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Visible and UV Lasers
Editor(s): Richard Scheps
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Volume Number: 2115
Date Published: 1 June 1994
Softcover: 31 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819414083

Table of Contents
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Chromium laser research at AlliedSignal
Author(s): Michael L. Shand
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Properties of Ce:LiSrAlF6 and Ce:LiCaAlF6 ultraviolet lasers
Author(s): Christopher D. Marshall; Stephen A. Payne; Joel A. Speth; John B. Tassano; William Franklin Krupke; Gregory J. Quarles; Vida K. Castillo; Bruce H. T. Chai
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Growth, properties, and applications of potassium niobate single crystals
Author(s): Gregory J. Mizell; William R. Fay; Theodore Alekel; Daniel Rytz; Mark H. Garrett
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Q-switch saturable absorber materials for solid state lasers
Author(s): Robert D. Stultz; Marly Bueno de Camargo; Milton Birnbaum
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Characterization and modeling of the holmium upconversion fiber laser
Author(s): David S. Funk; Sally B. Stevens; Shaofu S. Wu; J. Gary Eden
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Upconversion effects on Er:YAG laser dynamics
Author(s): Kalin Spariosu; Milton Birnbaum; Bruno Viana
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Recent developments in the growth, processing, and testing of rare-earth-doped YVO4 single crystals
Author(s): Gregory J. Mizell; William R. Fay; Theodore Alekel; Daniel Rytz
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Novel resonator for two-frequency gas lasers based on dielectric phase-anisotropic mirrors for normal light incidence
Author(s): Vladimir N. Bel'tyugov; Sergei G. Protsenko; Yuri V. Troitski
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Target identification using laser-imaging
Author(s): James A. Jennings; Martin C. Baker; Joseph J. Barrett; Barron N. Ellis; J. Kacerek; J. Yee
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Ultraviolet laser-based communication system for short-range tactical applications
Author(s): Barry Charles; Bill Hughes; Andrew Erickson; Jay Wilkins; Edward A. Teppo
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High-average-power, narrow band 248-nm alexandrite laser system
Author(s): Jerry W. Kuper; Timothy C. Chin; Paul A. Papanestor
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Excimer laser technology for soft x-ray generation
Author(s): Michael F. Powers; Harry Shields
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Er:YSGG 1.643-mu laser at 300 K
Author(s): Kalin Spariosu; Milton Birnbaum; Milan R. Kokta
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Laser probing system for the accurate detection of surface acoustic wave phase velocities
Author(s): Robert Weigel; Andreas Holm; Gerald Soelkner; Werner Ruile; Peter Russer
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Lasing performance of pyrromethene-BF2 laser dyes in a solid polymer host
Author(s): Robert E. Hermes
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Solid state dye laser for medical applications
Author(s): Henry R. Aldag
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Novel solid state dye laser host
Author(s): William J. Kessler; Lesley A. Pedulla; Steven J. Davis
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Dye-activated polymeric lasers: photophysics of active medium, technological aspects, and laser parameters
Author(s): Olga V. Przhonska; Mikhail V. Bondar; Eugene A. Tikhonov
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Modified polymers--effective host materials for solid state dye lasers and laser beam control elements: a review
Author(s): Alexander A. Manenkov; A. P. Maslyukov; Gennady A. Matyushin; Vladimir S. Nechitailo
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Investigation of novel resonators for multicolor dye laser emitting in all visible spectrum
Author(s): Alexandre M. Izmailov; Evgueni V. Novikov; Irina Alexeevna Smirnova; Andrey G. Zhiglinskiy
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Continuous-wave visible diode-pumped dye laser
Author(s): David P. Benfey; R. E. Boyd; David C. Brown; J. C. Watkins; William J. Kessler; Steven J. Davis; Charles E. Otis; Lesley A. Pedulla
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Low-threshold diode-pumped dye laser
Author(s): Richard Scheps
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Studies to enhance the beam quality from flashlamp-pumped dye lasers
Author(s): David H. Pitterton; Paul A. Winstanley; Andrew J. Finlayson; A. D. Case; E. S. Llewelyn
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Pyrromethene-BF2 laser dyes
Author(s): Theodore G. Pavlopoulos; Joseph H. Boyer
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Spectroscopy and laser performance of new BF2-complex dyes in solution
Author(s): Toomas H. Allik; Robert E. Hermes; Govindarao Sathyamoorthi; Joseph H. Boyer
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Novel polychromatic dye laser with comb-like lasing spectrum and its application for investigation of complex physical objects
Author(s): Alexandre M. Izmailov; Galina G. Kund; L. V. Rizikova; Andrey G. Zhiglinskiy
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Application of novel multicolor dye laser for investigation of excited states of molecules
Author(s): M. E. Abramenko; Nikita K. Bibinov; Alexandre M. Izmailov; Daria B. Koch
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High-power visible semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Randall S. Geels; David F. Welch; David P. Bour; David W. Treat; Ross D. Bringans
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Reliability consideration for AlGaInP laser diodes by automatic power control aging simulation
Author(s): Kentaro Tada; Hitoshi Hotta; Kunihiro Hara; Fumito Miyasaka; Kenichi Kobayashi; Kenji Endo
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AlGaInP single quantum well laser diodes
Author(s): David P. Bour; K. J. Beernink; David W. Treat; Randall S. Geels; David F. Welch
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Intracavity frequency doubling of mu s alexandrite laser pulses
Author(s): Ralf Brinkmann; K. Schoof
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