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Clinical Applications of Modern Imaging Technology II
Editor(s): Leonard J. Cerullo; Kenneth S. Heiferman; Hong Liu; Halina Podbielska; Abund Ottokar Wist; Lucia J. Zamorano
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Volume Number: 2132
Date Published: 26 May 1994
Softcover: 47 papers (504) pages
ISBN: 9780819414274

Table of Contents
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Improved laser applicators for interstitial thermotherapy of brain structures
Author(s): Hans-Joachim Schwarzmaier; Thomas Goldbach; Frank Ulrich; Ralf Schober; Thomas Kahn; Raimund Kaufmann; Myron Lee Wolbarsht
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Endoscopic laser stereotaxis: management of brain lesions
Author(s): Lucia J. Zamorano; Maria Cristina Chavantes; Federico Moure; Fernando Diaz
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Flexible neuroendoscopy with laser and microsystem technique
Author(s): Norbert M. Huewel; Volker Urban; A. Perneczky
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Stereotactic CO2 laser therapy for hydrocephalus
Author(s): Rebecca Lynn Kozodoy-Pins; James A. Harrington; George A. Zazanis; Michael G. Nosko; Richard M. Lehman
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Plane-parallel plate method of laser localization and laser positioning
Author(s): Karl J. Scheibengraber
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Accurate and ergonomic method of registration for image-guided neurosurgery
Author(s): Jaimie M. Henderson; Richard D. Bucholz
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Frameless image-guided surgery utilizing an optical digitizer
Author(s): Richard D. Bucholz; Kurt R. Smith; Lee L. McDurmont; Carol K. Baumann; Kevin Frank
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Infrared system for intraoperative digitization of laser and surgical instruments
Author(s): Lucia J. Zamorano; A. Majeed Kadi; Charlie Zhaowei W. Jiang; Lutz P. Nolte
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Computer-assisted laser volumetric resection of intracranial lesions
Author(s): Lucia J. Zamorano; Charlie Zhaowei W. Jiang; A. Majeed Kadi; Fernando Diaz
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Angioscopy in acute coronary ischemia
Author(s): Christopher J. White; Stephen R. Ramee; Tyrone J. Collins; Suresh P. Jain; Alvaro Escobar
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Angioscopic and angiographic characteristics of de novo and restenotic lesions following successful coronary rotational atherectomy and balloon angioplasty
Author(s): Youssef G. Chami; Theodore A. Bass; Barbara J. Kircher; Christopher J. White; Suresh P. Jain; Paul S. Gilmore; Donald A. Conetta
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Percutaneous coronary angioscopy and stents
Author(s): Richard R. Heuser
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Perspective on quantitative angioscopy
Author(s): Brett A. Trauthen
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Intravascular ultrasound prediction of restenosis after angioplasty
Author(s): Arun K. Karsan; Alvaro Escobar; Christopher J. White; Suresh P. Jain; Tyrone J. Collins; Stephen R. Ramee
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Application of tissue characterization in intravascular ultrasound imaging
Author(s): William L. Mullen; Peter J. Fitzgerald; Paul G. Yock
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Investigation of a new light imaging technique to detect incipient caries in teeth
Author(s): Abund Ottokar Wist; Peter Moon; Steven Lynn Herr; Panos P. Fatouros
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Transmission spectra of teeth in the visible to near infrared
Author(s): Steven Lynn Herr; John D. Harbour; Timothy S. Sherwood; Abund Ottokar Wist
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Self-gridding and signal formation in the kinestatic charge detector for digital mammography
Author(s): Robert A. Terwilliger; Douglas Jay Wagenaar
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Clinical applications of a dual-energy KCD
Author(s): Robert J. Endorf; Sunil Kulatunga; David C. Spelic; Stephen R. Thomas; Frank A. DiBianca; George C. Giakos; Herbert D. Zeman
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Detection of demineralization in rat legs using multiple-angle x-ray bone densitometry
Author(s): Lawrence M. Jordan; Frank A. DiBianca; Jeno I. Sebes; Donald B. Thomason; Herbert D. Zeman; Peter G. Davis; Dona Kambeyanda; Gao Li; Gunnar Lovhoiden
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CT reconstruction of x-ray source profile of a medical accelerator
Author(s): Timothy C. Zhu; Kevin Manbeck
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Imaging parameters of a kinestatic charge detector containing Kr, NH3, and CO2 at 80 atm
Author(s): Frank A. DiBianca; Sreenivas Devidas; George C. Giakos; Shashidhar Kollipara; Senthilkumar Nagarajan; Qian Peng
