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Gas, Metal Vapor, and Free-Electron Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Vern N. Smiley; Frank K. Tittel

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Volume Number: 2118
Date Published: 25 May 1994

Table of Contents
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Beam characteristics of a large-bore copper laser with radiatively cooled plasma
Author(s): Jim J. Chang; Charles D. Boley; Mark W. Martinez; William A. Molander; Bruce E. Warner
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Output characteristics of a transversely excited copper vapor laser
Author(s): Tomoko Ogawa; Etsuo Noda; Setsuo Suzuki; Osami Morimiya
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Sealed copper vapor laser tube
Author(s): Graeme L. Clark; Ewan S. Livingstone
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Long-pulse high-repetition-rate transversely excited CO2 laser for material processing
Author(s): Yuji Okita; Koichi Yasuoka; Akira Ishii; Tohru Tamagawa
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Amplified spontaneous emission simulation of copper bromide vapor laser
Author(s): Naohiko Goto; Koshichi Nemoto
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Radial and temporal laser pulse profiles in a 0.2-kW average power copper HyBrID laser
Author(s): David R. Jones; Arthur Maitland; Chris E. Little
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Propagation of shock waves in a discharge-pumped XeCl excimer laser
Author(s): Go Imada; H. Igawa; Katsumi Masugata; Wataru Masuda; Kiyoshi Yatsui
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Design, construction, and performance of a surface discharge-pumped laser
Author(s): Brent A. Knecht; Richard D. Fraser; D. J. Wheeler; Christopher J. Zietkiewicz; L. D. Mikheev; Vitaly S. Zuev; J. Gary Eden
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Copper laser with record specific average output power
Author(s): Nikola V. Sabotinov; Dimo N. Astadjov; Krasimir D. Dimitrov; Chris E. Little; Nikolay K. Vuchkov
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Wavelength agile CO2 laser for chemical sensing
Author(s): David B. Cohn; Jay A. Fox; Cynthia R. Swim
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High-performance fast-axial-flow radio-frequency discharge-excited CO laser
Author(s): Kouki Shimizu; Shunichi Sato; Kojiro Shimamoto; Yasunobu Takahashi
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Compact sealed-off TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Zhen Guo; Gui-zhen Gao; Jianguo Wen; De-Fang Cai
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New trend in the technology of cw RF-excited sealed CO2 waveguide lasers
Author(s): Mila B. Heeman-Ilieva; Yuri B. Udalov; Wilhelmus J. Witteman
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Continuous-wave high specific output power Ar-He-Xe laser with transverse RF excitation
Author(s): Yuri B. Udalov; Peter J. M. Peters; Mila B. Heeman-Ilieva; Wilhelmus J. Witteman; Vladimir N. Ochkin
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Raising the output stability of multielectrode-pairs TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Anju Yao; Ning Sun; Xiangyen Li; Anzhi He
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Dynamic behavior of class D lasers
Author(s): Peikun Zhang; ZhiGuo Lu
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Discharge area in RF excitation CO2 lasers
Author(s): ZhiGuo Lu; Zhao-hui Wang; Chang-jun Zhu
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Investigation of RF-excited Xe laser
Author(s): ZhiGuo Lu; Zhao-hui Wang; David A. Andrews; Terence A. King
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Recent progress of the Los Alamos advanced free-electron laser
Author(s): Dinh C. Nguyen; R. H. Austin; Kwok-Chi D. Chan; Donald W. Feldman; John C. Goldstein; S. M. Gierman; John M. Kinross-Wright; S. H. Kong; J. G. Plato; S. J. Russell; Richard L. Sheffield; B. A. Sherwood; F. E. Sigler; C. A. Timmer; Michael E. Weber; C. Ziomek
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High-power electrostatic-accelerator FELs for power beaming
Author(s): Isidoro Kimel; Luis R. Elias
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High-efficiency FEL operation using microwave reacceleration in a combined accelerator/wiggler
Author(s): John F. Schmerge; John Wesley Lewellen; Joseph Feinstein; Richard H. Pantell
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Free-electron laser power beaming to satellites at China Lake, California
Author(s): Harold E. Bennett; John D. G. Rather; Edward E. Montgomery IV
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Transverse mode effects in free-electron laser oscillations
Author(s): Robert K. Wong; William B. Colson
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Simulation of the SLAC x-ray free-electron laser
Author(s): Jeff Hall; Robert K. Wong; J. Blau; William B. Colson
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Phase space simulations of the Novosibirsk/SELENE FEL
Author(s): D. D. Quick; J. Blau; Robert K. Wong; William B. Colson
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Spectral brightness of a longitudinal wiggler
Author(s): Gian Piero Gallerano; Ganeswar Mishra
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High-intensity coherent far-IR radiation from subpicosecond electron bunches
Author(s): Pamela H. Kung; Hung-chi Lihn; Helmut Wiedemann; David G. Bocek
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Applications of excimer lasers for machining of fiber-reinforced plastics
Author(s): Mikio Mori; Yoichi Kemmochi; Shigeru Yamaguchi; Kazuo Sekine
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Laser technology application in gravure printing
Author(s): Hong Helen Xiao
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Kinetic processes in molecular and atomic gases
Author(s): Dmitry V. Kolomoitsev; Sergei Yu. Nikitin
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Laser-induced selective sublimation from silicates
Author(s): Anel F. Mukhammedgalieva; Anatolij M. Bondar
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Closed-cycle subsonic CO laser with long lifetime
Author(s): George M. Chumak; G. M. Grigor'yan; G. V. Zhizhin
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