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Advances in Laser and Light Spectroscopy to Diagnose Cancer and Other Diseases
Editor(s): Robert R. Alfano

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Volume Number: 2135
Date Published: 19 May 1994

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Tissue characterization in some clinical specialities utilizing laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Katarina Svanberg M.D.; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Luc Baert M.D.; Elisabeth Bak-Jensen; Roger Berg; Arne Brun; Stig Colleen; Ingrid Idvall; Marie-Ange D'Hallewin M.D.; Christian Ingvar; Jonas Johansson; Sven-Erik Karlsson; Rolf Lundgren; Leif G. Salford; Unne Stenram; Lars-Goran Stromblad; Sune Svanberg; Ingrid Wang-Nordman
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Tissue autofluorescence spectroscopy: in-vivo alterations may reflect cellular proliferation
Author(s): Howard E. Savage; Venkateswara Kolli; Jian Chung Zhang M.D.; Robert R. Alfano; Peter G. Sacks; Stimson P. Schantz M.D.
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Noninvasive identification of bladder cancer with subsurface backscattered light
Author(s): Irving J. Bigio; Judith R. Mourant; James D. Boyer; Tamara M. Johnson; Tsutomu Shimada; Richard L. Conn
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Optical spectroscopy methods to detect colon cancer
Author(s): Yuanlong Yang; Gui Chen Tang; Marc Bessler; Robert R. Alfano
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Fluorescence diagnosis of gynecological cancerous and normal tissues
Author(s): Zuo-Zhu Huang; Wenling S. Glassman; Gui Chen Tang; Stephanie Lubicz M.D.; Robert R. Alfano
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Early cancer diagnosis using a diode laser and fiber optic system
Author(s): Winston Ho; Peter W. Low
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In-vivo fluorescence imaging of normal and tumorous tissue using a pH-sensitive probe
Author(s): Serge R. Mordon; Jean-Marie Devoisselle; Vincent Maunoury M.D.
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Fluorescence of normal and cancerous brain tissues: the excitation/emission matrix
Author(s): Yong Gu Chung; Jon A. Schwartz; Craig M. Gardner; Raymond Sawaya; Steven L. Jacques
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Detection of chemically-induced dysplasia in rat urinary bladder with laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Kevin T. Schomacker; Thomas J. Flotte M.D.; Thomas F. Deutsch
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Application of the adjoint method to Monte Carlo studies of fluorescent localization in turbid media
Author(s): Richard J. Crilley; Wai-Fung Cheong; Brian C. Wilson; J. Richard Spears M.D.
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Monte Carlo modeling of tissue autofluorescence measurement and imaging
Author(s): Haishan Zeng; Calum E. MacAulay; Branko Palcic; David I. McLean M.D.
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New phase function to describe optical scattering within biological tissues
Author(s): Pingyu Liu
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Charge-coupled device and neural-network-based instrument for the noninvasive determination of tissue optical properties in vivo
Author(s): Thomas J. Farrell; Michael S. Patterson; Joseph E. Hayward; Brian C. Wilson; Elsa R. Beck D.V.M.
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In-vivo fluorescence detection and imaging of porphyrin-producing bacteria in the human skin and in the oral cavity for diagnosis of acne vulgaris, caries, and squamous cell carcinoma
Author(s): Karsten Koenig; Herbert Schneckenburger; Joerg Hemmer; Bruce J. Tromberg; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Near-infrared monitoring of perfusion and oxygen availability in abdominal organs and skeletal muscle during hypoxia
Author(s): Jean-Michel I. Maarek; Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Laura Marcu; Thanassis Papaioannou; Vani R. Pergadia; Wendy J. Snyder; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Method and device for real-time scale measurements: surface optical properties of small biological objects
Author(s): Alexander S. Pekarik; Stanislav G. Rozuvan; Eugene A. Tikhonov
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Theoretical study of resolution limits for time-resolved imaging of human breast
Author(s): Amir H. Gandjbakhche; Ralph J. Nossal; Robert F. Bonner
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Simulation of photon paths through isotropically scattering media
Author(s): C. Robert Appledorn; Robert A. Kruger
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Detection of an object inside a phantom tissue using a spatial filter
Author(s): Dawn V. Stephens; Frank K. Tittel; Lihong V. Wang; Andreas H. Hielscher; Steven L. Jacques
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Continuous wave near infrared Fourier space and absorption imaging through random scattering media
Author(s): Jean J. Dolne; Kwong Mow Yoo; Feng Liu; Robert R. Alfano
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Time-resolved optical diffusion tomography
Author(s): C. Robert Appledorn; Robert A. Kruger; Pingyu Liu
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New approach to the "forward problem" of optical diffusion tomography of turbid media
Author(s): Pingyu Liu; Robert A. Kruger
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Stationary low-coherence light-imaging and spectroscopy using a CCD camera
Author(s): Alexander R. Knuettel; Joseph M. Schmitt; M. Shay; Jay R. Knutson
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Interferometric versus confocal techniques for imaging microstructures in turbid biological media
Author(s): Joseph M. Schmitt; Alexander R. Knuettel; Michael J. Yadlowsky
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Monitoring of aqueous humor metabolites using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): James P. Wicksted; Roel J. Erckens; Massoud Motamedi; Wayne F. March
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Noninvasive spectroscopic diagnosis of superficial ocular lesions and corneal infections
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant; Irving J. Bigio; D. C. Gritz; Randolph D. Glickman; Tamara M. Johnson; Tsutomu Shimada; K. Story-Held
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Biochemical sensing in tissues: determination of fluorescent lifetimes in multiply scattering media using frequency-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Christina L. Burch; Joseph R. Lakowicz; Eva Marie Sevick-Muraca
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LEDs in frequency domain spectroscopy of tissues
Author(s): Maria-Angela Franceschini; Sergio Fantini; Enrico Gratton
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Photodynamic treatment (PDT) of endometrium primary cultures serving as an in-vitro-model for endometriosis
Author(s): Wiebke Herter; Volker Viereck; J. Keckstein M.D.; Rudolf W. Steiner; Angelika C. Rueck
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In-vitro laser-induced fluorescence studies of breast tumors following low-dose injection of Photofrin
Author(s): Ingrid Wang; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Ingrid Idvall; Christian Ingvar; Katarina Svanberg M.D.
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Investigations concerning the determination of NADH concentrations using optical biopsy
Author(s): Juergen Beuthan; Thomas Bocher; Olaf Minet; Andre Roggan; Isabella Schmitt; A. Weber; Gerhard J. Mueller
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