdars; Andrei Tokmakoff; Beate Sauter; Scott Chen; Alfred S.L. Kwok; Michael D. Fayer
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Two years of FEL applications research in biological physics
Author(s): Glenn S. Edwards; Regan Logan; Michael Copeland; Lou Reinisch; Jeffrey L. Davidson; J. Bruce Johnson; Robert J. Maciunas; Marcus H. Mendenhall; Robert H. Ossoff; Jerri A. Tribble; Jay A. Werkhaven; Denis M. O'Day
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Widely tunable picosecond and subpicosecond pulses in the mid-infrared by parametric three-photon interaction
Author(s): Robert Laenen; K. Wolfrum; Alfred Laubereau
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Femtosecond broadband infrared dual-beam spectroscopy of metal-carbonyl photochemistry
Author(s): Edwin J. Heilweil; Thomas P. Dougherty
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Generation and detection of picosecond far-infrared radiation
Author(s): William Michael Dennis; Sean J. Kirkpatrick
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Picosecond infrared study of vibrational-dependent electron transfer rates
Author(s): Kenneth G. Spears; Steven M. Arrivo; Xianoning Wen
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Molecular energy transfer in condensed matter studied by ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Hill; Sheah Chen; Dana D. Dlott; Andrei Tokmakoff; Beate Sauter; David Zimdars; Michael D. Fayer
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FEL-FTIR spectroscopy of matrix-isolated formic acid
Author(s): Don Otto Henderson; Richard Mu; Enrique Silberman; Kenneth W. Berryman; Chris W. Rella
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Pulsed IR-FEL applications for the characterization of infrared optical materials
Author(s): Richard Mu; Don Otto Henderson; J. Bruce Johnson; Glenn S. Edwards
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Femtosecond IR spectroscopy: methods and applications to protein dynamics
Author(s): Philip A. Anfinrud; Manho Lim; Timothy A. Jackson
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High-resolution far-infrared study of DNA films
Author(s): Liyi Lin; Earl D. Shaw
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Studies at the National Center for Atmospheric Research employing tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Alan Fried; Bruce E. Henry; Scott David Sewell; James R. Drummond
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Neutral gas laser: a tool for sensing of atmospheric species by infrared absorption
Author(s): Joda C. Wormhoudt; Paul L. Kebabian
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Optical bleaching kinetics of ethylene observed with pulsed infrared laser-excited photothermal lens spectroscopy
Author(s): Stephen E. Bialkowski; Zhi-fang He
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Interaction of some laser radiations with the lauric acid in mesophase
Author(s): Mihaela A. Dumitru; Maria Honciuc; Ion M. Popescu
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Experimental study of CO2 laser linear modulation frequency
Author(s): Zhaoxin Zeng; Xiahoug Tau; Wang Kai
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Laser and thermal performance of a new erbium-doped phosphate laser glass
Author(s): Shibin Jiang; John D. Myers; Daniel L. Rhonehouse; Michael J. Myers; Rona E. Belford; Scott J. Hamlin
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Co-doped spinels: promising materials for solid state lasers
Author(s): Nickolai V. Kuleshov; Victor P. Mikhailov; V. G. Scherbitsky
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Monitoring the surface adsorption of cyanine dyes via evanescent wave-excited fluorescence
Author(s): Robert J. Obremski; Keira Semones; John W. Silzel
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Ultrasensitive evanescent wave fluoro-immunosensors using polystyrene integrated lens optical fiber
Author(s): Jinn-Nan Lin; Walter C. Mahoney; Albert A. Luderer; Rick A. Brier; Tom W. Sharp; Verna A. McGuire
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Picosecond laser studies of the solvent-dependent nonradiative pathways in near-IR fluorescent dyes: implications on their use in ultrasensitive analysis
Author(s): Steven A. Soper; Quincy L. Mattingly; Benjamin L. Legendre
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Long-wavelength fluorescent probes--chemistry and semiconductor lasers: a difficult marriage
Author(s): G. A. Casay; Tibor Czuppon; Gabor Patonay
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Near-IR biosensor for evanescent wave immunoassays
Author(s): Joel P. Golden; Lisa C. Shriver-Lake; Narasimhachari Narayanan; Gabor Patonay; Frances S. Ligler
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Progress and trends in color center lasers
Author(s): Sergey B. Mirov; Tasoltan T. Basiev
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Investigation of active ions in less-common oxidation states in oxide crystals for solid state lasers
Author(s): Milan R. Kokta
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Influence of hole burning on laser pumping dynamics and efficiency in Yb:Er:phosphate glasses
Author(s): Boris Majaron; Martin Copic; Matjaz Lukac; Marko Marincek
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