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Coronary vasomotion evaluation by three-dimensional reconstruction of intravascular ultrasound images
Author(s): Ovidio Salvetti; Paolo Marraccini; Giovanni Braccini; Paolo Bragagni; Dianora Levorato; Antonio L'Abbate; Mario Marzilli
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Color-coded duplex sonography as a new method for monitoring of laser-induced thermotherapy
Author(s): Carsten M. Philipp; Matthias Bollow; Ewa Krasicka-Rohde; Franz Fobbe; Hans-Peter Berlien
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Real-time digital radiographic system with continuously variable magnification using an intensified CCD camera and a fluorescent screen
Author(s): Mauro Gambaccini; Angelo Taibi; Michele Marziani; Alberto Del Guerra
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Signal-to-noise ratio analysis of the optically coupled CCD x-ray imaging system
Author(s): Hong Liu; Andrew Karellas; Lisa J. Harris; Carl J. D'Orsi
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Entropy fractal analysis of medical images using ROSETA
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; Marvin P. Carroll; Jim Scoggins; James W. Handley
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Clinical applications of modern imaging technology: stereo image formation and location of brain cancer
Author(s): Dezong Wang; Jinxiang Wang
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Unique characteristics of optically recorded action potentials
Author(s): Steven D. Girouard; Kenneth R. Laurita; David S. Rosenbaum
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Video imaging of cardiac transmembrane activity
Author(s): William T. Baxter; Jorge Davidenko; Candido Cabo; Jose Jalife
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Near-field and far-field stimulation of cardiac muscle
Author(s): Leslie Tung; Michel Neunlist; Eric A. Sobie
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Optical mapping of spontaneous electrical activity and functional organization of pacemaking area in the early embryonic chick heart
Author(s): Kohtaro Kamino; Tetsuro Sakai; Akihiko Hirota
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Optical recording for investigating electrical defibrillation
Author(s): Stephen M. Dillon
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Fluorescence mapping of transmembrane potentials during cardiac stimulation
Author(s): Stephen B. Knisley; Bruce C. Hill
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New method of 3-D reconstruction for medical image processing
Author(s): Yingen Xiong; Dezong Wang
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Clinical application of modern imaging technology: 3D information acquiring and image processing
Author(s): Dezong Wang
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Optoelectronic image processing for cervical cancer screening
Author(s): Ramkumar Narayanswamy; John P. Sharpe; Kristina M. Johnson
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Application of image processing in topographical measurements of the corneal curvature
Author(s): Yan Gao; Cynthia J. Roberts
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Optical phase imaging of living organisms inside the Airy disk
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Georgy E. Koufal; Alex Odintsov; Tatiana V. Vyshenskaia
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Time-integrated speckle for the examination of movement in biological systems
Author(s): Sian Webster; J. David Briers
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Polarization state of reflection laser speckles for multieffect simulated biotissue
Author(s): Duo-Min He; Xiao-Dong Zhang; Xin He
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Microendoscopic holography with flexible fiber bundle
Author(s): Olivier Coquoz; Christian D. Depeursinge; Ramiro Conde; Emmanuel B. de Haller
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Bone matrix structure in different seasons of cervid antlerogenesis and gestation
Author(s): Raimo Veil Johannes Silvennoinen; Kaarlo Nygren; Juha Rouvinen; Valentina V. Petrova
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Complex object profilometry and its application for dentistry
Author(s): Xianyu Su; Wensen Zhou
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Digital transillumination technique for incipient lesions on teeth
Author(s): R. C. Swineford; Abund Ottokar Wist; Steven Lynn Herr
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Quantum mechanical and electrodynamical effects on charge carriers in KCD imaging detectors
Author(s): George C. Giakos; Frank A. DiBianca; Sreenivas Devidas
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Two-dimensional image transmission through single multimode optical fibers
Author(s): Ye Chen; W. Thomas Cathey; Val N. Morozov
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